Touristic and Places in Nanyuki

Touristic and places to stay in Nanyuki Everyone looks up to.

Places to stay in Nanyuki.

The touristic and enchanting places to stay in Nanyuki is unparalleled. I refer to Nanyuki as the Whiteland since many white settlers still reside in this town of milk and honey.

Tourists both Local and International flock in Nanyuki every other day for the coveted Safaris, Holidaying, business and real estate investments chasers.

It is a busy gate away from Laikipia Plateau whereby I refer it as the Air Force Centre. There is a British Military Training base nearby. Kenya`s Airforce base, making it one of the safest destinations in Kenya.

Nanyuki has myriad National parks and conservancies eg, Olpejeta Wildlife Conservancy with one of Kenya`s main tourist attraction. The Mount Kenya National Park.

It is the highest mountain in Kenya and 2nd in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Even though the best camera shots are better taken when in Kenya`s Amboseli National Park.

Now, without much ado, let us dive in and see the touristic and places to stay in Nanyuki.

Mount Kenya.

One of the Main touristic places in Nanyuki, Mount Kenya
One of the main touristic places in Nanyuki, Mount Kenya

This is one of the main Touristic sites in Nanyuki. Hikers love the mountain since it is not as steep making it favourable for many tourists over other mountains.

One can do Mount Kenya in 4 to 6 days depending on your speed and stamina.

The highest mountain peaks for you to climb the mountain are, Batian 5199 Meters being the highest, followed by Nelion 5188M and then Lenana at 4985M.

Being only 180 Kilometers from Nairobi, Mount Kenya is a renowned tourist destination and climbing the Mountain will cost you anything between $350 – $1000.

Touristic and places to stay in Nanyuki near Mount Kenya.

There are several accommodation options around this giant touristic Mountain in Nanyuki.

Though, most of the accommodation will be camping as you climb the mountain for those 4 to 6 Days.

There are places you can stay before or after the climbing of the Mountain.

 Here are the Accommodation Options Near Mt. Kenya.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.

Neten and Lesora Taking their Lunch Image, Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy
Neten and Lesora Taking their Lunch Image, Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

This is basically an animal orphanage, they manage those animals who are injured, neglected, orphaned, abused or even frightened.

This is also home for the endangered as they try to breed them to keep the chain going and minimize extinction. They mould them and after recovery, they return the animals to their Natural Habitat.

Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy was started by one, two friends and partners in the enterprise filming actor William (Bill) Holden and TV personality, Don Hunt.

It is a worthy Touristic and places to stay in Nanyuki surround this wildlife conservancy. So, worth checking since you will come close and personal to animals like the cheetah, leopards, Ostriches, Llamas and Bongos.

It is ideal, especially for toddlers who seem not to enjoy the real Safari in the wild. Mount Kenya Wildlife conservancy is nestled inside the Mount Kenya Safari Club. If you happen to be booked in this hotel then it will be a plus for you.

Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy.

Tucked in the west of Nanyuki, Ol Pejeta Conservancy is home to both fauna and flora and covers a whopping 360 Kilometers squared.

The conservancy provides a sanctuary for great apes and boasts as the only place you can view the Chimpanzees in Kenya.

The rescued chimps make this conservancy their home. The conservancy also boasts of having the largest rhino sanctuary in east and central Africa. Hosting the only two remaining Northern White Rhinos, Ol Pejeta Conservancy is also home to the big five animals.

The conservancy has so, much to offer that you should never miss this touristic place in Nanyuki.

The places to stay in Nanyuki near Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Sweetwater Serena Camp.

The Hotels inside the conservancy are better but if you are on a tight budget, there are different options for hotels neighbouring the conservancy.

Hotels inside Ol Pejeta Conservancy making it ideal if you are up for game drives. BBQ Equipment can be provided upon request. Private bathrooms and a shared lounge with free Wi-Fi and parking.

Comfort Gardens Sweetwater.

The reason I like this resort is that it is right at the doorsteps of Ol pejeta Conservancy and they can always organize a game drive at the Conservancy.

Their Bar overlooks the conservancy and you might just be lucky to spot some of the animals roaming at the conservancy.

It boasts of an outdoor swimming pool and the rooms have a flat-screen television, though the last time I was there, they had a mono channel. Hope they have satellite channels.

The only downside to this enchanting place of accommodation in Nanyuki is the road. It is not that smooth and you should be ready for a bumpy ride.

Ngare Ndare Forest.

This is one of the Touristic and places one can commute from Nayuki town- Ngare Ndare
This is one of the Touristic and places one can commute from Nayuki town- Ngare Ndare

The Ngare Ndare Forest is a touristic and places to stay in Nanyuki vary since it is a manageable distance. This gem is a lush greenery indigenous forest at the foothills of Mt. Kenya.

Enchanting Turquois pool glistens at the bottom of waterfalls and more than 200-year-old trees stretch into the canopy supporting a rich variety of magical fauna and Flora.

The forest is a crucial corridor that links the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Mount Kenya, and one which elephant have been using for centuries.

Ngare Ndare forest is a peaceful habitat for the wildlife, in fact, this is one of the touristic places in Nanyuki that you will spot Elephants with ease as you walk above the forest along with other variety of animals.

What to see or do in Ngare Ndare.

Tree Canopy walk– You will; walk along the 450 Meters canopy walk (walk above the forest). It is such an engrossing and riveting experience.

Turquoise Pool- This is such a pull to Ngare Ndare, after feasting pictures of the pool, it will be a to-go list. Although it is not always clean and blue especially when it rains.

Rock Climbing- You are urged to come with your own gear, there are gruesome climbing rocks nearby for those who like rock climbing.

Forest Camping– For the Camp Lovers, what more can one look up to than camping in this lush green habitat.

Forest Walk- You will be accompanied by Ngare Ndare Rangers, if you are a group, one ranger will lead the way while at the back another ranger will be on the lookout just in case you are in any danger. Though I understand whenever the wildlife spots the armed rangers, they always keep off.

Places to stay in Nanyuki around Ngare Ndare.

Even though there are no immediate Hotels within Ngare Ndare apart from Camping. There are notable accommodations near the Ngare Ndare within a radius of not more than 30 Kilometers up to 10 Kilometers from Ngare Ndare.

Check the Different Hotels nears this Touristic attraction in Nanyuki.

Accommodation near Ngare Ndare.

Lewa Conservancy.

Frienly Giraffe at Lewa Conservancy, Image Courtesy
Friendly Giraffe at Lewa Conservancy, Image Courtesy

Probably the best place to view the big five with ease. Lewa Conservancy is located in Laikipia plateau in Meru county.

Though around 60 Kilometers from Touristic and places to stay in Nanyuki Town they have accommodation within the conservancy.

Lewa boast of hosting 14% of rhinos in Kenya. The main reason to start the conservancy was for the better wellness of wildlife conservancy.

It is also home to the endangered Sitatunga and Gravy Zebra whereby Kenya is now home to 2,350 Gravy’s zebras, 90% of the world’s population.

The Sanctuary started as a cattle ranch but in 1983 it becomes a nonprofit wildlife conservancy.

Lewa Downs doesn`t allow all the vehicles. They prefer to use their own guides and Jeeps to Do Game drives. However, confirm with your Lodge.

Places to stay in Lewa Conservancy.

Borana Lodge.

Borana Lodge is a touristic place on its own
Borana Lodge is a touristic place on its own

It consists of 8 cottages; each cottage is built of rock and cedar with a thatched roof.  They all have open fireplaces, lit each evening with a basket of wood nearby.  They all have verandas with breath-taking views.  The bathrooms are spacious and clean looking out over wild Africa.

There is also a gorgeous horizon pool looking onto the Hyena Valley Dam below, so guests often watch elephant swimming from the pool!

Lunch is taken in the pavilion above the pool with many birds coming in to entertain.

Check Accommodation in Lewa Conservancy.


This touristic and places to stay in Nanyuki basically gives you all the options you need to tour Nanyuki and even the other touristic places near the town.

It is riveting how many touristic sites you can manage while staying in Nanyuki Town.

Tip: If you are on a budget, book an affordable Hotel in Nanyuki town then do day trips to the suggested Touristic sites mentioned above.

You can Check 60+ places to stay in Nanyuki and chose according to your budget and enjoy your Nanyuki Adventure.

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