How to stay healthy while travelling

17 Tips on how to stay healthy while Travelling

How to stay healthy while Travelling.

There is nothing worse than being sick during your Safari or Vacation. You should try and Stay Healthy as much as you can. So, how do you stay healthy while travelling? Simple directives to follow and you will be good to go.

But before that, travelling during this Pandemic will call for an extra measure which will reduce contacting this ferocious disease. Even with the Vaccine around, you still need to take care since the vaccine doesn`t mean you are now immune. It only reduces the chances of contracting.

So now without much ado, let us delve in and see how to stay healthy while Travelling.

1.) Avoid Aisle Seats when Travelling.

If posibble try and avoid the Aisle Seat
If possible try and avoid the Aisle Seat

Whether you are on the plane, Train or Bus. The aisle seat should be avoided, probably you are wondering which is the Aisle seat? This is the most out seat.

Why should you avoid it even though to some extent it is the best for obvious reasons like Accessing the washrooms with ease.

Alighting the first but pause. These seats are touched by everyone, they act like those supporting rails in a building staircase.

This makes you a direct victim of Possible germs not to mention other scary Viruses.

I know not everyone can avoid the aisle seat but at the end of the day, someone has to seat there.

This is what I call the power of information and reading. Not everyone knows this tip. Now that you know always try to be selective with your seat.

2.) Let the Cab Driver open the door for you.

Let the cab Driver Open the Door for you
Let the cab Driver Open the Door for you

I don`t think there is a more unhygienic part of a public vehicle than the doorknob. Especially a vehicle like a Cab.

I know it may look bossy to tell the driver to open the door for you but a good taxi guy will offer to open the door even without asking.

If you are in a situation where the driver is not able to open the door for you, then make sure you have your sanitiser with you and make use of it.

3.) Avoid Cash.

Do you know how money circulates? How many people get hold of a note in a day? Your guess is right.

The surest way to contract germs or even that ferocious disease is inevitable if you keep paying with cash and getting change. This is one of the best ways on How to stay healthy while Travelling.

That interaction with the notes should be avoided by using mobile money or your credit card. If you cannot avoid real cash then make use of your sanitiser in real-time.

4.) Don`t take strange foods on the day of travelling.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a running stomach while on transit. Worse still while on the road on a long distance.

You know on the plane or train is better the washrooms are just nearby and you can whenever.

But on the road is different, especially when on public transport. At some point, it can be mortifying.

To avoid all this stress, don`t take anything you are not sure of the day of travel, desist from any stomach alien kind of food as much as you can.

5.) Practise Hara Hachi bu.

How to stay healthy while Travelling, Practise Hara Hachi Bu
How to stay healthy while Travelling, Practise Hara Hachi Bu

This is a Japanese word that means eat until you`re 80% full. I know you are in a hotel; you have paid and you prepare yourself to dismember the hotel Buffet.

Eat healthily, you don`t have to eat till you cannot even breathe since your stomach is 100% full. As much as it is tempting. It is not healthy especially if you are doing game drives.

6.) Stay Hydrated.

Drink water, take enough water whenever your body will thank you for that. Get this GRAYL GeoPress Water Purifier Bottle with Filter Cartridge.

It is one of the surest ways on How to stay healthy while Travelling in terms of clean water is concerned. Every frequent traveller should have it.

You don`t have to boil water, you can just refill water in any available Spigot and the filter cartridge will filter all the bacteria, germs, and dirt available to make it safe drinking water.

7.) Get Enough Sleep.

Take care of your self and one of the ways to do that is to catch enough sleep especially when you are flying out and have to change the time zone.

Change your time watch to the destination country time zone you are flying to and start practising and adapting their Sleeping pattern.

You can practice a day or two days before your travel date so that by the time you are landing you are already part of them and there are no transition effects.

8.) Check with your doctor before you leave.

Well, I know not many people will have this luxury but it is advisable to see a physician. This will go a long way but if you are not able you can talk to your tour operator since they have all the suggested vaccines or medicinal drugs you are advised to take before travel to that particular destination.

Lately being in most countries’ requirement to produce a PCR COVID 19 Test Certificate 72 hours before entry of the country destination.

9.) Cut down hard and Soft Drinks.

I know, how tempting it is to drink yourself silly until you drop when on a vacation but differentiate the two.

You`re not on a drinking spree but a Vacation or Safari.

Most coastal Resorts do offer all-inclusive Packages, meaning you can drink both hard and soft drinks all you want at no extra cost.

These drinks are full of calories and not good for your health. Am not saying you desist at all but the point am trying to drive in is, take these drinks in moderation. Take lots of water to avoid hangovers because they can ruin your vacation.

10.) Eat Healthily.

Prefer Vegies and boiled meat. This is what I usually take, I keep wheat at bay, all sugary foods but I can`t help it with goat meat and seafood. It is organic and good for your health.

In the mornings I prefer Green tea and boiled eggs as opposed to fried eggs. I try to keep fatty foods at bay as much as I can and so should you.

Again, that Mushroom soup served with wheat, is made to make you full, if you must take it in moderation and avoid the wheat.

11.) Protect your skin.

The key issue here is How to stay healthy while Travelling and taking care of your self. Protect your skin.

Block those harsh UVA by having either the Safari hat or utilizing your Hydro boost Sunscreen.

It has a Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 which delivers superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and hydration with a water-light, refreshing feel.

Get it on Jumia or Amazon.

12.) Compression Socks.

They are designed to apply pressure to your lower legs, helping to maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling while travelling.

They may be prescribed by your GP if you have a condition that causes poor blood flow in your legs, such as varicose veins (swollen and enlarged veins).

However, according to the medical practitioners, you should NEVER Wear them If you have a peripheral vascular disease affecting your lower extremities.

13.) Mask Up.

How to Stay healthy while travelling, Mask Up
How to Stay healthy while travelling, Mask Up

I used to see some people masking up in public places even way back before CORONA and I would wonder.

Why on earth would one be covering themselves. How do they even breathe? Little did I know this was going to be the norm.

Yes, mask up whenever you are in public places, it will not only reduce the chances of being infected with strange viruses but also this rapacious pandemic.

14.) Don`t skip Break Fast.

You are advised must you skip meals; you should never miss your breakfast. According to TOI

Skipping Breakfast can risk developing Diabetes 2 complications, if you take your breakfast you will improve your memory, keep your heart healthy, improve metabolism, boost energy and help maintain weight.

Since most of the people who skip breakfast tend to eat more in the next meal unknowingly after being hungry all day. Remember a hungry man is an angry man.

Cut yourself all this madness and empress your Fruity breakfast. Beat the challenge on How to stay healthy while Travelling.

15.) Scheduled Meals.

Did you know that a scheduled meal will give you better results in terms of digestion? Having irregular meals while travelling is ill-advised.

You should stick to your scheduled meal plan and even if you have no such thing in your life. Now, you know, learn to have a specific time for your meals.

Taking irregular meals will result in bloating and indigestion. Clearly, you don`t want that while travelling.

16.) Plug out Technology.

Not completely but try and balance, I know you will need to capture memories via your Camera but do it at a moderate rate.

Overuse of the technology gadgets like phones, laptops can strain your eyes, make you lose sleep complicating your mental health and chances of stress.

Put your gadgets at least an hour before sleep and avoid touching your phone the first thing when you wake up.

Touching your phone first thing in the morning will make you lose focus and dismember your ability to prioritize your tasks of the day.

Watch the video and learn more about why you should avoid touching your phone first thing in the morning.

17.) Practice Safe Sex.

Am not trying to insinuate anything but am just being real to you. Many tourists travel the world because of sex and it is everywhere.

Sex tourism is real and I am not here to condemn or judge anyone but must you find yourself in a situation please wrap it.

Condomize it, practice good and safe sex. Nobody wants unwanted souvenirs just because you ignored to use protection.

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