Budget Weekend get away for Couples with Kids, this is at Ol Jogi Nanyuki.
Budget Weekend get away for Couples with Kids, this is at Ol Jogi Nanyuki.

Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples.

You know you don’t have to break your bank to travel right? This is why I have come up with this list of Budget weekend getaway for couples. These destinations not only surge you with happiness but also intoxicate you with joy.

Am not a love doctor but I know out of the experience. This weekend getaway for couples rekindle that lost spark or at least keep it going.

Even once every two months won`t hurt but if possible, try every month because it doesn`t cost an arm and a leg to travel to these places.

You can do the getaway as a couple or even decide to invite your friends each with their partner. Remember travelling in numbers means cutting down the cost.

You can mix the two options, sometimes you do your moment and other times you can invite others to join you.

So, without much ado, shall we? Let’s delve in and see these budget weekend getaways for couples.

Naivasha Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples.

Crater Lake Naivasha
Crater Lake Naivasha

Hold on, I know Naivasha is wide and we are looking for budget travel so hang in there and let me furnish you with the right information.

Lastly, I was in Naivasha for a budget weekend getaway for couples we did a one night. We had a boat ride at Lake Naivasha and got the chance to visit Crater Lake Naivasha the following day.

Naivasha has many luxury, mid and budget Hotels but we had chosen Burch Resort Naivasha because of the following reason.

  • The resort is silly Affordable and they don`t compromise the quality of service.
  • Burch Resort is at the edge of Lake Naivasha (Beach Front) if the lake was the Ocean.
  • The distance from Town is quite convenient.
  • We liked their enchanting swimming pool.
  • Their personalized service was one of a kind.

Do yourself a favour cut the hustle and Book Burch Resort Now.

Nakuru Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples.

I don`t know why many couples on a budget tend to shy away from Nakuru. I came to find out the main reason is the Accommodation. Nakuru is a bit expensive because of Nakuru National Park.

Here`s is what to do to hack Nakuru.

  • If you`re on a budget avoid hotels and lodges near Lake Nakuru National Park.
  • Don’t go for the big names of which they are near the park so we go back to point No.1.
  • If possible, go as a group of couples to cut the transport/Fuel cost since it is a bit distant from Nairobi.

There are many ideal budget hotels and Lodges in Nakuru but there`s one which we usually Book. Why does it stand out? Why do I prefer it?

  • Quite Affordable for such a facility with such personalized services.
  • Their swimming is incredibly alluring.
  • Lake Nakuru National Park is just 15 Kilometers away, remember you don`t go to Nakuru and fail to do Game drives eeh?
  • Menengai Crater is just 15 minutes drive.
  • Westside Mall 10 Kilometers away.

Looking for a Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples? Book Pilgrims getaway Now and enjoy your weekend in Nakuru.

Elmentaita Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples.

Serville Elementaita Lodge - Ideal for Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples
Serville Elementaita Lodge – Ideal for Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples

The target attraction is Lake Elmentaita which is this time a stone throw from your booked lodge. This is such a romantic getaway to this lake as you watch together with your loved one the sunset and the lake change colour. Huh, such a breath-taking view from Sirville Elementaita Lodge.

Why you should stay in this lodge?

Your main Attraction is a stone throw Lake Elmentaita. Any hotel near a destination is always quite expensive but this is exceptional.

Book Sirville Elementaita Lodge Now and enjoy your Couple Getaway.

Masai Mara National Park.

This is another potential Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples. Masai Mara is one of the most famous National Reserve in Africa.

Taking your loved one for a game drive will leave a mark, a lifetime experience for your significant other. Well, Masai Mara can be equally expensive at the same time affordable.

Since this post is all about all budget, I will guide you on how to do this, step by step.

Be at least 3 couples to take a private Van to Masai Mara.

  • Your Tour Agent will book you in a Budget camp. They are countless in Masai Mara.
  • Do at least 3 Days in Masai Mara.
  • If you`re not able to find friends to join you, then you can ask your travel agent to book you a joining group to Mara. The price will still be the same. Kes13,000 – Kes15,000 ($270 – $350 Non Resident) Per Person for the 3 Days.
  • If your budget is quite low, opt for Van option rather than the jeep (Land cruiser) though lately, the difference in terms of price is minimal.

Read 7 secrets on how to hack Masai Mara when on Tight Budget.

Beach Safari- Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples.

Beach Safari ideal for budget Weekend Getaway for couples
Beach Safari ideal for budget Weekend Getaway for couples

There`s a standard Package for three days in Mombasa which includes return economy SGR Tickets and Hotel Transfers.

Once in the hotel, you will be ushered in an all-inclusive. What does All-Inclusive mean? This is most popular with Coastal Hotels.

It means, a full board that is (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), Selected beers, soft drinks, wines and spirits. You can drink all you want all day. But please be courteous drink responsibly.

There`s a current offer running from Kes21,500 Per Person Sharing. Reach out to Incredible Kenya Adventures for more details.

Tsavo National Park

Satllick Safari Lodge
Saltlick Safari Lodge

Let me just cut the chase, Saltlick Safari Lodge where you really don’t have to go for a game drive but just relax in the lodge and view elephants from the comfort of your room. If you happen to be booked in a perfect room.

However, in their restaurant, you can have a blast as the jumbos come to quench their thirst in a nearby Oasis. The epitome of it all is at night where you can have hundreds of Elephants at a close range.

It is highly advisable to do it as a group to cut cost on Transport/fuel. If you want to spice it up with a game drive at Taita Wildlife Conservancy.

You can use a tour Agent or do self-Drive with your Couple Gang. Read More About SaltLick. For self Drive, Book the Lodge.

Ngare Ndare.

They call it the azure waterfall; a canopy walk above indigenous trees stretched away from the crinkly lush greenly floor.

Underneath are hundreds of Elephants and scurrying squirrels under bristles of wispy moss. Monkeys will swing and scamper away from you a sign to say hi there, please only leave your footprints.

The aquarium blue water waterfall tumbles into the enchanting Atlantis blue magical pool.

Where you can soak yourself in with your loved one and just let the nougat sweet smell of the flowers around wash over you.

This will need a joining group, so many tour Agents organize weekend departures and the price is silly affordable. Less than Kes5,000 Per Person making it ideal for a Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples.

Camp Ndunda Falls.

Have you ever liked a place so much that, you feel like you own it? This is me with Camp Ndunda.

If you`re an Adrenaline Junkie hunter like me. This is the place you should strive on your bucket list.

Alice Walker once said and I quote, “In Nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted; bent in weird ways and they still look beautiful”.

Visit Camp Ndunda Falls, for a day or night over and you will concur with Alice. Read more about Camp Ndunda.

Kereita Forest.

This one even with a low budget you can pull through. It is another Adrenaline powerhouse.

Just 1.5 Hours drive from Nairobi. The forest waits for you to explore all the possible activities with Ziplining being the main Activity which has two options. 6 and 2 Lines of Ziplining.

It even gets more interesting since you can use public transport from Nairobi making it easier for a Budget Weekend Getaway for Couples.

Read more including the rates of Kereita Forest.

Lake Magadi Day Trip.

Flamingoes at Lake Magadi
Flamingoes at Lake Magadi

Lake Magadi is located in the southern part of Kenya and 106 Kilometers/ 65Miles from Nairobi Kenya. However, the drive can take up to five hours depending on the vehicle.

It is highly advisable to take a four-wheel-drive or at least a vehicle with high ground clearance.

This Lake is a large but shallow lake boasting 33.5 Kilometers long / 21miles and 3.5Kilometers/ 2.1 Miles wide.

Well, known for its wading birds, flamingoes and pelican, some of the animals include, the gerenuk which is adapted to harsh areas like Lake Magadi. You will need at least sunscreen Get it on Amazon or Jumia since the scotching sun won’t let you breathe.

Read more about Lake Magadi.


Ol Jogi wildlife Conservancy - Ideal for Budget weekend Getaway for couples.
Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy – Ideal for Budget weekend Getaway for couples.

Although Nanyuki does not fit correctly for budget travel. Let’s try and see what we can extract from this white land.

The first destination that comes to mind is Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy. A day trip from Nairobi. Don`t even bother to ask for accommodation unless you have more than Kes200,000 or $2000 Per Person per night.

Accessing the place needs a joining group to cut down the cost to not more than Kes4,000 per person including the entry fee.

Meet the only bear in Africa (I think they should find him a partner or return him to Russia lastly I was there he looked so lonely).

For budget weekend gateway for couples wishing for an overnight in or near Nanyuki. Here is a list of 60 Hotels you can choose from as Low as kes2000 or $20


Yes, there are so many touristic places you can visit and most of them are romantic which you can enjoy with your partner.

I will not start naming the Nairobi Tourist attractions since I did a post dedicated to that. Read the 27+  Touristic places in Nairobi.


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