SGR Train Online Booking - How to cancel- Reschedule tickets

The SGR Train online Booking step by step

SGR train online booking Kenya.

Why am I writing about the SGR train online booking in Kenya?

I was doing a booking for my clients who wanted to have a vacation in both Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa and The Chale Island. (If you only wanted to book the train do it here).

The family wanted Galu Beach and the Island experience. They wanted especially the children to experience the Chuchu Train.

The booking went on all well until something came up and the family was not able to make it to the dates we had agreed.

This meant changing the hotel and the SGR dates.

Rescheduling the hotel dates was a swift success.

However, rescheduling the SGR train online booking tickets was a compelling Gordian knot.

This is what happened, I didn’t send anyone but decided to do it myself.

How to reschedule SGR train online booking Tickets.

There was a rescheduling fee of 10% which was okay but……

The attendant told me; that the kids would have to be in a different coach with the parents!

I was thunderstruck, the water that I was drinking almost choked me!

How the heck do you expect a 4-year-old to be 3 coaches away from the parents?

The attendant softly but firmly told me, they would move the kids on the date of travel.

I asked him, what if someone decides doesn’t want to be moved? (he meant to exchange seats with some random stranger)

He seemed not to have a clear answer. So, I asked him you rescheduled the Adults in the same coach in a congruous seating arrangement why can’t you do the same for the kids?

The kids will pay half price this is the reason and the system picks the seats randomly. This was a frail reason. I didn’t blame him though

Yet in the SGR train, Online Booking Websites categorically state that children must be accompanied by parents.

He told me the only option was to cancel the SGR train online booking tickets for the kids and rebook again!

My client didn’t have all the money in the world to spend on their slow-witted Artificial intelligence system.

After consulting with my client, they agreed to repay the kids so that they could be moved to the same coach as I had booked earlier.

This was abysmal and egregious; I reluctantly went back and gave him the go-ahead to cancel the children’s tickets and rebook them again.

Luckily the seats were still available and the children were rebooked in the right coach alongside their parents.

SGR Madaraka Express online rescheduling suggestions.

Madaraka Express, this is no rocket science you need to fix this and have an option where one can select seats especially where kids are involved when rescheduling.

Make it possible whereby one doesn’t have to walk to the station to reschedule the SGR train online booking tickets. It is exhausting.

Don’t just limit rescheduling to once, make it at least thrice before declaring the card null and void. Let the 10% fee remain it`s on me why should you limit how I spend?

This certain event made me scrutinize the SGR Train online booking in Kenya and this is what you will need to know before making that online booking.

How do I book my SGR Train online in Kenya?

This is the main question anyone new to the Madaraka Express will ask. Well, you`re in the right place.

It is unfortunate to book the SGR Train Online in Kenya since you will need to have an M-PESA Account. A Safaricom SIM card registered with M-PESA.

There are no other means of payment online yet. If you`re a foreigner and don’t have a Mpesa account and need assistance in Booking reach out and I will book it for you at a small service fee.

So, how do you book your SGR Ticket? It is pretty simple to follow the steps below on how to book SGR Train online.

Step 1. Select Train Type

Inter-Counter – This is the Morning Train dubbed N1 if it is coming from Mombasa to Nairobi and N2 if from Nairobi.

Departure time is 08:00 AM Arrival is 02:10 PM

It has 9 Stations depending on where you’re going namely: –

  • Nairobi
  • Mombasa
  • Voi
  • Mtito Andei
  • Mariakani
  • Miasenyi
  • Kibwezi
  • Emali
  • Athi River

Express – Just like the name suggests, this has no stopovers it is either from Nairobi to Mombasa and vice versa nonstop.

Departure time is either at 3:00 PM to arrive at 8:08 PM or the Night Train departing at 10:00 PM arriving at 03:35 AM.

Step 2. Select from which City.

Is it from Nairobi Terminus or Mombasa Terminus?

Step 3. Select to which City.

Where are you heading to? You will have a drop-down of all destinations if you have intercounty but if it is express you will have only one choice of the city you`re heading to.

Step 4. Select Departure Date.

This is where you key in your preferred travel dates.

Step. 5 Select Departure Time.

If you’re on the Express train you will have to choose between 3:00 PM or 10:00 PM Train.

Step 6. Book or Search for Train.

This is the step where you will click on Book to search for availability. If the train is fully booked this is where you abort and search for other dates using the same steps.

Step. 7 You will choose which class, Economy or First Class?

The 7th SGR train online booking is to choose which class. First Class is Kes3000 while economy Kes1000 and kids (3-11) 50% respectively

Step 8. Booking Information.

You will key in your booking information, your full name as they are in the ID, and the ID/Passport numbers.

Nationality and Gender then click Proceed to Payment.

Final Step 9. Payment Details.

Here you key in your Mpesa Number and your email.

Press, proceed with payment and you will have an alternative to paying now or later. If you select later please note you will only have 10 Minutes to book otherwise the system is set to revoke after the time elapses.

Book your SGR train online ticket here or Click here for Incredible Kenya Adventures and we will assist you.

How do I book my SGR on the Phone?

SGR train online booking in Kenya is more popular than the USSD Code *639#.

However, there was a time when I had no access to the internet and this method came in handy.

You can book up to 10 Pax at a go.

Nairobi-Mombasa SGR Timetable 2021

SGR Train Timetable
SGR Train Timetable

This SGR train online booking timetable doesn’t change, it remains the same 24/7.


Inter Counter Train (N2)

08:00 AM 02:00 PM


Express Train (E2) 03:00 PM 08:08 PM
Express Train (E4) 10:00 PM 03:35 PM

Mombasa – Nairobi Train Timetable


Inter Counter Train (N1)

08:00 AM 02:10 PM


Express Train (E1) 03:00 PM 08:08 PM
Express Train (E3) 10:00 PM 03:35 PM

SGR Routes and Fares 2021

All routes fares are the same on both Express and Inter-County.

Ticket Type 1st Class Economy Class
Adult Single Ticket Kes3,000 Kes1,000
Children Between 3- 11 Years Kes1,500 Kes500
Children below 3 years FOC FOC

SGR stations from Nairobi to Mombasa.

Nairobi Terminus ready for Mombasa
Nairobi Terminus ready for Mombasa

There is a total of 8 Stations from Nairobi to Mombasa which are-:

Nairobi Railway Station.

This is the main and the first station where the Journey starts to end in Mombasa. It is about 17 and 6 Kms from the Nairobi CBD and JKIA respectively.

Athi River Railway Station.

The second Railway station or rather the next station after departing Nairobi Terminus which is about 20Kms from the first station.

It is a small town named after the 390 Kms long Athi River and the second-longest river after the Tana River.

Fares from Nairobi – First Class – Kes120 Economy – Kes60

Fares from Mombasa – First Class – Kes2890 Economy – 950Kes

Emali Railway Station.

This is the third Station from Nairobi and it serves the small town of Emali.

Fares from Nairobi – First Class – Kes790 Economy – Kes260

Fares from Mombasa – First Class – Kes2230 Economy – Kes730

Mtito Andei Railway Station.

The fourth station from Nairobi where it serves the town tucked in Makueni County.

Fares from Nairobi – First Class – Kes1490 Economy – Kes490

Fares from Mombasa – First Class – Kes1520 Economy – Kes500

Voi Railway Station

SGR Train Online Booking Inter County
SGR Train Online Booking Inter-County

Fifth station from Nairobi out of the 8 stations.

Fares from Nairobi – First Class – Kes2130 Economy – Kes700

Fares from Mombasa – First Class – Kes880 Economy – Kes290

Miasenyi Railway Station.

Sixth Station from Nairobi just before Mariakani which is dimmed and designed in Zebra stripes to resemble the Zebra dominance.

Fares from Nairobi – First Class – Kes2450 Economy – Kes900

Fares from Mombasa – First Class – Kes560 Economy –Kes190

Mariakani Railway Station.

You start embracing and familiarizing yourself with the coastal environment as you start seeing palm trees and welcoming changes in coastal temperatures.

Fares from Nairobi – First Class – Kes2870 Economy – Kes940

Fares from Mombasa – First Class – Kes140 Economy –Kes70

Mombasa Terminus.

This you’re final destination if you’re coming from Nairobi. Congratulations and welcome to Mombasa whether for leisure or business make sure you do have a great time.

Benefits of SGR train online booking in Kenya.

  • Book your space at the comfort of your Sofa
  • It is convenient and time-saving.
  • You don’t have to queue just to get the services
  • Print your tickets for the travel day and you will reduce the chances of them getting lost, forgetting at home, or being damaged.
  • Save transport money

SGR Booking Number.

There are several options you can reach the SGR but it depends on what you are looking for. Also please note that you`re not able to call and book.

If you need any inquiries regards to booking this is the right number to call +254709388888.

For Lost Items, Complainants, or anything related this is the number to call +254709388887.

SGR Seat Arrangement.

FAQs about SGR Train Booking in Kenya.

Can I carry food on the train? Yes, YOU Can carry packed food in the SGR.

Are drinks allowed? Yes, but alcohol is highly prohibited however you can buy some inside the SGR.

Do they have WIFI? No, they don’t have WIFI but this is a service they should consider.

How to confirm SGR ticket? You will get a notification SMS or Email after your payment. However, you can buy the tickets over the counter at any of their Terminus and pay either in cash or use a debit/credit card.

Are SGR Tickets Refundable? Yes, but there will be a surcharge of 30% of the total amount and you should go with your original ID of the Person you’re canceling for.

How many coaches does SGR have? It has a total capacity of 1260, 15 economy, and 3 First Class coaches. It also has a luggage carrying capacity of 70 tonnes.

SGR Car Parking Fee.

Do you want to park your car in Nairobi Terminus and then head to Mombasa? Then after your vacation, you can just pick up your car and drive off.

Probably these SGR Car Parking fees will make you make a wiser decision. Even though it can depend on situations or rather one’s preferences.

Here are the SGR Access & Parking Rates.

0-1 Hour Kes100 150/- 200/-
1-2 Hours Kes200 250/- 300/-
2-4 Hours Kes300 350/- 400/-
4-6 Hours Kes400 450/- 500/-
6-8 Hours Kes600 650/- 700/-
8-12 Hours Kes800 850/- 900/-
12-24 Hours Kes1500 1600/- 1700/-
24 Hours + Kes2000 Daily 2000/- Daily 2000/- Daily


The standard Gauge Railway (SGR) has room for improvement and especially the small things are the ones that matter.

For instance, they should have options to choose seats but instead, it is the system that selects randomly unless you book at once.

Or go to the station physically, the same features should be enabled to the public including cancellation and rescheduling.

They could also have Bose Speakers for low but cool music not forgetting WIFI.

I have a whole list of things they should improve on but for now, let’s just enjoy their convenience over road transport.

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