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Why Incredible Kenya Adventures is the best Tour Company.

Introducing Incredible Kenya Adventures.

Into Safaris has an elder brother known as Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd. She has kept him under the radar for a while but not anymore.

Incredible Kenya Adventures is the first business I ever tried and have never looked back.

I had been in employment since 2013 up to 2017 when I resigned with an excuse, I was retiring at a young age Lol.

My then employer thought I was going cuckoo not to mention my friends and family.

Nothing or no one could stop me from pursuing this fervent dream that I believed in.

However, no one knew I already had a master plan in place. You don’t just quit employment without plans! you got bills to pay.

Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd was already doing well as a side hustle but I was determined to make it the main.

Started in 2016 but was officially registered in 2017. I had one year to make it happen or go home and voila I did it. I was now comfortable resigning.

It was all well until the Pandemic struck!

Keep it here for when to quit when not to quit and how the pandemic affected Incredible Kenya Adventures and the tourism industry at Large.

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Why I started Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd.

It was all about Passion which started way back in high school.

Traveling meant everything to me, even way back, you could ask me what were my hobbies and I always had one affirmative answer (traveling).

I was the type of kid who slept with their bag packs and shoes on the night before traveling.

There would be no need for an alarm. I remember the first trip I did I was 7 years old.

The previous day I had packed everything, yes at that age I knew how to pack.

In the wake of the first songbird, I was fully awake and ready to go.

However, I knew I was going to be the first one on that Tour bus.

I vividly remember I had to wait for the others for like an hour, even my crush then was also late huh!

How does one get late on their first trip? I couldn’t fathom this since almost all of us this was going to be the first trip.

The trip we took was none other than Nairobi National Park (This was the first time I saw a Lion Live). I remember I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was in utter shock that I just saw a roaring lion Alive.

My entire village didn’t get peace the entire week trying to narrate to everybody. I almost called a village press conference.

Man! I was more than thrilled.

My first Trip fueled my Passion for traveling.

Apart from Nairobi National Park, we did Giraffe Centre and Oloolua Nature Trail, where we took bread and Soda. The best meal ever back then.

Thank you for being patient, I got a bit nostalgic and sentimental trying to show you how far my passion for traveling started.

Starting Incredible Kenya Adventures ltd was not only a dream come true but also, I wanted to make travelers travel more for less.

As much as we are in business our drive is to fulfill and meet travelers’ expectations by making their dreams of traveling to various destinations come true.

When should I Quit my Job?

The question is usually when should I quit to start a business.

My friend, you don’t quit to start, you quit after being sure with your business.

I have seen many who did quit to start a business but unfortunately, they find their way back to employment because it is a terrible mistake to quit without a Plan.

In the case of Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd, I started my journey in 2016 but quit my employment a year later.

At the time of tendering my resignation, I had made sure that-:

Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd was able to sustain its self without any reliance. It had become my main source of income.

I had my savings in place that could take me for a year in case things turned out abysmal but I was hopeful.

Since I knew I was about to quit, I made sure I enjoyed my job to the fullest. Talk of punctuality, perfection, passion, and promptness.

Settling all my sales and made sure I left no debt behind. All my books were clean, this is paramount especially if you don’t want follow-up calls once you’re gone from the former employer.

I didn’t publicize that I was going to resign from my position; I kept my calmness until the day I tendered my resignation to the Human Resource Manager.

To summarize, I had a smooth resignation process, all my dues were paid, and I started doing business with my now former employer almost Immediately.

Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd Growth.

Maasai Village Visit at Samburu
Maasai Village Visit at Samburu

It started from nothing to something, back in 2016 it was hard starting because a good chunk of my salary was going to funding Incredible Kenya Adventures.

I did serious marketing and thanks to I had my first client.

She was a young solo traveler from Australia.

The client wanted to do a Day Trip to Lake Nakuru National Park but I managed to convince her to do one night for a better experience with a stopover in Naivasha.

I got a positive response from her and swiftly hired a tour Van since I was not new in the industry.

Being the best I picked the best; the trip went on well and the client was more than impressed. Luckily The client had paid in Cash. I didn’t even have a bank account.

Let me tell you, there is nothing more fulfilling and thrilling than making a coin out of your newly started business.

$70 was the profit and, I felt like I made a Million Plus, never been this excited.

By the end of the first year, Incredible Kenya adventures was stable and I comfortably resigned. The following year was a game-changer when I received an American group of 4 pax for 27 days East Africa Safari.

Incredible Kenya Adventures effect on Pandemic.

When the pandemic struck, we were hopeful it was just a passing glance. We were wrong, this demon was here to stay and cause harm.

Three months in and curfew was introduced by the GoK and so is the other countries. Soon enough almost every country was under lockdown.

Travelling came to an astounding halt.

This meant no business, no Income but we resulted to it is better to be alive. (Bora uhai) Travelling can wait, but how were we going to survive?

The tourism industry was hurting and soon enough other industries joined in and the economy was at its knees.

Our office needed rent, staff, and other stakeholders needed to be paid but there was no income whosoever.

I remember at some point I reached out to my former employer since I didn’t burn bridges for a grant. As much as he wanted to help he was not in a position to.

This was one of the toughest moments of my career.

I had to make tough decisions at least to stay afloat.

  • We reduced salaries by half.
  • After the sixth month, we had to let go of the office space and resulted in working from home.
  • This is the moment Into Safaris (The blog you`re reading now) was born. I started writing to keep myself busy otherwise my head was spinning.
  • I decided to make lemonade with my lemons by studying SEO online, since if my blog was to be successful. I had to master Search engine Optimization. Am now a self-made SEO Expert.
  • Had to drop some of our lifestyles.
  • When recently business started to crawl back, we had flexible cancellation terms.
  • We had to lower our prices by almost 50% off to attract clients to travel.
  • Now that, no more lockdowns and curfews hopefully business will be back fully. However, not just us but the whole world will need time to recover from the losses.

Why I decided to Reveal Incredible Kenya Adventures.

This blog is inexistent because of Incredible Kenya Adventures ltd as much as if there was no Pandemic this blog would never have existed.

As much as my drive to write and give travel tips to make you travel more for less. Incredible Kenya Adventures supports this narrative by having all the budget safari options.

What you need to do is mention your budget and you will get a customized itinerary and quotation for free.

Incredible Kenya adventures will give you unbeatable prices and this is guaranteed. Despite this, we will not compromise the services.

Into Safaris will give you all the travel information you need and Incredible Kenya Adventures will make it happen with ease.

Book your East African Safari with Incredible Kenya Adventures


Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd is one of the best tour companies in Kenya. This is not to vindicate but…..

Support us today by booking your Safari and you shall concur with the above statement. We`ve had hundreds of satisfied past tourists both local and International.

If you aspire to start a business soon, just remember never to quit your employment before you start your business no matter what motivational speakers will want to convince you.

Did you like this blog post? Feel free to share. Until next time, stay safe we are yet to get out of the woods.

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