How to avoid Fights while travelling as a couple

15 Tips on How to avoid fights while travelling as a couple

How to avoid fights while travelling as a couple.

I got an email from one of my ardent readers and it went like this, please can you write about How to avoid fights while travelling as a couple?

I was startled, not because of the email but because it took me so long without addressing this rapid issue in today’s society. Could it be because am a victim or? Well, let’s find out.

There`s nothing worse than getting away for a romantic gateway only to end up brawling with your spouse the entire trip.

You deserve the peace of mind when you`re with your better half. So, how do you ensure everything runs almost smooth without any hitches of whosoever?

Through my research and personal experiences, I gat you on this: here are 15 tips or rather ways on How to avoid fights while travelling as a couple.

1.) Finance.

This has been one of the most fervid factors affecting relationships and even Marriages. Do you have a joint account?

Who will sponsor the vacation cost? Most of the time it goes all well when the man caters for everything.

However, we men would like to see your effort of which most of the time you will get a soft no but a thank you for trying to help.

The most ideal way is to have a Vacation joint account, whatever each manages to save you will merge and this will help you feel part of the plan and not indebted to anyone.

You will also be able to choose a destination of your choice regards to your budget. If one party sponsors everything, no matter how a power couple you`re there will always be some entitlement.

2.) Plan the Trip together.

This is one of the opportune ways on how to deal with fights while travelling as a couple. Especially this goes out to men.

Make her feel like she is the one who planned the Trip of which is not the case, you both did. In this case, if anything happens to this trip you will be “Safe”.

3.) Stay Nourished.

Have you ever noticed your spouse is always cranky when they are hungry? Yes, it is not a myth, there is science behind this phenomenon.

To avoid this prognostication, buy lots of snacks and water on your way to your trip to keep your spouse full to avoid hanger issues.

4.) Communicate.

This is probably the most blatant way why many relationships never see the end of the day after finance issues.

We tend to assume what our partners need instead of discussing and asking where you need clarification.

So, by assuming everything you will always end up being wrong and giving the wrong judgement.

Good communication in a relationship is an antidote on How to avoid fights while travelling as a couple.

5.) Solve your issues before travelling.

This is an effective way on How to avoid fights while travelling as a couple. There is no way you will sweep your issues under the carpet and hope all will be well since you`re travelling together for a vacation.

Okay, this may work but in rare cases, no matter how far you travel, these issues will always follow you and it will be worse if it erupts while on your vacation.

Something will always come up and always drag your issues, so the best way is to solve and talk about everything before travelling.

It is better to postpone and iron your differences before travelling than bottle things up. Tip: Travelling immediately after forgiving each other is one of the best travel vacations you will ever have as a couple. This is just like making out after a ferocious argument.

6.) Don’t fight in public.

No matter how vexed or exasperated you are, never fight your spouse in public. They will feel disrespected and it will only make things worse.

So, stay calm and keep your dirty linen out of public view. Just play it cool and call your spouse aside and pour your heart out.

If they are remorseful or penitent, they will apologize and everything will be okay. See how you have fended off things from blowing out of proportion?

7.) Forgive and move on.

If you want to win on How to deal with fights while travelling as a couple. You should learn to forgive your partner.

It takes a lot to say I am sorry, the least you can do is accept the apology and move on. After all, we are humans and we are prone to error.

However, don’t make it a habit and relax since you know you only need to say sorry to your spouse and all is well. There will come a time this will not be the case.

 8.) Create time for yourself.

This is another effective way on how to deal with fights while travelling as a couple. It is your time and even if you have kids.

Try and book hotels with kids clubs where your kids will be occupied almost all day. This will create a moment for you and your partner.

Talk all you want, get busy and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. If possible, keep your phones on flight mode and have a blast.

9.) Stick to the budget that you made.

This subtly touches on finances but the key point to this is sticking to the budget you agreed with your spouse.

Going over or under the budget may brew unnecessarily cranky arguments, just follow what you agreed to spend with your partner.

10.) Compromise.

Rudeboy of P Square once sung, “Relationship is a compromise, paid fully with a perfect price, unstable like a waving flag”.

The price is to let some things go for the sake of peace, however, be careful not to be too disinclined of the small things you let go of.

Your partner might think it is okay since you never complain, so do it in moderation.

11.) Don’t walk on eggshells.

What do I mean by, don’t walk on eggshell? Well, have you ever found that you can never be yourself for fear of offending your partner?

Yes, that is what am talking about, as much as we should compromise, don’t live a shadow of yourself to please another human living their life to the fullest.

So, how does this help on how to deal with fights while travelling as a couple? Let your partner know you’re not a pushover.

Let them know you have your flaws and that they should respect them as much as you may bend some things to cave in peace of mind.

13.) Allow alone moment.

Sometimes your partner may want to go somewhere you are not interested in at all, maybe hiking but you want to relax in a hotel.

Let them go and you will meet after the activities. Be open-minded and let your spouse enjoy things you find monotonous.

As much as they could be your soul mate, you will at some point have different interests.

14.) Keep your phones on flight mode.

These gadgets are distrustful and deflecting. Keep them away whenever necessary. You have the people who matter to you with you.

Give them the time they deserve, get off work or assign someone to take your place at that short period of travel.

Working while on vacation will bring about a cranky mood no matter how hard they may try and hide it. This mood will brew about bickering and squabbling.

15.) It is about you and your Spouse.

An effective way on How to deal with fights while travelling as a couple is to keep away from talking about daily life struggles.

This is your time, it’s all about you and your partner, forget about the waiting bills back at home. Talk about you. Try new things, explore and let loose.

It is just you and your spouse, say all the sweet nothings, rekindle that lost spark and you will have no time to fight.

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