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13 Reasons Why Travelling is good for your mental health.

Why Travelling is good for your mental health.

There`s no place I would rather be than in an adventurous, scenic and touristic destination. It is a therapy and a stress reliever. This is one of the many reasons why travelling is good for your mental health.

The moment you will feel like the world is on your shoulders, your heart is guarded. Take at least a short road trip with friends or alone.

A little bit far from home but in a homely and welcoming place. This one is always a game-changer. (You`re welcome thank me later.)

The serenity and tranquillity far from the bustling city is unparalleled, to say the least. It is like resetting your mind and all you can think of is that moment, feel the moment and this is good for your mental health. Especially in this Pandemic Era.

Now without much ado, let us delve in and see why travelling is good for your mental health.

1.) Travelling will keep you healthy.

Why Travelling is good for your health.
Why Travelling is good for your health.

Well, to travel is to live, regular travel physical activity can help keep your thinking, learning and judgment skills sharp as you age.

According to Dr Paul D- Travel is good medicine because it challenges the brain with new and different experiences and environments.

It is an important behaviour that promotes brain health and builds brain resilience across the lifespan.

2.) Travelling will help you Loosen up.

You will meet new people, new destinations and places that can only bring you serenity and tranquillity if you are mentally stressed.

The main reason many tourist travels is to relax from the daily stressful errands. Getting or moving away from this daily routine is therapy and this is one of the reasons Why Travelling is good for your mental health.

3.) Improves your Creativity.

The thing with travelling it keeps you anticipating the day of travel. The research involved in achieving and settling your destination.

The pre virtual destination visit makes travel photographers get more fanciful and yeastier.

The virtual research to view the best images in that particular destination to capture better shots makes the travel photographers game top.

4.) Travelling will make you contented.

Winter when the Snow Pours. Embrace your sunny countries.
Winter when the Snow Pours. Embrace your sunny countries.

It is only through travelling you can understand how lucky you are to be where you are. Your current situation you don`t appreciate right now is someone’s dream.

That car you own but despise is someone`s dream. You might be in a 3rd world country or rather a developing country and probably wish for another place.

But did you know how tourist appreciate our sunny climate? Do you know how annoying winter (Full of Snow) is?

Only when you travel you will get to understand and you will set your mind free of wishful things you do not know about.

5.) Travelling cracks knowledge.

It is only through travelling you will get to know some geographical knowledge nobody told you in school. This helps you expand your knowledge as a traveller and have a wealth of experience.

You will get to exchange different cultures when you travel to somewhere new and also get to pass your culture on. It is a form of exchange.

When you travel to a new place, the anticipation and the aura that comes with that wave will stretch your mind and adrenaline, this is one of the perfect reasons Why Travelling is good for your mental health.

6.) Happiness.

Why Travelling is good for your mental health.
Why Travelling is good for your mental health.

What was the feeling of that first flight ever? How happy were you? Your first SGR Train Safari to the coast. It is all unexplained joy and pleasure.

It evokes emotions no better words can describe. This alone is mind and soul therapy.

That feeling of arriving in a new touristic place will blow your mind especially if it was a dream destination in a new country or within your country.

7.) Sharpens Decisiveness.

Sometimes nothing harder to decide which destination you are flying or road tripping to. It may take a lot of research but still, you will not be able to make a confident decision as to where to go.

To make it more complicated, you will have to decide which hotels you will have to book for your accommodation.

Travelling needs a decisive person who can make decisions with ease. Being a decisive being will make you have better leadership quality and also it can help you as a man lead your family with prowess.

A decisive man is a man who is calm and cool under pressure, he will take charge, purpose and direction.

He’s the man with direction and travelling builds this character making it one of the masculine reasons Why Travelling is good for your mental health. Since with such prowess, you will have peace of mind in your Lil family unlike when you`re indecisive.

8.) Saves Marriage.

Rekindle your love through Travelling Together.
Rekindle your love through Travelling Together.

I think you have heard of the term Rekindle when it comes to a love relationship. The easiest and simplest way to save a marriage and have peace of mind is through travelling. It just hits differently, go iron your issues in the wild or beside the cool beach breeze.

Take her/him out on a Safari once in a while. Get out of your comfort zone and go far away from home. This is the surest way to rekindle your love.

She will be happy and a happy woman equals a happy family and this brings about serenity and tranquillity in the family.

9.) Confidence Booster.

Communication is key in every facet of life. Some people have difficulty communicating or even talking to strangers.

Now, when travelling you will have to speak to strangers whether you like it or not. Be it while checking in, Talking to that taxi guy. To the locals to get the best out of a destination.

This will make you realize nothing is hard starting a conversation with a stranger hence boosting your confidence.

When you have confidence, you feel good about yourself and when you feel good about yourself one thing is certain. Your mental health is at par.

10.) Travelling gives you a sense of Accomplishment.

They say, face your fears and the easiest way to start embracing this is through travelling.

Taking the bulls on its horns is one reason Why Travelling is good for your mental health since you will massage your ego and a feeling of victory once your face your fears.

If you have fear of height (Acrophobia) and for example, you are not able to do Ziplining then you can start by facing these fears.

If you fear snakes (Ophidiophobia) as I do. You should visit a snake park and face your fears.

Most probably you will solve this once and for all but above all it leaves you with an unrivalled sense of pride and achievement.

11.) Travelling helps Your heart.

According to Psychology Today, 30% of “Men” who skipped Vacations for several years were at a higher risk of having a heart attack.

However, those who took a vacation at least once a year were at less risk.

As for the women according to New York Times on the same study concluded that women who only took a vacation every six years or less were nearly eight times more likely to develop heart disease or have a heart attack than women who vacationed at least twice a year.

12.) High Sex Drive.

Travevelling drives high sex Drive
Travelling drives high sex Drive

According to a study conducted by Expedia of 31 Million Travellers found out that a range of positive side effects came with travel.

Among them: feeling happier and more relaxed, losing weight, having more energy, feeling closer to friends and family, experiencing a confidence boost and (Yep!) an increased sex drive.

One of the best things about vacation is that you don’t have to worry about the must Dos and Don’ts.

All you can think of is being happy and anticipation for every hour of the day. No stress, hustling and bustling of the city. It is always a good time.

This can help reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This changes mood to euphoric and relaxation is on another level so, apparently resulting in more and more Sex.


These reasons why travelling is good for your Mental health are real and backed up by studies and research by scientists.

Challenge yourself and at least travel once a year and if you have been reading my blog you know you don’t have to break a bank to travel. Check these 15 Secrets on how to travel on a tight budget.

Book your Next Safari or Vacation Now and be Mental Health free.

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