How to plan a surprise trip for your boyfriend

11 Tips on How to plan a surprise trip for your boyfriend

How to plan a surprise trip for your boyfriend.

“There is nothing more daunting than how to plan a surprise trip for your boyfriend”, quipped a lady talking to another.

I turned to see this person who was in this quandary. Our eyes met, then I smiled with a communicative head tilt implying. Hi there, that is easy.

I was on a Vacation in Diani at the eminent Pinewood Beach Resort. So, I introduced myself and after a chit chat, I promised her, I was going to write how to plan a surprise trip for your boyfriend since I have done surprise trips severally through my tour Company.

Just like that, I had a friend, a topic to write about and a client at the same time. See how it is essential to be social but in a polite way?

Well, here am going to dissect the ultimate guide on how to plan a surprise trip for your boyfriend.

The same guide can be used to surprise your Girlfriend, Parents, siblings, coworker or friend.

Without much ado, let’s dive in.

1.) Budget to Plan a Surprise trip for Boyfriend.

First things first, do you have a budget for this surprise trip? Planning a surprise trip for your boyfriend will need time, commitment and patience.

Plan everything with moderation, don’t rush. Save enough money to be able to do this with ease. The best you can do is find a tour company that will help you with the correct budget.

After you know how much you are willing to spend on your boyfriend, then hit it off start saving and set realistic goals to accomplish within a specified time.

#Please don’t take a loan for this.

2.) Location of the Vacation or Trip.

After you have your budget at hand, it is time to decide where you`re taking your vacation with your boyfriend.

Budget will be the main determinant to chose where to go. Will it be overseas or local? Which lodges or hotels will your budget fit in?

Again, a tour Operator can help you by giving you options regards to your budget. Apart from the budget, the other determinant of the destination is your boyfriend.

What does he like doing? Is he a beach person or he’s more of a Safari-like me? He’s your person so you know him better.

If you`re not so sure, ask him directly like you`re just having a random normal conversation or introduce a truth or dare game to know more about his likes and wants.

 3.) Set the dates for the Surprise Trip.

This is now daunting; you need to pay attention and give this tip on how to plan a surprise trip for your boyfriend some consciousness.

If not, exact dates at least make sure you get a tentative month of travel. So, how do you do this? Again, ask him directly how his schedule like for a particular month.

So as not to raise any suspicion, you can create a decoy whereby you can tell him something like, how is your week of 1st week of July?

Obviously, he will ask why? Tell him, you need to take some time off to hang out with him more since it has been a while since we had our moment.

He will be flattered and most likely he will tell you, he will look at his schedule and get back. This means he has no major happening and this is your tentative date.

4.) Talk to his Boss.

If he’s employed, you don’t want surprises on the surprise day. Approach his employer, explain to them what you intend to do and if the said dates he can be granted some time off.

Most likely the employer will be appalled by your move and they are unlikely to say no to you. Thank them and plead with them to keep it a secret.

Please don’t be caught in his boss office, do it discreetly. Now you`re sure of the said dates even if something comes up and he wants time off for other wants on the said dates the employer will give a blatant No!

This is sealed!

5.) Go shopping for the Surprise Trip.

So far, how to plan a surprise trip for your boyfriend no longer doesn’t look intricated. Keep reading for more.

You will need to do some shopping for the Surprise trip. If it is a Beach Vacation this is what to Shop or if it is a Safari, this is what to buy.

After you`re done with the shopping, again be reticent. Don’t take your shopping at home since he will notice and start connecting dots.

Keep this shopping in your office or some storehouse or even in your car, given he rarely gets in your car. Keep this a secret till the day you set to reveal the surprise Trip.

6.) Get tickets Ready.

Whether you`re doing Local or overseas, regards to the mode of transport you decide it is time to get those plane tickets.

A month or two to your trip date, make sure you have the flight tickets ready. But before that, there are things to be wary of -:

Don’t use their frequent miles to their booking since this will spoil everything as they will get all the itinerary and you will be busted.

7.) Use the incognito window on Chrome.

When planning on how to plan a surprise trip for your boyfriend. If you`re using the home Laptop/Computer.

Go incognito, the browsing history can sell you out after all the planning. How do you go incognito? Simple, on the keyboard press Ctrl + Shift + N and you will be already in. No one will be able to trace your browsing history.

If you`re dealing with a tour Company, make rules, unless I call you please don’t call me. Since they might call you when he’s right beside and starting to ham on your phone might imply deceit.

8.) Create a New Email for Planning the Surprise Trip.

More often our emails are auto-saved and all you need is just to click and you`re in. Now if you have a home computer most likely everyone has access.

Signing out will be a red flag, just create a new email to do everything. The goal here is to keep it a surprise.

Please do this with a sound and conscious mind you don’t want to spoil the party. Don’t be a party pooper!

9.) Don’t feel Iniquitous.

When it comes to how to plan a surprise trip for your boyfriend. I know all this may make you feel like you`re doing it all wrong, worse still feel like you`re cheating on your husband or boyfriend.

All the little white lies you give him to be able to cover this surprise Trip. Trust me it will be worth the efforts.

Just assure him all is well and nothing to worry about because he will definitely notice something is amiss.

10.) Time to Reveal your Secrete.

This is a quivering moment why lie! You don’t know what will be their reaction and if it will be really a surprise.

Recently at Incredible Kenya Adventures, we planned a surprise trip. This is how it went down.

So, a lady in her early forties wanted to surprise her husband with a Vacation and following all the tips on how to plan a surprise trip.

Which we have always applied, we had a successful arrangement. However, the lady decided to keep it a secret until the last minute.

11.) Real-time experience of a surprise Trip.

She woke her husband at 3:00 AM, “Wake up honey, we have a flight to catch!” You can imagine how stupefied and fuddled the hubby was.

After affirmation and waking up properly, the wife had everything in place, honey you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What about work? The wife told him “it is your off day get in the shower; the car is waiting”. (She had already arranged for off days at his workplace) Every question was met with a prompt but sweet answer!

The Hubby was like a little baby throughout the trip. She narrated this when she came to say a thank you! This was a lifetime Memory the hubby will forever cherish.

Indeed “life’s best moments usually happen unplanned!”

If you have ever planned a surprise Trip let me know how it went down in the comment section.

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