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17 Staycation Ideas for Couples that will rekindle that lost spark

Staycation Ideas for Couples.

There are numerous ingenious staycation ideas for couples that will help you rekindle your lost spark when it comes to endearment.

I am no love doctor but I know the little things are the ones that count. One of my popular lines has always been “you don’t have to break the bank to travel”.

Well, what is a staycation? This is simply the merging of Stay + Vacation = Staycation. It is further explained, this is a lucid but creative vacation whereby you don’t have to fly overseas and sometimes you don’t have to leave your home.

You can stay away from home but within your hometown for a day and not overnight. This is the kind of vacation that anyone can afford.

These creative staycation ideas for couples am about to dissect will need adventurous, open-minded and audacious couples.

If you`re none of the above this is the point you abdicate but in a polite way.

With that said, this is the time to deconstruct these creative staycation ideas for couples that will reanimate and rekindle that spark.

1.) Camp at the Back Yard.

I know you are probably wondering why the heck would I leave my comfortable bed to camp in the backyard?

This is why I said you need to be open-minded, adventurous and quirky.

Get your camping gear and pitch that tent in the backyard for the two of you. If you have kids let them sleep in the main house as you go camping.

Try it, it is different and will give a new whole experience. Sometimes so long as you are with the one you love, nothing else matters.

Check this post for the things you need to go camping.

2.) Set Bonfire in the Backyard.

This goes best with camping, as you pitch your tent for the night, please remember to set a bonfire. Have enough drinks but do not overdo it since you will spoil everything.

Chit chat as you warm yourselves and sip your drinks by the bonfire. No phones, no Television it is just you and bae.

You can spice the bonfire by preparing a Nyama Choma together. Get Goat ribs which will keep you busy as you talk with your partner.

Please remember to shift your mood and envisage you`re in the jungle camping. If possible, switch off security lights to give a wilder environment.

If this is not one of the best staycation ideas for couples then this website should just be disbanded and everyone go home. Lol.

3.) Convert your Home into A Fancy Hotel.

Have you ever envisioned bringing that fancy hotel look into your home? Set your house in a way it is more of that fancy hotel.

Have new white sheets, set that honeymoon hotel room look by having flowers and decorate your room to a phenomenal 5-star look.

You can watch YouTube tutorials on how to do it like a pro you`re, don’t underestimate yourself.

Get those romantic scented coloured candles and the right wine or drink of your choice.

You can decide to surprise your partner, (read how to plan a surprise vacation for your Partner).

4.) Cook a delectable meal together.

While at it, you have the option of ordering your favourite meal. However, I am of the option to cook your meal together.

Cooking together is one of the top staycation ideas for couples since food is a gate pass to most of us.

Doing this together has a way it will connect you more than ordering that meal. Be playful as you prepare your romantic dinner.

If you`re not sure of the recipe of that favourite meal, you can get that online or better still watch tutorials together.

5.) Have a 5-star Dinner Table Set Up.

Once you`re done cooking, one of you will try and set a 5-star dinner table. Try and make your dinner romantic as possible.

Have ready wine or Champagne, light those coloured candles, talk sweet nothings to each other and more importantly dress up to the occasion.

You don’t do that while on pyjamas or those worn out long baggy home t-shirts. Apply makeup if that is your thing, ladies try and look good for your man.

Men, take charge and make her feel loved by ushering the right words. Soft music in the background will be a plus.

6.) Break Fast in the Bed.

The morning after, either of you can decide to surprise the other with a saccharine breakfast in bed.

As much as this regularly happens in the movies, it will mean a lot to either party. Have breakfast together as you reminisce about your last night escapades.

7.) Take a road trip staycation.

Nothing more fun than a road trip with the right person, this is one of the staycation ideas for couples that never gets old.

This is how to plan an incredible Road Trip

Drive to nowhere, the goal is to talk while in the car. Stop by the roadside. Take those lekker and congenial pictures by the roadside.

Take selfies, you can also request someone to take you photos. Please be mindful of who you give the camera or phone to snap you since you don’t want surprises on your staycation.

8.) Take a walk in the Park.

Yes, simple but gratifying staycation idea, when was the last time you took a walk with your partner in the park holding hands all in love?

Sounds like fun? Try it, it’s one of the best staycation ideas for couples. Buy ice cream, feed each other as you take your walk to nowhere.

Nothing hits differently like that sundown walk, you are literally escorting the sundown. Take nice pictures of the sunset especially if you like sunsets like me.

9.) Car Parking.

Probably this has become common after the pandemic but going to your favourite joint and having your party inside the car is incredibly ducky and intoxicating.

You will not only be following and taking measures regards to Covid-19 but also having the needed privacy.

Do you know that kiddish feeling of watching people from somewhere they cannot see you?

And even gossip about them as you do your drink and telling each other sweet nothings?

This impedes evokes the teen in you and feels all young again.

10.) Book a nearby Airbnb.

Airbnb is almost everywhere including your neighbourhood, take advantage of this and book a nearby one.

They are usually quite affordable for everyone to afford. You will have a blast at a bargainous fee.

Check in the way you would have in that fancy hotel.

Sleeping outside your usual place is an all-new experience altogether.

11.) Be a Local Tourist in your Home Town.

How many times have you toured your home town? Did you know how far tourists travel just to visit the tourist sites you take for granted?

Talking of my resident town, Nairobi wouldn`t be absurd if I had never visited these 24+ Nairobi Touristic Sites.

Check with your city and visit that Museum you has always passed by and you will be surprised at what you have been missing.

12.) Photography Tour in your City.

I find this as one of the most exhilarating creative staycation ideas for couples who want to have fun but still spend almost no money.

Taking a tour with your camera in the city having those clear and epic shoots is simply incredible.

Documenting your city in pictures with you as the human element is such a great experience.

You will get to talk and at the same time have fun while connecting. If you`re not familiar with taking nice pictures.

Here is a simple tutorial post I made for you.

The goal is to spend time together and talk as you have fun together as a couple.

13.) Cycling together.

Not everyone has a bike, but if you`re able to own one, this is such a riveting outdoor activity.

Take your bikes and if you don’t have one yet, you can drive somewhere like Hell`s Gate National Park.

Whereby you can hire your bike at only Kes500 or $5 for a full day.

Ride a bike as you do a game drive at the same time catch up with your spouse in a different way.

You can finish your skylarking with a mouthwatering meal in the city and that will heck be one of the most incredible days you will have in a long time.

14.) Picnic Tour.

This is one of the creative staycation ideas for couples who love doing stuff together and not afraid to try new things.

Take your sitting mat, a basket full of delectable packed food or snacks and wine, then find a suitable place in your nearby hometown park.

You will not believe how refreshing and invigorating the experience is, be warned it is addictive once you try it.

15.) Couple Massage.

How about a massage? Time to excrete those love oxytocin hormones.

Relax your body and give it the right treatment it deserves simultaneously with your bae.

If you want to spice things up, you can extend the massage in your room at that particular moment all the right hormones are at the right levels and you`re with the right person so why not?

After this you can have dinner, you can choose to stay over or simply decide to head home for the night.

16.) Day trip.

Don’t confuse this with a road trip, there are several places you can do your day trips from Nairobi and this is the moment to utilize these staycation ideas for couples.

Try and make this moment memorable by taking nice pictures and utilizing the destination of your choice to the maximum.

It is time for play, put your phones away unless you`re taking selfies, let loose and enjoy every moment of the day trip.

You can join a group for the day trip if you don’t mind joining other travellers of the same interest.

After all, you will make your budget accommodative.

17.) Heated pool Staycation.

This is one of the best creative staycation ideas for couples. Select not just a pool but a heated pool.

I have actually compiled a list of 24+ Heated pools in Nairobi so, you have all the options in whichever fits your location.

If you are not in Nairobi you can locate a hotel with a heated pool that allows walk-ins. Soak in all the evening with your bae, obviously sipping your favourite drink.

Tip: Do this regularly and you will note the difference in no time.

Did I leave any creative staycation ideas for couples? Please let me know in the comment section also let me know which got your attention?

Thanks for the read & Share!

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