How to overcome Post Travel Depression.

11 tips on How to overcome Post Travel Depression.

The content I write is superintended by you, someone asked me to write about “How to overcome Post Travel Depression”.

This has never crossed my mind since over time it became normal to me how to deal with post-travel blues.

Actually, this is why many people don’t like Mondays, the day of starting the week after a weekend.

So, if you do experience this blues, say no more, I got you but before that.

What is Post-travel Depression? This is simply the feeling of melancholy like and general malaise, accentuated by boredom you feel lazy and don’t want to do anything after a trip. The blues can be worsened by Jetlag.

It can be severe to some people and may actually take longer to heal. Even though post-travel depression depends on how long your trip was.

The longer the trip the more severe the vacation blues are going to linger around. Personally, I never get to experience this because of the following tips am about to dissect below on how to overcome post-travel depression.

Without much ado, shall we?

1.) Take a Day off after your trip.

Whenever I am coming from a trip especially a long one, I usually take a day or two off work.

The recent one being a vacation in Southern Coast where I had 4 nights stay. To make matters worse I used the night train to and from Mombasa.

NB// If you must use the night train, please go for first-class, the journey was long and tiresome. The following day I could barely do anything other than taking a day off.

Taking a day off helps you with a reality check and you don’t have to do stuff on the first day after a trip that will remind you of your waiting daily boring routine.

2.) Buy a souvenir.

This is one of my favourite tips on how to overcome post-travel depression. Buy something that will keep you on your toes.

Something that you can’t wait to get home to unbox, a self-gift. It could be a dress or a Smartwatch for Android you have been longing to buy.

It could be a Camera or even that Samsung S20 -phone you have been longing to buy and you can’t wait to unbox and start using it.

This will distract almost everything and will have none or little time to think and miss about your vacation escapades.

Your souvenir doesn’t have to be expensive and it also doesn’t have to be yours. You can buy something your partner or kids will love.

The joy of putting a smile on a loved one is unapparelled.

3.) Pay before you travel.

Although in many hotels you should pay the full amount before checking in, some may allow you to pay 50% then clear the balance while checking out.

I use and they allow you to pay up to arrival date, even with this privilege I make sure I pay in advance.

Avoid this and pay your bills in time before arrival since the moment you pay on the last day you will feel like a rip-off.

Paying for services after getting them is a sure way of experiencing post-travel depression. The bill will be on your mind all through your way home.

You could have paid in advance since the hotel requires so, but there is another problem.

Splurging in the hotel and giving your room number to post your bill to pay while checking out.

If possible, avoid this and pay upon every service or drink spontaneously. This will save you from an astounding bill upon checking out.

4.) Start Packing before your trip is over.

I always do this since packing the last day just feels awful. It screams to your ears you`re going home it is over.

Who likes those voices? To avoid this, I always pack a day or two before check out. You will also get the opportunity to check what you need to buy before check out in the nearby local market.

Maybe you wanted to add some clothes which you can wear on the day for going home which is also another irresistible thrill to make you feel better when checking out.

5.) Ask for a late Checkout.

Hotel check-out time is 10:00 AM but you can request a late check out especially when the hotel is not as busy.

Some hotels will charge you but be nice and request a realistic time. You probably didn`t sleep the previous night due to a party as the last day is known for.

Avoid, travelling when sleepy and more so tired resting before check out will be of paramount importance.

6.) Start Planning for the Next Trip.

One of the most effective ways on how to overcome post-travel depression is to start planning your next trip immediately when you get home.

Check your calendar and start planning. This will give you anticipation and distract you from the vacation blues.

Some travellers could be against this tip but I find it effective. Nothing is more thrilling than knowing around this certain month or day will be the day of travel.

7.) Resume taking care of yourself immediately.

When you were on your trip, you probably forgot about your morning run, didn’t hit the gym.

You will most likely bend your diet and throw in a few processed foods.

Well, it is of no harm to let loose once in a while, I occasionally do this but the moment I am back home.

I perceive it as a relief to go back to my disciplined diet and morning run.

If you like exercising you will look forward to being home again to resume taking good care of yourself.

Your health is your wealth.

8.) Bring a little piece of your Vacation Home.

What did you like the most that can be carried back home? Well in my case am keen on different local and international cuisine and whenever I taste something new and get to like it, I usually get the recipe.

I will cook that particular meal for a day or two. This makes me feel like am still on vacation and that I did not miss anything about the trip since I have it at my fingertips.

This is one of the most effective tips on how to overcome post-travel depression. If you`re not good at cooking you can do something simple like.

Changing your bedroom to look similar to your hotel room, making you feel like you are still in your hotel and this helps surpass the post-travel depression.

9.) Pay for your bills before leaving.

Nothing is vexing as thinking about your unpaid bills while on vacation. Worse still this striking you right on your face when coming back home.

This is where post-travel depression kicks in ferociously. To avoid this bug which will make your post-travel depression severe.

Pay your bills before you travel for your vacation. Sort everything back home you will not only avoid vacation blues but also have peace of mind during your vacation.

10.) Capture your travel escapades.

There are numerous ways you can write down your travel memoirs. It could be a scrapbook, notebooks or a travel blog.

This is one of the main reasons I started this cool travel blog to be documenting my travel escapades for future remembrance.

If you don’t have a blog where you can write about your travel adventures? Always feel free to reach out for a guest post in this blog.

Above all, you will need to invest in photography, get a good phone with a camera or better still buy this EOS Canon Camera I use for capturing my travel images.

11.) Write down what you’re missing back home.

Another effective tip on how to overcome post-travel depression is to note down what you`re really missing back at home.

It could be your spouse, kids or pet. It could be more but note down whatever you`re missing.

This will give you unapparelled anticipation to get back and actually reduce those vacation blues from building up.

After writing down, start thinking about the things you miss and try to replace your trip thoughts with the things you’re missing back home.

Benefits of Post Travel Depression.

“What the heck are you talking about, how can post-travel depression have benefits? I thought it was all negative?”

Those must have been your words when you saw the title. Yes, there are benefits, everything on this land has benefits.

Even whatever hardship you`re going through right now has some positivity just hang in there and be a little bit optimistic.

Here are the benefits of post-travel depression.

It reminds you how lucky you`re to travel from one destination to another, from country to another. Some people would give anything for this.

Post-travel depression makes us see life from a different angle. You will get to know the things that matter in life and make you appreciate the universe more and strive to make it a better place for everyone.

It will make you yearn to travel more since when you start travelling it is unlikely to stop. This will make you work harder and make you learn how to save for travel.

Post-travel depression is a gateway to take a break from the normal life and take some time to treat yourself as a person.


Everybody experiences Post Travel Depression and to some, it may be severe especially when you are new in the travelling world.

I remember the first trip I took solo gave me severe post-travel depression, but I managed to overcome it within a week.

At the time I didn’t even know it was Vacation blues. The signs may include tiredness, a strong feeling of nostalgia and worse still depression which can be worsened by jetlag.

Travelling is a therapy to many things including mental advantages, at the end of the day.

Post-travel depression is like a drop in the ocean when it comes to travelling and should never scare or deter you from travelling.

In the comment section, let me know how you overcome post-travel depression.

Thanks for the read and share.

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