Travel bloggers in Kenya

15 Travel bloggers in Kenya that will inspire you to wanderlust.

What if I told you these travel bloggers in Kenya will make your travelling tranquil, more diverting, and more importantly travel more for less?

A few years back, before I started this blog, I would soak in some of these travel blogs reading and would encourage me to travel.

Noting down their travel tips as time went by, I graduated from being a student to a master’s. Well, am not new to the tourism industry as this is what I studied in college.

On 27th May (2021) this blog Will be turning one year old since its inception. Since that day, Mark will be divulging the things I have learned in one year of blogging and if it pays.

For those who are new and don`t know me yet. I help people travel more for less and you don`t have to break the bank to travel. Read more about this blog.

#A candle loses nothing by lighting another.

Now without much ado, let us dive in and see the fellow top travel bloggers in Kenya.

Kenyan Backpacker.

The Kenyan BackPacker
The Kenyan BackPacker

His name is Leo, he talks about backpacking tips, travel planning, personal experiences, and destination advice to help you travel better in Kenya, Africa, and beyond.

Kenyan Backpacker will give you all the tips you need to travel in Kenya and beyond while backpacking. He also talks in detail about the SGR. All the information you may require will be found in his blog.

He`s a great content creator and writer as well as a good photographer making him one of the travel bloggers in Kenya to look up to.

My favourite post: How I travelled from Nairobi, Kenya to Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe) by road and rail.

The Expat Mummy.

Expat Mummy, one of the Travel bloggers in Kenya
Expat Mummy, one of the Travel bloggers in Kenya

Her name is Nadine, she turns ideas into content that her readers thirst to read. She relocated to Kenya from the UK and ever since she has never looked back.

If you`re planning a safari to Kenya, this is the blog to look up to. You will get all the coveted ideas and tips. Best of hotel genuine reviews and the places to visit. Expat Mummy is one of the top bloggers in Kenya.

My Favorite Post:  Obtaining a Kenya Visa Online.


Kemzy Kemzy - Travel Blogger
Kemzy Kemzy – Travel Blogger

Her name is Kemzy, a foodie, a traveller, and an adrenaline junkie lover. She will talk about the off-beaten track experiences on her blog which will leave you awestruck.

She is one of my favourite travel bloggers in Kenya since she is ever on the road and how she manages her 9 – 5 and her blog remains a mystery. Sneak in her blog and you will get a wealth of travel information in Kenya.

My Favorite Post: Fun Affordable things to do in Kisumu.

Kenyan Camper.

Kenyan Camper one of the top Travel bloggers in Kenya
Kenyan Camper one of the top Travel bloggers in Kenya

He used to carry the Travel bloggers in Kenya on his shoulders. I think he still does since his site commands a good domain Authority.

Kenyan Camper has been silent and we hope he comes back soon. He would talk about unbeaten places, unearthing new places.

Being an ardent camper his site specializes as the name suggests, in camping. All the information you need to know about camping is the site to run to.

My Favorite Post: Tripping at Turkana.


Travel bloggers in Kenya - Kenyatalii
Travel bloggers in Kenya – Kenyatalii

She`s known as Emily, author, and founder of Kenyatalii. Being a solo female traveller she emphasizes solo travelling doesn`t have to be boring.

If you`re a solo female traveller this is one of the travel bloggers in Kenya to follow. She will show you how to do it like the professional who she is.

My favourite Post: Travelling Solo doesn`t have to be boring.

Just Rioba.

One of the travel bloggers in Kenya to follow - Just Rioba
One of the travel bloggers in Kenya to follow – Just Rioba

She`s known as Winnie, the author behind JustRioba does follow her, especially on Twitter.

Her Travel Blog focuses on how to help you travel more with a 9- 5 Full-time Job. How you can plan your time well and still have time to travel.

She will also let you know how to utilize your leave days, how to travel solo and how you don`t have to break the bank to travel.

My Favorite Post: The Ultimate Mt Kilimanjaro Hike.

Scrapbook Journeys.

Travel Journeys (Scrapbook)
Travel Journeys (Scrapbook)

Her name is Marion, the author behind Scrapbook Journey. She`s a Kenyan Travel & Lifestyle Blogger with a big zest for life.

The scrapbook will talk about the author’s personal experiences in destinations. Caution you of mistakes she made so that you don`t repeat them. She will give you firsthand experience.

When she is not travelling, she will give you wellness tips and Yoga inspiration in the Lifestyle section of her blog.

My Favorite Post: Things to do in Eldoret when you`re on a budget.

Wangechi Gitahi Travels.

Travels by Wangechi Gitahi
Travels by Wangechi Gitahi

She`s known as Wangechi, the author and founder of Wangechi Travels. In her blog she talks about diverse travel and her blog is a solution to many travel questions.

Wangechi has been in the game for a while now and without a doubt, she`s one of the travel bloggers in Kenya you should follow.

My Favorite Post: Life as a Traditional Turkana Lady.

Bonita On Safari.

The Biochemist who loves travelling.
The Biochemist who loves travelling.

Her name is Aluoch, the author behind Bonita on Safari. She is a practical biochemist but her love and passion are in travel.

Aluoch is a seasoned traveller, hobbyist travel photographer, and travel columnist for one of Kenya’s biggest newspapers The Standard.

She will give you all the travel tips and information from different cultures to real-time travel experiences.

My Favorite Post: Reasons for you to fly into Kisumu.

Safari 254.

One of the Top Travel Bloggers in Kenya 254
One of the Top Travel Bloggers in Kenya 254

This blog will talk about Travel tips of course with first-hand experience, festivals, and the culture within Kenya, Africa, and beyond.

It is one of the travel blogs you should start following if you`re not already.

My Favorite Post: Ultimate Buffs Guide to London.

Chinku Travels.

One of the best story tellers
One of the best storytellers

He`s known as Jeen, a cyclist, hiker, camper, backpacker, city tour hacker, and marketer. All this in one person. He has fascinating and riveting travel stories. He likes unearthing the unbeaten tracks.

On his blog, you will be thrilled and entertained by his travel tips, places to go, and where to get affordable accommodation.

My favourite Post: Weekend in Tanzania.

Of Chows & dhows.


This informative travel blog is behind Ivy. She loves travelling more than anything else. She is a millennial lawyer and travel content creator.

In Chows & Dhows, you will get all the tips and information to travel in Kenya Hustle-free.

My Favorite Post: Northern Kenya Adventure.

Kenyan Travel Vloggers.

Whenever I Miss travelling and I just want visuals, I run to YouTube and search for travel Vloggers. They are as good as travel bloggers in Kenya only that this time is Vlogging.

Magical Kenya.

They have incredible videos selling Kenya and I am always thrilled to jump into their YouTube channel.

The video will make you want to pack right away and travel nowhere else but Kenya. Indeed, Kenya is Magical.

Adventure Singh.

I first got to know him when State House Kenya used his footage on National Television without credit or compensation. After filing a complaint, he was handsomely compensated.

His videos on YouTube are top-notch.

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