Affordable Hotels in Machakos Town

8 Surprisingly Affordable hotels in Machakos Town.

Preview Hotels in Machakos.

There are many affordable hotels in Machakos town from Guesthouses to high-end hotels with swimming pools. It all depends on your interest and budget.

This is my home county and I know the places you can get the best of accommodation like the back of my palm.

Machakos is only 65 Kilometers from Nairobi and many locals opt for a road trip since the distance is relatively favourable. Machakos is one ideal getaway for family, friends or couples.

One of the main attractions is the people’s Park, (check the activities you can do and how much they charge). The park has activities for both adult and kids, plus cool restaurants and a bar.

As much as one can drive from Nairobi to Machakos, do all the activities and attractions surrounding and still go back. It is advisable to spend a night away from your usual resident. Spending a night over in Machakos hits different.

With that said, here is my top but affordable hotels in Machakos Town.

8.) Nadalo Villa.

5 bedroom Ensuite Nadalo Villa
5 bedroom Ensuite Nadalo Villa

Nestled in chumvi Makutana, Nadalo Villa is a 5 ensuite bedroom house with cabled television and a dining hall.

They serve a continental breakfast and 3-course meal by their chef but this at an extra charge. The serenity and unparalleled tranquillity will leave you awestruck!

Nadalo Villa is one of the affordable hotels in Machakos Town that has a beautiful lush green lawn compound.

The sight of the surrounding mountains will give you a great ambience experience you are unlikely to get anywhere else.

Machakos people`s Park is nearby, Kyamwilu hills and the place that defies gravity, where a car can drive uphill on free mode is just a few kilometres drive.

Check Prices, Book Nadalo Villas Now!

7.) Villa Machakos Hotel & Conferencing.

It is a stylish contemporary boutique guest house and conferencing facility located in the leafy Milimani estate, Machakos– the place to be! It is one of the privately owned and affordable hotels in Machakos Town.

Ideal for budget yet the tranquillity and serenity is unparalleled. You will have a continental breakfast, free and secure parking.

The rooms have a cabled television, private bathrooms and room service is offered. They also have a 24hour front desk.

Machakos town centre is less than a Kilometer and 5 Kilometers away from Machakos People`s Park.

Check Prices, Book Machakos Villa Now.

6.) Hotel Kiandani.

Kiandani One of the most affordable hotels in Machakos Town
Kiandani One of the most affordable hotels in Machakos Town

Nestled in a place is known as Kenya Israel, Makutano- Machakos road. Kiandani hotel boast of 40 Rooms meaning they can host up to 80 Pax comfortably.

These 3 Star affordable hotels in Machakos Town has 6 floors and to ease movement they have a designated hotel lift. You don`t have to sweat reaching the 6th floor unlike other hotels of the same class.

Each room has cable television, free Wi-Fi, toiletries and the parking is not only free but also secure.

You will enjoy your continental or buffet breakfast every morning., Machakos people`s Park is about 3 kilometres from Kiandani Hotel.

Check Prices, Book Kiandani Hotel.

5.) Eliphan Furnished Apartments Machakos.

Located in Machakos, 1.5 Kilometers from the centre. Eliphan is a 1-bedroom apartment that has a balcony and a patio.

Eliphan has cable television with satellite channels, secure free parking and a green lush garden. The tranquillity and serenity in this place is exactly what you are looking for.

These Apartments are basically Ideal for couples since they are one bedroom with 1 big bed.

Machakos People’s Park is just 5 Kilometers away from this apartment. Eliphan Furnished Apartments is one of the few furnished apartments within Machakos town.

Check Prices, Book Eliphan Now!

4.) Machakos Suites Luxury Hotel.

Tucked along Kyumvi Machakos road, just before Thika Motors Dealers in Kenya Israel, coming from Nairobi you will branch on your left, there is a murram road you will see a signboard.

These luxury suites have a secure and free parking area. They have a restaurant and a shared lounge. They also have a minibar.

The distance to recreational places like the People`s Park is 5 Kilometers only. 4 Kilometers from Machakos Town Centre and 10 Kilometers from Makutano.

Their Wi-Fi stands out as one of the fastest WIFIs within affordable hotels in Machakos Town. It also stands out as one of the most booked.

Check Prices, Book Luxury Villas Machakos.

Affordable hotels in Machakos Town with a pool.

If you`re not backpacking and on a tight budget, then here are other options that have more activities including swimming pools.

3.) The Kyaka Hotel.

The Apartments and Hotel with an outdoor pool.
The Apartments and Hotel with an outdoor pool.

Located away but close to Machakos town, in a serene tranquil environment. When coming from Nairobi you branch on your left at Susu Centre and in just a few meters you will be at Kyaka Hotel. There is a Massmart supermarket nearby.

This is one of the hotels in Machakos Town with a swimming pool and at the same time furnished apartments.

The apartments come in 1 and 2 bedrooms, well furnished with the latest kitchen equipment.

If you`re a hotel person they still have that option, with Kyaka Hotel you have all the options you may require.

Machakos People’s park is only 5 Kilometers away from the hotel.

The staff is welcoming, friendly and helpful. The property itself is wonderful, quiet and ideal for a nice weekend out for a couple, friends or family.

Check Prices, Book Kyaka Hotel Now!

2.) Gelian Hotel

Gelian one of the high end Affordable Hotels in Machakos Town
Gelian one of the high-end Affordable Hotels in Machakos Town

Tucked along Mwatu Wa Ngoma Street, I have lost count of the times I have been to this hotel. It is one of the high-end affordable hotels in Machakos Town.

Gelian Hotel Boast of an underground club known as Euphoria which is one of the sensational clubs in Machakos Town.

Please note it has soundproof and unless you move outside your room you will never notice if there is a club.

Making it ideal for revellers who like partying. You will not need a taxi to take you to your room but just a lift.

Besides the sensational club, the hotel has a restaurant and an outdoor enchanting swimming pool where you can soak in all day.

The hotel gives you a beautiful view of the rolling green lush greenery surrounding Machakos town beautiful landscapes.

Clearly, this is the place to be! Machakos People`s Park is 5 Kilometers from Gelian hotel.

Check Prices, Book Gelian Hotel Now!

1.) A & L HOTEL.

A & L Hotel Machakos
A & L Hotel Machakos

Nestled along Machakos – Kitui Road, A & L is the new kid on the block. Owned by Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and his wife.

A Stands for Alfred while L – Lilian his wife.

The hotel is termed elegant, stylish, luxurious and all white with an enchanting outdoor pool for both kids and adults. It has sun Terrence, a restaurant and rooms, ideal for family, couples and friends.

From your room, you will be able to see the Machakos people`s Park and all the undulating and rolling greenery Machakos landscape.

8 Kilometers from Machakos Town and 3.8 Kilometers to the People`s Park. A & L Hotel is one of the Machakos Town Hotels you should put on your bucket list with your friends or families.

Check Prices, Book A&L Now!

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