Africa`s only open field Amphitheatre
Africa`s only open field Amphitheatre

The Machakos People`s Park.

I live in Nairobi but my home town is Machakos county which is precisely 4 Kilometers from CBD. I don’t do vacations on holidays because of the obvious reasons so I was just lazing around Home with family when the idea to visit our very own county gift. Machakos People`s Park struck.

Well, it was not the first time to visit this place but two main engrossing activities which I had not done before prompted me to.

Machakos County is the place to be, the park is only 60 Kilometers from Nairobi and city revellers troop to Machakos Peoples park on weekends to experience the expanse tranquillity which is rare in the busy city.

Eagar to know my two main riveting and gripping activities? Keep it here for this and many more about the Peoples Park.

Machakos People`s Park History.

I don`t want to compare Machakos People`s Park with Nairobi`s Uhuru Park. It is only back in the day Uhuru park was ideal and you could actually take your loved one or kids with ease.

Lately, it has been abandoned and doesn`t offer that needed tranquillity. The only park in Nairobi that can amuse me is Nairobi National Park.

This is where the Machakos Government saw the loophole and grabbed the opportunity and it has since been a success.

Machakos People`s Park was started in the year 2014, just one year after the first county government of Machakos was sworn in.

It was the talk of the town and everyone wanted a piece of it. All roads led to Machakos and for a while, I was proud of my County.

The first governor was good at public relation and Marketing. The Park trended for the whole year.

Even now 6 years later it still has that spark. The day I was going for my activities I met a group of local tourists who had travelled from Nairobi with their families to experience the serenity and enjoy the activities provided.

Machakos People`s Park Activities.

There are several activities in which one can partake.  There are four main Activities which the adults can do and several others which are made for the young ones (Kids). Here are the main Activities.

1.) Machakos People`s Park maze.

The Maze
The Maze

It is the only one of the kind in that region, we call it the walk through the maze. Ideal for team building and adventure.

Suitable for both Children and Adults. Interesting how you get lost trying to find your way-out having fun in every turn you make.

Same thing when it comes to development. Just enjoy the process don`t wither because of the potholes on the road. Enjoy the journey.

 2.) Machakos People`s Park Ziplining.

Ziplining at Machakos.
Ziplining at Machakos.

This was the first Zipline I took before I did the Grand Kereita Forest Ziplining. I would advise you to do the same, start with the Machakos People`s Zipline.

You will have an aerial view of the park, probably take those desired photos, especially the Maze which is nearby.

The zipline has an option of 200 or 300 Meters long. It is such an adrenaline dart. The Zipline is believed to be more than 30 meters high giving you a chance to have an aerial bird view.

Children are allowed but only 6 Years and above. I will internalize the Zipline charges on the activity Charges.

3.) Horse and Camel Riding at Machakos People`s Park.

Riding a Horse at the Park
Riding a Horse at the Park

This is the only place in Machakos you will get this kind of Activity. As much as is more inclined to children.

Adults can as well enjoy the rides especially amateurs who are afraid to make those baby steps in riding either.

You will have your guide who will escort you around the park, in a distance of about 100 Meters.

4.) Bike Riding at Machakos People`s Park.

There are mountain bikes and quad bikes for you to choose from. Since there`s no Mountain within, I chose the quad bikes option which was longer and enjoyable than I expected.

Since am a good car driver didn`t necessarily mean I will be good in Quad Bikes. It is different and you should ride cautiously otherwise it can be dangerous especially to juveniles.

5.) Archery at Machakos People`s Park.

Archery at Machakos People`s Park
Archery at Machakos People`s Park

Nothing reminiscing than archery. Back in the Day we would make bows and arrows and go out hunting. Now that is of the past, nothing takes me back in the day like archery.

This is a new activity which was recently introduced and I couldn`t recommend it any better to go for it. It is quite affordable.

6.) Boat Riding at Machakos People`s Park.

This is the activity that prompted me to visit the Park. I have been to this place numerous times but I have never done a boat ride.

I can confirm I wasn`t disappointed. It was such an experience at the Man-made Maruba Dam. We cruised around the dam which equals to around a kilometre plus. It was a tantalizing affair.

One boat can take up to 8 Pax and the best part of it they will take you around the lake even if you`re alone at no extra fee.

Machakos People`s Park Amphitheater.

The Machakos People`s Park Amphitheater
The Machakos People`s Park Amphitheater

It boasts to be the only open field Amphitheater in Africa with an astounding capacity of more than 5,000 pax. The seating cobbled tiers seats which surround the Performance stage has a breathtaking backdrop of the watery landscape Maruba dam.

To those who are yet to catch on, an Amphitheater is an open-air venue used for entertainment, events or sports.

The Park Entry fees.

The name itself suggests it is the park for the people by the people. You will pay absolutely nothing at the Entrance gate.

However, once inside and by the way, all are welcome. You will pay for the various activities located in different areas in this expansive 40-acre land. That brings us to the question. “How much do they charge”.

Activity Charges.

When you look closely at the charges of the various Activities, they tend to have a pattern of a certain amount apart from a few.

Here are the different activity charges.

  • The Maze Child Kes150 Adult Kes200
  • Ziplining Child Kes500 or $5
  • Horse & Camel Riding. Child Kes100 Adult Kes200
  • Bike Riding. Child Kes100 Adult Kes200
  • Boat Riding Child Kes100 Adult Kes200
  • Archery 5 Arrows Kes200
  • Merry go Round Kes100
  • Does your car pay for parking? NO!

Please note the prices can vary depending on the season but this is good enough to help you budget properly.

The Park Directions.

Depending on which side you`re coming from here are the directions whether on private or public transport.

Direction from Nairobi.

It is only 60 Kilometers and one hour’s drive from Nairobi CBD. You will hit Mombasa road, all the way to Makutano (Branch off Mombasa road to Machakos town road) and drive continuously up to Machakos Show Ground then make a right turn. The road will lead you up to Machakos Peoples Park.

If using a Matatu.

You will board the Matatus that Bound Nairobi Machakos Route at Afya Center and mention to the driver you`re heading to Machakos peoples Park.

You will pay a fare of Kes300 or $3. Upon arrival to the stage at Machakos Show Ground, you can board a Tuk Tuk which will charge you Kes 50 or a Boda Boda at Kes100 or $1 up to your destination.

Direction from Machakos Town.

If you are coming from Machakos town, it is only 5Kilometrs. You hit the Machakos Nairobi road, up to Machakos Showground then make a left turn and drive all through to the Park.

The Park Open Days and hours.

Machakos the place to Be
Machakos the Place to Be Image by (Incredible Kenya Adventures)

It is rare to go a fun day on a weekday since this is the time for looking or chasing paper to be able to afford fun days which are the weekends. Below are the timing and days Open.

  • Monday: CLOSED
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday: CLOSED
  • Thursday: 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Where to Stay in Machakos.

There are numerous Hotels in Machakos where you can book your accommodation. This is from Luxury to Budget. Depending on your budget.

Here are the Top 21 Hotels from Luxury to Budget.

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Happy New year (2021) my People!



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