The Joy of being At Diani Beach Kenya.

Diani Beach Holiday Package? This is the most Affordable Deal.

Diani Beach Holiday Package.

2020 is one of those years many wish never existed but I understand life must go on. Whenever the month of November hit every year everyone is always looking for Diani Beach Holiday Package and other gateways for family and friends to celebrate the festive season.

However, 2020 was/is not the same for many only a few can afford to go for a vacation this Christmas Holiday.

Businesses collapsed, many lost their jobs and while at it many are focusing on raising school fees come January 2021.

Despite all this, it is not all lost and this is where I come in to show you ways to get a Diani beach holiday package in the most affordable way possible.

Follow the following factors whether you`re a Tour Operator or a vacation seeker.

Shall we?

Transport to Mombasa.

Diani Beach Holiday Pack1age SGR Transport
Diani Beach Holiday Pack1age SGR Transport

Whenever planning any vacation or Safari to any destination. Transport is always a key factor. There are several modes of transport to Mombasa but the most ideal and affordable is by using the SGR.

The only challenge with the SGR is; you are most likely to miss a ticket. So how do you avoid being locked out?

Here is how,

Avoid “hot Dates”. Which are the hot dates? For instance, during the festive season, you don`t expect to get a travelling ticket on Christmas eve 24th December when you book a week to.

When it’s not festive season avoid Weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Be unique and prefer the odd days like Mondays you will travel like you own the train.

It is mostly half-empty and chances are you will have a whole coach by yourself.

SGR Station Transfer from Miritini to Diani.

You will need to transfer from Miritini to your cottage/Villa.

Here are the Charges.

Miritini Station – Diani.

  • Saloon Car Kes4,000 – kes7,000 or $40 -$70.
  • 7-Seater Kes5,000 – Kes8,000 or $50- $80
  • Note: This depends on the location of the facility.


Diani Beach Holiday Package Cottage
Diani Beach Holiday Package Cottage

The other main determining factor about getting an affordable Diani Beach Holiday Package is accommodation. So how do you go about it?

(Book the Cottage in Diani Pictured Above) That is where I spend my Nights. Quite comfortable and affordable.

In this particular post, it is all about getting the most affordable Diani Beach Package. So, I will just go straight to budget but comfortable accommodation.

Here is how to get that affordable Accommodation.

We will put hotels on the shelf for now and jump straight to cottages and villas.

The beauty of the cottages and villas is that you will get to transfer your home, only that this time is at the Beach.

You will get to cook for yourself, spend according to your budget and this is the advantage edge you can cut down your cost unlike in the hotel.

How to choose an Affordable Cottage.

Avoid beachfront when you`re looking for an affordable one. Search for a cottage/villa which is 1 to 2 Kilometers away from the Beach they are super affordable.

Read More on, 14 Things to consider when booking a holiday Home.

Group Departure.

Diani Beach Crew Image Trek Beyond
Diani Beach Crew Image Trek Beyond

You should try to be a group; be it couples or just friends with a common goal of enjoying your vacation in the most affordable way.

A group of from 2 couples upward works magic. Numbers are a fascinating factor whenever it comes to tour coasting.

Itinerary of a Diani Beach Holiday Package.

Day 1: Nairobi – Mombasa.

You will need to be at the SGR Station at Syokimau at least 1 hour before departure to be able to print your ticket and have an ample time when checking in.

The inter-county (morning) train departs Nairobi at 8:20 am and takes five hours, fifty-eight minutes arriving in Mombasa at 2:18 pm.

Upon arrival, you will have your transfer guy paging waiting for you. Upon meeting you will head straight to Diani, which is about 47 Kilometers.


Since you`re on cottage/Villas you will let your driver know you will pass by to do shopping which will last you for the time you want to stay. My all-time recommended days is 3Days when you`re on a budget. But you can always extend depending.

Once done with your shopping you will continue to your cottage/Villa and check-in. Don`t forget to go swimming in the pool that very night. The pools there are naturally warm.

Day 2: Diani Beach.

Exploring and Unearthing Diani Beach
Exploring and Unearthing Diani Beach

This is the day to explore Diani Beach to the core, unearth and extract Diani to the best of your knowledge.

Water Sports Activities in Diani Beach.
  • Scuba & Snorkeling.
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding.
  • Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing.
  • Boat Tours.
  • Fishing Charters & Tours.
  • Gear Rentals.
  • Kayaking & Canoeing.
  • Waterskiing & Jetskiing.

Day 3: Mombasa – Nairobi.

Mombasa CBD
Mombasa CBD.

Definitely, you will be booked the Afternoon Train which departs from Miritini Station which is 11 Kilometers from the Mombasa CBD.

The Express train leaves Mombasa at 3:15 pm and takes five hours arriving in Nairobi at 8:15 pm.

On this day you can arrange for the transfer guy to come early so that you will pass by and sample some of the activities in Mombasa depending on time, budget and interest.

Activities to do at Mombasa.
  • Fort Jesus.
  • Haller Park.
  • Mombasa Elephant Tusks.
  • Mamba Village Center.
  • Mombasa Go Karting.
  • Masai Market.
  • Mombasa Old Town.

Time is of the essence here, You will time yourself to be at the Miritini Station latest 30 Minutes prior Departure.

You will be so exhausted you will be fast asleep before you know it. You will be in Nairobi.

Since dark has kicked in it is advisable to take the train to town at only Kes50 or $0.5 to Nairobi CBD.

End of your Vacation.

The Budget Needed.

If you key in the factors, I stated above you will have an easy to go affordable Diani Beach Package.

Below is the costing.

Transport Cost.

The Standard Cost; SGR Kes2000 or $20 Return Ticket.

Return Transfer from Miritini to Diani. Kes8,000.

Accommodation Cost.

The Cottage I stayed was affordable and only 1kilometer to the Diani Beach. As the festive season nears by the prices keep on rising.

If you do your reservation to the cottage before 19th Kes8,000 & from 20th Dec – 4th Jan Kes16,000 Per Night. You will get your clean two-bedroom cottage with a cool swimming pool.

Food Cost.

This depends on how many people and preferences but for two couples shopping for the three Days Kes5,000 will be more than enough.

Activities Cost.

This will also depend on you since to some the most important part is landing on that Beach. Taking selfies on that bikini with bae and posting on Instagram to show off to your friends and family.

Well, this is entirely up to you and by the way you have bragging rights it is your hard-earned cash to do whatever pleases you.

However, if you need to spice it up, you can budget maximum of Kes2,000 for the beach activities, and you will enjoy your Beach day.

Total for two couples based on Transport and Accommodation since the other cost depends on preferences and interest:

  • Accommodation two Nights Kes8,000 +8000=Kes16,000.
  • Transport SGR Return Kes2,000×4 (Two Couples) =Kes8,000.
  • Return Transfers Kes8,000.

Total Kes32,000/4.

Total Per Person for 2nights 3days Kes8,000.

And this is how you do an affordable Diani Beach Package. To make it even easier and simple for you, reach out to at Incredible Kenya Adventures and all you will have to do is wait for your travel dates as they will do everything for you at no extra cost. Book the Package here.


This package is to enable you to have your fun moment at Diani Beach in the most affordable way possible.

I always advise you to avoid those celebrated dates if you`re on a budget. Avoid reservations past 23rd December up to 4th January.

Basically, am trying to say; travel off-season and you will enjoy even more since destinations are even less crowded. You will get the desired attention and enough breathing space.

The “Hot Dates” end up expensive and you may not enjoy it because of the crowding. Chose your travel dates wisely and spend less.

Happy Holidays!

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