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Fairview Coffee Estate the 7 interesting things to do

Fairview Coffee Estate Preview.

In the heart of Kenya’s indispensable Central Highlands, home to the world’s splendiferous coffee lies Fairview Coffee Estate.

Since 1900 this enchanting coffee farm tucked in 150 acres of land is fed and irrigated by Riara River which has streams from the Kenyan Highlands.

One of the first coffee production powerhouse since 1900, Fairview coffee estate has continued with its pre-eminence to produce flair coffee to date.

Fairview Coffee Estate has not only placed Kenya on the world map for praiseworthy coffee but also provides coffee tours.

Do you want to see how the world’s best coffee is produced step by step? This is the place to be. As if that is not enough, there are other interesting recreational activities which I will be listing.

Can we skip to the best part? Yes, you will taste all their renowned brands for free.

With that said, let’s delve in and see what Fairview coffee estate has in store for us.

How to get to Fairview Coffee Estate from Nairobi CBD.

You can cut the chase and book a complete package with Incredible Kenya Adventures whereby we will pick you in your hotel or your residence and back for only $65 Per Person (Min of 2 Pax).

Read 13 Reasons why you should book your tour with a Tour Operator.

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However, if you want to do it yourself, here are the directions from Nairobi CBD.

Drive from Nairobi CBD and hit Thika Superhighway road up to the first exit at Muthaiga, and continue with Kiambu road up to Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) on your right.

Now take on your right and proceed with Murram road, drive a distance of about 1.5 Kilometers, and in no time, you will be at your destination.

If you`re using public transport you will alight at, Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology. You can decide to walk the 1.5 Kilometers or take a Boda Boda to your destination.

 The 7 things to do at Fairview Coffee Estate.

The main focus here is coffee, if you love coffee or you would like to know about coffee, this is a tour you should never miss whenever you’re in Nairobi.

1.) Coffee Tour

Fairview Coffee estate Tour Image Mr Muiruri
Fairview Coffee Estate Tour – Image Mr. Muiruri

You will get to know how coffee is prepared, Liz or her colleagues will take you through step by step from picking all the way to the final product.

You will get a chance to buy their coffee at highly discounted prices, interestingly there’s room for negotiation.

2.) Coffee Tasting

Final product tasting
Final product tasting

You will get to taste all their renowned international brands and they will teach you how to differentiate between medium, dark, and light roast by taste.

A barista will be there to guide you through the distinct tastes of brewed coffee and even explain to you the factors that affect the coffee flavor.

3.) Riara River Water Fall

The Riara River Waterfall
The Riara River Waterfall

After the coffee tour, we had a chance to take a nature walk to the vast lush green embellished by coffee plantations.

We took the walk towards one of the best and unexplored waterfalls of river Riara. The majestical waterfalls are known as Riara falls.

It is at this moment, we appreciated nature. The breeze coming from the waterfall was not only soothing but also therapeutic.

4.) Hiking/Nature Walk

Hiking at Fairview Coffee Estate
Hiking at Fairview Coffee Estate

Since the waterfall is a bit distant you will have to hike so carry your hiking gear, it is a hilly stretch of about 1.5 Kms but the beauty surrounding you will not let you feel like you’re hiking but rather exploring.

Within the Fairview coffee estate, there’s a photogenic and eye-catching dam, which has one of the best reflective sunsets you will see in a long time.

5.) Banana Plantations

I have never seen such reddish bananas with palm trees height. Apparently, they have also diversified to other farming products like these ginormous banana trees.

Unfortunately, they were not ripe and we didn’t get to taste just like we did with the coffee but it was a nice experience.

6.) Dairy farm tour.

The cow`s udder almost touched the ground full of milk, we were told that the calves are separated from their mothers since day one and fed separately.

As much as they have diversified their main focus is coffee and that is what they prioritize.

7.) Therapy

The farm serenity
The farm serenity

What do I mean by therapy? Once you take a tour to Fairview Coffee estate you will never come out the same again.

You will feel better and more energized as you have just taken a herbal booster. It is unexplainable it can only be felt.

What is the entry fee of Fairview coffee estate?

Adults Citizens Kes1,000
Residents Kes2,000
Non-Resident USD30

Below ages, 12years is free of charge

Citizens Kes500
Residents Kes500
Non-Resident Kes500

Tour sessions.

There are two main sessions for doing Fairview coffee estate. One is the morning session while the other is the afternoon. Each spanning two Hours

The Morning Session 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Afternoon Session 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

What to Eat on this tour?

You can opt to pack snacks or lunch since they don’t have a restaurant. However, you can order for lunch in time at least 24 hours before arrival.

They charge a fair price of Kes1,000 per plate.

The package price for the tour.

Book Now
Citizens Kes4,500 Per Person (Min of 2pax)

Kes8,000 Solo Trip

Residents Kes5,500 Per Person (Min of 2pax)

Kes9,000 Solo Trip

Non-Residents USD 65 Per Person (Min of 2pax)

USD 100 Solo Trip

As mentioned earlier, Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd can organize an all-inclusive tour to Fairview coffee estate. (Book the Tour Here)

The package Includes.

  • Round private Transport from city Hotel/ CBD
  • Entrance fees to Fairview Coffee Estate
  • Sumptuous Lunch which will be prepared at Fairview (If you don’t need lunch you can deduct Kes1,000 from the package)
  • The coffee tour takes approx. 2 hours.


Fairview Coffee estate simply gives you a golden chance to feel the countryside feel in an urban serene setting.

I find this therapeutic at the same time remedial. I have been to this place more than twice and every visit is different.

If you have something for coffee farming, production, and farming at large then this is home for you. A visit to this place will be rewarding, to say the least.

Is Fairview coffee estate worth your time and money? A precise answer is YES! Let’s do this already.

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