Visa free countries for Kenya Passport Holders

Visa free Countries for Kenya Passport Holders (2022)

The Visa free Countries for Kenya (2022).

So, what are the Visa Free Countries for Kenya Passport Holders in 2022? Every Kenyan who travels should have this information at their fingertips.

Did you know Kenya Passport is one of the highest ranked globally? According to Henley Report 2022, Kenyan Passport is ranked 71 and has a Visa-free Score of 72.

By Visa Score I mean the countries you can travel to without a Visa. However, some of which I will be listing will only allow you in their country if you have E- Visa.

E-Visa here simply means Visa Upon arrival to the country. Some may request proof of accommodation, Finance capability, return ticket and travel Insurance.

Without much ado, let us delve in and list these Visa free countries for Kenya Passport Holders 2022 and be ready to pick your next destination. (Listed Alphabetically)

Visa Free Countries for Kenya Passport Holders.

Visa-free Countries for Kenya

Allowed Period of Stay

Antigua and Barbuda. 1 month.
Bahamas. 3 Months.
Barbados. 6 Months.
Benin. 90 Days.
Botswana. 90 Days.
Burundi. 3 Months.
Cuba. 90 Days.
Dominica. 21 Days.
Eswatini. 30 Days.
Ethiopia. 1 Year.
Fiji. 4 Months.
Gambia. 90 Days.
Ghana. 90 Days.
Grenada. 3 Months.
Haiti. 3 Months.
Hong Kong. 90 days.
Indonesia 3 Months.
Jamaica. 6 Months.
Kiribati 30 Days.
Lesotho. 90 Days.
Malawi 90 Days.
Malaysia. 30 Days.
Mauritius 90 Days.
Micronesia 30 Days.
Namibia. 90 Days.
Panama 180 Days.
Palestine. 30 Days.
Philippines 30 Days.
Rwanda 6 Months.
Saint Kitts and Nevis 3 Months.
Senegal 90 Days.
Singapore. 30 Days.
Tanzania 90 Days.
Trinidad and Tobago. 90 Days.
Uganda 90 Days.
Vanuatu 30 Days.
Zambia 90 Days.
Zimbabwe. 3 Months.

How can Kenya Passport Holders travel Visa Free?

As long as you have a Kenyan Passport you can travel Visa-free within the countries that have an agreement with the Kenyan Government on Visa Facilitation agreement.

However, as noted earlier some countries may demand more documents to approve your stay in their country.

The following are the documents they may need from you as a Kenyan Passport Holder.

(Read what you need at the Tanzanian border.)

They may request you to prove you are able to finance your stay in their country.

Show proof of your accommodation, which hotel or who will be hosting you for the period.

You should have travel insurance just in case something happens during your stay.

Return ticket, to prove to them you will return to your country once you’re done with your stay.

eVisa countries for Kenya Passport Holders 2022.

These are not Visa-free countries for Kenya Passport Holders pe say but you will need Visa on arrival and this makes them equally Visa-free countries.


Allowed Period of Stay

Bolivia. 90 Days.
Burkina Faso 1 Month.
Cambodia. 30 Days.
Cape Verde. 90 Days.
Comoros 45 Days.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo 7 Days.
Guinea-Bissau. 90 Days.
Iran. 30 Days.
Jordan 1 Month
Laos. 30 Days.
Madagascar. 90 Days.
Maldives. 30 Days.
Mali. 90 Days.
Mauritania 30 Days.
Mozambique. 30 Days.
Nepal. 90 Days.
Nigeria 90 Days.
Palau. 30 Days
Saint Lucia. 6Weeks
Samoa 60 Days
Seychelles. 3 Months
Sierra Leone 30 Days.
Somalia. 30 Days.
South Sudan. 3 Months.
Sudan 30 Days.
Timor-Leste 30 Days.
Togo 7 Days
Tuvalu. 1 Month.

This is how you get Visa upon arrival.

Now that you have the list of Visa free countries for Kenya Passport holders. These are the steps to follow to get Visa in the countries that need you to get Visa on Arrival (VOA).

Identify the country you want to visit and check if they need Visa on Arrival or they are Visa free. You have all the lists with you.

After identifying your country of choice, if they need Visa on Arrival, the main thing to note here is if the Airport you will land do issue Visas.

Check if you have the right documents –
  • You should have your Return Tickets
  • Accommodation prove for the time you will be in their country
  • Financial capability to sustain you in the period you will stay.
  • Passport and now proof of COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Countries that are NOT Visa Free for Kenya Passport Holders.

It is saddening for an African to need Visa to Travel to another African country but as they say, it is what it is. In some countries, it is even arduous to get a Visa.

Afghanistan Finland. Niger.
Albania. France North Macedonia.
Algeria Germany Norway.
Andorra. Greece. Oman.
Angola. Guatemala. Paraguay.
Argentina. Guinea. Peru.
Armenia. Guyana. Poland.
Australia Honduras Portugal
Austria Hungary Romania
Azerbaijan. Iceland. Russia
Bangladesh. Iraq. San Marino.
Belarus. Ireland. Saudi Arabia.
Belgium. Israel. Serbia.
Belize. Italy. Slovakia.
Bhutan. Japan. Slovenia.
Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kazakhstan. Solomon Islands.
Brazil. Kosovo. South Africa.
Brunei. North Korea. Spain.
Bulgaria. South Korea. Sri Lanka.
Cameroon Kuwait. Sweden.
Canada Latvia. Switzerland.
The central African Republic Lebanon. Syria.
Chad. Liberia. Taiwan.
Chile. Libya. Tajikistan.
China. Liechtenstein. Thailand.
Colombia. Lithuania. Tonga
Republic of the Congo. Luxembourg. Tunisia
Costa Rica. Malta. Turkey
Co´te d’Ivoire. Marshall Islands. Turkmenistan.
Croatia. Mexico. Ukraine.
Cyprus. Moldova. The United Arab Emirates.
Czech Republic. Monaco. The United Kingdom.
Denmark. Mongolia. The United States.
Dominican Republic. Montenegro. Uruguay.
Ecuador. Morocco. Uzbekistan.
Egypt Nauru. Vatican.
El Salvador. Netherlands. Venezuela.
Equatorial Guinea. New Zealand. Vietnam.
Eritrea. Nicaragua. Yemen.


These Visa-free Countries for Kenya Passport Holders should be a start for international travel especially if you`re on a budget.

You will also note most of these countries are quite affordable and have some of the best touristic and pre-eminent destinations.

I look forward to the day all African countries will be Visa-free. Any African can travel to any African country without the need for a Visa.

Thank you for the read, comments, and share.

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