How to book SGR using a dumb Phone

How to book SGR by phone using the USSD Code *639#

How to book SGR by phone

After writing about how to book the SGR Train Online Step by Step someone asked how to book SGR by phone using USSD code.

They further asked what should one do if they are foreigners and do not have a Mpesa but want to book without walking physically to the station.

As much as you can book SGR Train Online with a phone, this article will be all about booking SGR by using a dumb phone or rather offline.

Sometimes for some reasons, you may not have internet or better still not be tech-savvy but still want to book the SGR.

This is where the SGR USSD Code (*639#) comes in, it is not necessarily a must to have a smartphone for you to book the SGR as long as you have the required amount in your Mpesa you can book up to 10 pax Max using a dumb phone.

I will be showing you how to do this step by step with illustrative images.

It is simple and easy for anyone to use, whether digital or analogue generation.

Without much ado, let us now delve in and make this happen!

Step 1 key in the SGR USSD Code *639#

What appears after typing the USSD CODE
What appears after typing the USSD CODE when you’re booking the SGR via phone

You will get the following.

Book KR Madaraka Express

  1. Inter-County 8:00 AM
  2. Nairobi – Mbs Express
  3. Mombasa – Nrb Express
  4. Check Ticket

The 1st Option is for the morning train while the 2nd and 3rd options are for the afternoon or Night train from either Nairobi or Mombasa.

Here you will choose your preferred option.

Step 2 Where are you departing from?

How to book SGR by Phone using USSD Code
How to book SGR by Phone using USSD Code

If you had chosen the Express Train you will only have the choice to choose the 3:00 PM or the Night Train at 10:00 PM.

However, if you had chosen the Intercounty (Morning Train) which has 9 stops before reaching the final station in either Mombasa or Nairobi.

These are the stations for you to choose where you’re departing from to where?

  1. Nairobi Terminus
  2. Athi River
  3. Emali
  4. Kibwezi
  5. Mtito Andei
  6. Voi
  7. Miaseny
  8. Mariakani

Step 3 What is your Destination?

Key in your Destination
Key in your Destination

This is where you will key in where you will end your journey.

Your final destinations, even though the majority end their journey either in Nairobi or Mombasa.

The terminus in between the main terminus still sometimes do have passengers alighting and boarding.

This is why inter-county Train takes longer than the express train of either 3:00 PM or 10:00 PM.

Step 4 When would you like to travel?

The fourth step on how to book SGR by phone
The fourth step on how to book SGR by phone

You will choose the date to travel, the tickets will be open for 30-days in advance for you to book.

For instance, if the day of booking is 14th December 2021 the tickets will be open up to 13th January 2022.

The 30day open ticket gives you time to avoid getting locked out and missing tickets since whenever you book in time you will always get your space.

#5 On how to book a train by phone -Choose a Coach

Is it first or Economy Class? Depending on your preference and budget this is the time you will choose either.

First Class Kes3000 or $30

Economy Class Kes1000 or $10

Probably you’re wondering why should I Pay for First class which is 3 times more than the economy? Well having travelled in both.

The First Class has fewer seats facing forward allowing a little bit of privacy as opposed to the economy class where the seats face each other.

First Class passengers have a different lounge from the economy which is sometimes crowded and you may even miss a place to sit.

There’s a footrest and a foldable table attached to the seat back in front.

The other notable difference is that the toilets in first class are more spacious than those in Economy and more disabled friendlier.

Step 6 Enter Total Number of Passengers.

The maximum number of passengers you can book SGR by Phone at once is 10 Adult Pax and so is booking Online via their website.

After keying in the number of Adult pax, this is the moment you will have the option to key in the number of Children (3-11 Years) who are charged half the price of an adult.

However, children between (12-17) will be charged an Adult Rate.

Step 7 Feel in Passenger Details.

Passenger Details confirmation before Payment
Passenger Details confirmation before Payment

This is the step you will need to be swift in filling in the Passengers details.

Especially if you have a group since you will have to key in one by one when booking the SGR by phone using the ussd code (*639#).

Please note, if you are 2 Adults and 1 Child, you will key in 3 Pax in step six, then after you will have the option to mention the number of kids in this case you will fill 1 Child

This is how you should Key in Details while booking SGR via the USSD Code.

For Adults, it is as simple as shown below, with no commas just spacing in the following sequence.

passenger Name Gender 1D/Passport No Country
Francis Sove M 1234567 Kenya

Francis Sove M 12345678 Kenya

As for the Children follow the following sequence after booking for the adults.

Child Name Gender Guardian/Parent ID/Passport No Country Age of the Child
Leyla Mwikali F 12345678 Kenya 6

Leyla Mwikali F 12345678 Kenya 6

Step 8 the booking Summary

You will get all the summaries of your Sgr booking by phone for confirmation before you proceed with payment.

The summary includes-:

  • Date of travel
  • Which terminus you’re travelling to and from
  • Class Option
  • Number of Adults and Children
  • The total amount you’re supposed to pay.
  • You will have the option of paying now or later.

After confirmation, you can proceed to pay via Mpesa.

Don’t have Mpesa and I need to book the SGR?

Maybe you’re a foreigner and you’re hearing Mpesa mode of payment for the first time. Well, you have several reliable options as discussed below.

Option 1: My team can book for you through our Tour Company Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd. Click here for a request to be assisted with the SGR Ticket booking.

If you book a vacation with us, we will not charge you to book the tickets, however, if you only need a ticket there will be a small fee of $10 Per Person only for booking.

Option 2: You can talk to your hotel and see if they will be able to book the Ticket for you.

Option 3: Request your preferred tour Agent for booking the tickets.

How do I print the Ticket at the station?

Once we do the booking for you, we shall send an E-Ticket Number which is usually a 7-digit number that you will use to print your ticket at the station.

You will also need the Mpesa Number which was used to pay for the tickets to be able to print the ticket.

We shall send all that for you to be able to print. However, if you don’t need the hustle of queuing the time of travelling.

We can deliver your ticket to your hotel or place of residence at an extra small fee depending on your location.

SGR Transfers.

Now that you`re versed with how to book SGR by Phone using the USSD Code.

If you’re a group of more than 8 Pax it would be advisable and Cheaper to hire a private Van/Coaster Tour Bus for transfers.

You will be picked in your hotel or place of residence in time and be transferred to the station without the taxi/uber hassle.

Please note return transfers are discounted, but still, if you need transfers from Nairobi CBD to SGR and Miritini to your Beach Hotel and back.

Request for a free Quote


You don’t need to be tech-savvy to book Sgr by phone using the USSD Code *639#. Even if you prefer SGR online booking.

Sometimes you may not have the internet or in a situation whereby your smartphone has run out of power and only have a “Kababe” Dumb Phone.

And the tickets are running out, what do you do? Fall back plan. Book SGR by phone using the USSD code *639#.

You will be the hero, thanks to that dumb phone.

It’s festive Season, happy holidays.

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