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Tobriana Hotel, why it is the most Unique Hotel in Nairobi

Tobriana Hotel

One of the newest hotels in Nairobi`s leafy suburbs is Tobriana Hotel. Tucked in Ridgeways (Kiambu) off Jacaranda Close.

Its location makes it ideal for anyone looking for serenity and tranquility yet just 8 Kms from the Nairobi CBD.

As if that is not enough, you will get personalized services from the staff since they are not just any other employees but a family that is devoted to being at your service.

Tobriana Hotel is a family-friendly hotel with one of the most alluring baby pools. Adjacent to the main spellbinding turquoise blue Pool.

The entrancing and photogenic lush green compound embellished by coastal palm trees makes the Hotel undoubtedly stand out.

As you sip your fresh juice by the enchanting pool you will not miss hearing the melodious African Pied wagtail softly and soothingly chirping across the neighboring farms.

With that said, let us delve in and see what Hotel Tobriana has in store for you.

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How to get to Tobriana Hotel.

This African-themed Hotel is easily accessible from Nairobi CBD. Take a Cab (Uber, Bolt, etc.) and within 15-20 minutes you will be at your coveted destination.

If on public means you will board Matatu plying Kiambu road and alight at Ridgeways Mall then cross over towards the mall.

It is just a 1Km walking distance to the hotel or rather you can opt for uber, or decide to shed those notorious calories by taking a walk.

Accommodation at Tobriana Hotel

African Themed Rooms
African Themed Rooms

There’s nothing I find more appealing and prepossessing like a hotel room beautifully themed with African décor.

This is one of the things that got my attention and flummoxed me since I did not see that coming. It is rare to get such designs in the city and especially in Nairobi.

They have about 51 rooms which are divided into two categories.

The standard rooms are cheaper than the executive but winsome for the amount they charge.

The other category is the Executive rooms which are more spacious with an exquisite Balcony festooned with two African-themed chairs and a coffee table.

Twin bedrooms are also available with the same specifications as the executive rooms. They can accommodate two pax or more on request. Ideal for family or friends who want to share the same room but different beds.

All the rooms have the following.

  • Flat Screen Tv with Satellite Channels
  • A safety deposit box
  • Hair Dryer
  • Some of the rooms have Bath Tubs
  • Kettle for making coffee
  • Free Wi-fi


The Delectable food at Tobriana Hotel - Image Que
The Delectable food at Tobriana Hotel – Image Que

The kitchen department should always come first if you need return clients in any hotel and Tobriana hotel has heavily invested in this department.

Even though the hotel is more of Bed and Breakfast if you need full board just mention and it will be at your disposal. Be credulous to get one of the most delectable cuisines thanks to their able Chef.

If you’re a vegetarian, you will be well taken care of since in their menu they have considered everyone to be full and happy.

Do they have a restaurant where one can walk in and relax probably have Lunch or Dinner?

Yes, they do have a restaurant which is usually busy but everyone is timely and professionally attended to by their ever-smiling able waiters and waitresses.

Swimming Pool at Tobriana Hotel

The Enchanting Swimming Pool
The Enchanting Swimming Pool

You want a hotel with a pool whereby you can dive and soak yourself in the scorching Nairobi Sun, then this got to be Tobriana Hotel.

Interesting how their baby pool is such an attraction to Kids, and so is the main Turquoise blue water pool, it is sizeable and beautifully nestled at the Centre of the Hotel.

Are walk-ins allowed to the pool? Luckily you will be allowed in the pool but at a small fee of Kes800 Adults and Kes300 Kids. (Below 5 Years FOC)

However, should the hotel be a full house, it will be unlikely to be allowed in the pool since residents are given priority.

Meetings and Events.

Tobriana Hotel Conferencing Room
Tobriana Hotel Conferencing Room

Do you have an event or meeting in Nairobi and want an affordable yet lekker place out of the busy and noisy city but still within the city?

Tobriana fits this description without a doubt. They can comfortably host up to 250-300 Pax and they will provide and set all the necessary meeting equipment.

Here is what you get for a full-day conference.

Arrival Tea Mixed tea, coffee, chocolate, hot water, milk, and 3 snacks
10:00 am Tea Mixed tea, coffee, chocolate, hot water, milk, and 2 snacks
Lunch Starter- soup and salads Main- 3meat items and starches Dessert

1 soft drink

4:00 PM Mixed tea, coffee, chocolate, hot water, milk, and 2 snacks
Requirements Stationery-pens and notebooks Sweets- tropical and eclair Flip chats set


For a competitive quotation for the same please click here and the Incredible Kenya Adventures representative will be happy to assist you.

What is unique about Tobriana Hotel?

Hotel Tobriana Uniqueness
Hotel Tobriana Uniqueness

So, what makes this hotel stand out from the rest? Why would you book Tobriana and no other hotels within the vicinity?

These are some of the questions I always ask myself before booking any hotel. Before I commit, I should be sure of what am getting myself into and so should you.

Booking and choosing a hotel is more of or similar to getting into a relationship. Can you manage with the flaws? Why this guy/Woman and not the other?

This is what attracted me to Hotel Tobriana.

Disabled friendly

Well, am not disabled but am human enough to mind others. They say one of the easiest ways to know your date is to observe how they treat waiters.

If they shout and disrespect them, this is exactly how they will treat you at some point.

I must commend them as one of the few hotels in Nairobi which has taken their time off and resources to make sure they accommodate everyone.


When you compare what you`re getting and what you’re paying for you will feel/see the worth of your every dime spent in this hotel.

How you will find yourself tipping these guys for the services accorded is unparalleled (Read the Ultimate guide on how to tip in Kenya)

Most of the hotels which equal the same class charge more for probably not so well executed services compared to Tobriana.

The expanse Tranquility 

What could be more appealing like a calm and quiet place within a City? I like my serenity to keep me focused and this is what Hotel Tobriana will offer you.

Some of us are more industrious in a serene environment and this is one of the reasons I liked this hotel. This is one of the main reasons am recommending it.

The Hotel Location 

Most of my clients whenever I am booking them for a hotel prefer a more private hotel. A location whereby gives them maximum privacy for whatever reasons. Tobriana will give you exactly that.

Attraction Sites 

Hotel Tobriana is near touristic sites like the Karura Forest, Ridgeway Mall, Two Rivers Mall, Fairview Coffee Estate, and some of the renowned entertainment Joints.

Private Parking 

There is enough private and secure parking for everyone. You don’t have to worry about your car.

The Pool 

Yes, many hotels have a swimming pool but the reason why their pool stands out is, it gives you a coastal feeling thanks to the nearby Forest breeze and the surrounding palm trees.

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Hotel Tobriana Deals

Valentine Deals
Valentine Deals

They have one of the best Valentine deals in Nairobi. Book Early to secure your place in time.


Tobriana Hotel is an establishment you can rest assured to get what you pay for and worth every dime spent.

They know the rules of the game and they are playing it professionally to meet your interest and standards.

Ideal for business travelers, tourists waiting to depart to different destinations in Kenya, and more importantly a good place for family outings especially on weekends.

This is my honest review about this hotel through my first-hand experience and I dauntlessly recommend the place.

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