How to book Hotels Online

How to Book Hotels online and pay at the hotel

How to Book Hotels online.

Technology is catching up with us and how to book hotels online is one of the few techs which don’t need you to be tech-savvy.

However, this is making many travel agents and Operators lose part of their service. More often than not, the majority are opting to book hotels online.

They not only book hotels but also flights and car hire at the comfort of their gadgets, it is the technology and that is just the way it is and will be.

This is a bold step forward but at the same time a slap to tour Operators.

Not all book online though, some are still loyal to their tour Operators but this is what we call the time bomb.

It will not last for long or rather not sustainable. Just like a few years back, you could only get a taxi physically but now?

Bolt, Uber and many other online Apps flocked the market even though some tried to block this but technology is like a tsunami. It is Simply unstoppable.

With that said, here is how to book hotels online and pay on the day of checking in.

What is your Budget?

When booking Hotels Online or even remotely, you have to determine your budget so as to be able to choose a hotel accordingly.

Most of the Online Travel Agencies like Booking. Com have filters where you can key in your budget and you will be directed to a variety of hotels to choose from.

You will also be able to read the authentic reviews from the previous guests but more importantly, confirm the facilities you would like in a hotel are present. E.g. Swimming Pool.

If you’re on a tight budget you may forego some of the facilities to be able to meet your budget but in a decent clean hotel.

If you`re willing to splurge maybe you`re sponsored by your company then you will not have to worry about the budget.

Location of the Hotel.

Choosing distance from Location
Choosing distance from Location

While on the Online Portal you will be able to select where you need your hotel to be nestled. You will have a filter as shown in the image above.

You have the power to determine where you need your hotel to be located. If you’re there for a conference or near a certain touristic destination.

You will have all choices and even an estimated distance from the hotel to the place you hold your conference or your tourist destination.

The location of the hotel can affect the price so again it depends on your budget and interest.

Cancellation Policy.

This is a common mistake when it comes to, how to book hotels online. You never read the cancellation terms until something goes wrong.

You should check what the hotel has and if you will be okay with their terms in case something goes wrong.

It won’t even take you more than 3 minutes to internalize and expedite the terms and conditions to determine if you can put up with what they have stated as their policy.

Thanks to the pandemic most of the hotels adjusted cancellation policies in favour of the guest to woo them for booking.

Take this advantage, some have free cancellation up to the last day.

Please while booking hotels online. Don’t misuse this and intentionally cancel them the last day just because you got a better deal somewhere else.

They had reserved the room for you and probably turned away other guests just to keep the room for you. Be nice you know

What is the Hotel Check-in time?

Most of the Hotel check-in is from noon onwards but you can make a special request to check in earlier if there is the need to.

However, you can check in quite early and keep your bags at the reception as you explore the hotel facilities and surrounding as you wait for the time to check-in.

This is how to book hotels online by checking everything is right in the perfect place.

Check out time is commonly 10:00 AM however, you can always ask for an extension and some will permit you to check out as late as 12:00 PM without further charges.

Payment Terms.

One of the key pointers on how to book Hotels online is to check the payment terms and methods offered. Some of the hotels will be kind enough to let you pay upon arrival.

While others you will have to pay for a deposit which is refundable in case you cancel in a certain period of time.

Some will only need you to key in your card details but will not charge you until a certain date maybe a week to arrival.

How to Book Hotels Online.

Now with that in check, it is time to book your hotel online. There are many Online Travel Agencies you can book with but I have always stuck with one.

As much as it is advisable to compare prices, I have always used and it is the one I have been using for this case study on how to book hotels online.

There are three steps you will need to complete to book your hotel but before that do, we have any benefits of booking hotels online?

Yes, we do have, for instance when you use booking. Com and complete 5 Stays in 2years you will unlock free lifetime access to travel rewards at the participating properties.

Basically, you will get free perks from some of the hotels like free Airport transfers, free breakfast.

The good thing about Booking. Com is they don’t have hidden charges or hospitality confusing words like this.

First Step on how to Book Hotels online (Your Selection).

Key in your Destination you will get variety of Hotels
Key in your Destination you will get a variety of Hotels

As explained above you will make sure you check all the key areas to make your booking stress free once you check-in.

Here you key in your destination, for example, Washington Dc and you will have more than 300 hotels to choose from according to your budget and interest.

For Example, select Chelsea Rooms NYC, then as I have explained above. Check if the hotel meets all you want or looking in a hotel.

You wanted Wi-Fi, Swimming Pool, proximity to the city etc. Are these things you wanted available in the hotel?

To cut the Chase, you can use filters to be specific of the kind of hotel you`re searching online to book.

After all the confirmation press Il Reserve and move to the second Step of booking Hotel Online.

Second Step on how to Book Hotels Online (Your Details).

Here you key in your details - How to book hotels online
Here you key in your details – How to book hotels online

Here you will key in your personal details i.e. Your Official names and email. You will key in if you`re the one booking or doing it for another person.

If booking for someone else you will have a section to key in their names and email though this is optional.

This is the time to fill in if you have a special request as discussed above just in case you want a late checkout or anything else you want to request.

Do you want an airport transfer? If so, they have an option to fill in to be received upon arrival at the airport to the hotel.

Click on, next to the Final Details.

Final Step of Booking Hotel Online.

The Final Step - How to book hotels online
The Final Step – How to book hotels online

Congratulations you`re almost done! You will key in your further details like your phone number they can contact you if need be.

According to the hotel terms and conditions which you should have read by now and understood. Some of the Hotels will need you to key in your Card Details but will not Charge you until a certain day.

For instance, Booking Chelsea Room NYC had given me free cancellation up to the last minute of the day of check-in.

How incredible is that? But like we said don’t take advantage and turn on them at the last minute just because you have had another deal, it’s not cool.

Complete your booking! Please note, for your booking to be secured you will need to key in your card’s details or someone else`s so long as you have their permission.

That’s it, you can only now wait for the check-in date!

Final Thoughts.

Booking Hotels online is yet to go full throttle. The Online Travel Agents like booking. Com mean business and what to make things easier.

Some may argue booking directly is more affordable but this has never been the case. What can give you a better rate is actually a Tour Company.

Since they have discounted prices and sometimes can decide to share with you the discounts hence getting a good deal. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all the time.

Now that you`re conversant with booking hotels online, you have all the choices for you to choose.

Until next time, thanks for the read and share.

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