How to find hidden Cameras in Hotels and Airbnb

How to find hidden cameras in your hotel or Airbnb

Hidden cameras in your hotel or Airbnb.

What made me write about how to find hidden cameras in your hotel or Airbnb? Well, I have a south African friend who likes solo travel.

There is this day she was supposed to do her usual thing but this time opted for an Airbnb in a different City.

She had booked four days stay and she couldn’t wait to check in. That day went on well but on the second day, she noticed something outlandish.

A tissue box beside her bed, she has eagle eyes and could see a pinhole. She got closer and after inspecting it dawned on her it was a hidden camera.

She was not only startled and aghast but also froze! It was such a befuddling and chilling moment. All she could do was sit on her bed to calm down.

After tranquillizing she informed Airbnb and called the police, they advised her to file for charges the matter is still in court but she was refunded her money.

However, the horror and the thought of how many people were watching and if her nude pictures could pop up somewhere online send her chills down her spine.

As she was narrating this to me, I could tell from her voice how terrified she was. Invading someone privacy is illegal and punishable by the law.

I hope she gets, justice!

She urged me to write about how to find hidden cameras in your Hotel or Airbnb so that no one else goes through what she is currently going through.

Without much ado, let get down and do what we do best!

Start with a Physical Inspection. 

The first thing before being wowed by the room is to inspect it for security and privacy reasons. This is how you find hidden Cameras in Hotels and Airbnb.

Before the inspection, you should put in mind three things. A camera will need a constant supply of power and the first places to start is with the things mounted on the wall.

The Cameras will need light to record and this means it will have a pinhole if you look closely. Do you suspect that wall clock? Your instincts will also play a major role.

Since the world is getting more tech-savvy every day, the more we have anti-dots to almost everything.

As mentioned earlier, most of the hidden cameras will be in an already cabled device, while others that are notorious will have a rechargeable battery and could be mounted to any unimaginable places.

Below are some of the examples that may shock you.

Smoke detector.

Commonly used Smoke Detector to hide the Cameras
Commonly used Smoke Detector to hide the Cameras

They know this is the last place to suspect a hidden Camera since many will just assume it is a smoke detector while others don’t have any clue what it is so unlikely to even touch it.

Ac Power Adapter.

How to find hidden Cameras in Hotels or Airbnb
How to find hidden Cameras in Hotels or Airbnb

It will be placed in a socket whereby you are unlikely to suspect. Confirm any illuminating light from the adapter or if it has a pinhole strategically located to capture any movements.

Alarm Clock.

How to find hidden cameras in your hotel (Alarm Clock)
How to find hidden cameras in your hotel (Alarm Clock)

Why would you need an alarm sensor anyway? You can switch it off and use your phone for an alarm instead. It is strategically nestled beside your bed for better recording.


They may have those tiny cams which don’t need a direct power source but a rechargeable battery to work. If in doubt just cover the telephone in your hotel room with a towel or any heavy cloth.

Wall Clock.


This one is becoming a cliche and almost everybody knows about it since it starts at home as a nanny cam. However many don’t expect a hotel or Airbnb to have hidden cams inside rooms. So, they take advantage of that.

Tissue Boxes.

How to find hidden cameras in your hotel (Notorious Tissue Box)
How to find hidden cameras in your hotel (Notorious Tissue Box)

This is where my south African friend was bugged in an Airbnb. Unless you have this information. It is unlikely to suspect anything here. The Cam is hidden inside and you will barely see any unless you get too close.

Cloth Hanger.

The last place you expect like in a cloth hanger. This is where they mount a hidden camera that probably doesn’t need a direct power source but uses a battery.

The others include.
  • Power Outlet
  • Standing lamp
  • Mirror
  • Soap Dish
  • Hair Dryer
  • Toothbrush
  • DVD Player or any digital boxes.
  • Wall pictures and paintings
  • Couch Cushions
  • Air Filters

How to check hidden cameras in a hotel room using mobile.

Well, if a physical search didn`t bore any fruits but still doubtful. What you`re holding (Smart Phone Camera) might just save you the hustle.

There are several ways you can use your Smart Phone to detect these Hidden Cameras in Hotels and Airbnb.

Camera Flashlight.

This is an old school method but has been proven to work 90% success most of the time since every Camera has a lens and lens reflect light.

You will have to scan your room slowly for any illuminating reflective light. However, some may want to be clever enough to tuck the hidden camera in mirrors or any highly reflective material.

This is the only time it will not be able to work.

It is one of the most effective tips on how to find hidden Cameras in your Hotel and Airbnb. For this tip to work you will need to make the room as dark as possible.

If it is daytime close all the curtains but if there is still light, it is better to wait for the dark to kick in and do your thing.

Detect Infrared Light from the Hotel and Airbnb Hidden Camera.

It is simply phenomenal how our smartphones are useful. Did you know what the Camera can see the human eye is not able to?

To prove this to you, if you`re near a remote control or when you get close to one. Take out your phone, open your Camera.

Proportionally place the remote in Infront of the Phone Camera and press any key you will see a white light illuminating from the remote control.

Now, remove the camera and try looking with your eyes, you will see nothing.

same thing on how to find hidden Cameras in your Hotel and Airbnb. Use your phone camera to scan for inferred lights from the Hidden Cameras.

This tip doesn’t need darkness but the darker the room the bright will be the infrared light and easy to spot.

Use Phone Apps.

There are many free apps you can use on how to find hidden Cameras in a Hotel and Airbnb that are useful.

You can use Fing App or WIFI Man both available for Android and IOS to scan the number of the devices connected to the Wi-Fi you`re using.

This is only useful and meaningful if you`re staying on Airbnb. A single standing house.

The Apps will be able to tell you how many devices are plugged in and also the names and the manufacturers.

However, some may be hidden and I don’t think there is no dumb person to write “Bathroom Hidden Cam”.

While at it, some which display the manufacture`s device name will be a sellout to you by being obvious.

Using Apps is a good tip on how to find hidden Cameras in your Hotel and Airbnb but not as effective as the above tips of using a Mobile.

Go Pro on how to find hidden Cameras in hotels and Airbnb.

Invest in a gadget that will relieve you of the hustle and fear of being watched. It is creepy I know but with Hidden Camera Detector, Anti Spy Detector all will be sorted.

You will be able to find any recording voice and hidden Cameras in any place you search. If you`re a serial traveller it is advisable to get it.

Quite easy to carry and not to mention how affordable (check Prices).

If compared to what it can save you from, the worries of being watched by some stranger then it is worth every dime you spend on it.

Remote tips on how to find hidden Cameras in your Hotel and Airbnb.

So, what do you do to be sure no one is watching you and you did not understand any of the tips or don’t have the money to go pro?

Here are the simplest tips to go about all this.

Unplug that alarm clock near your bed after all if it is an alarm you can use your phone, right? When you unplug from the socket you will have disabled the camera if there was one.

Cover anything that looks suspicious with a towel or any thick clothing, this way no one will be able to view any streaming.

I have highlighted the commonly used items to be wary about which are used to hide the Cameras. If it freaks you out all together switch off the Wi-Fi.

What to do if a hidden camera is in your Airbnb or Hotel?

Well, the first thing is to report the incident to the hotel management and if you`re in an Airbnb you report both to the host and Airbnb.

It will be up to you if you want to involve the police and file for a case but the most important thing to do is determine the above first.

Do you want to continue staying in the hotel? Mostly this will depend on the way the management approaches the issues.

They will most likely suggest to you not to involve the authorities and settle the issue. However, this again will depend on your decision.

Invading someone’s privacy is almost illegal in all countries and states across the world. More importantly, don’t forget to document strong evidence of your case.

Tik Tok Viral Video about Hidden Cameras in AirBnB.


Reply to @safarijackza How to find hidden cameras in AirBnBs #safety #travel

♬ original sound – Marcus Hutchins

This Tiktok Video went viral after revealing how hotels and Airbnb can have hidden Cameras inside your room without your Knowledge. Enjoy the findings.

Final thoughts.

The above tips on how to find hidden Cameras in your Hotel and Airbnb will greatly come in handy.

Since the more technology advances the more these cams become tinnier and less expensive readily for everyone.

Kudos to those Airbnb and hotels who don’t do this Bullsh*t but as for those who feel clever and continue to invade guest`s privacy.

Your days are numbered and whatever reasons you give just know it is not cool. It is such a humiliating experience.

What worries me is, the more we find ways on how to find hidden Cameras in Hotels and Airbnb. The more they find more complicated hidden cams.

Stay safe and secure in your next Hotel room and Airbnb. Use the above tips on how to find hidden cameras in hotels and Airbnb.

Until next time be good and thanks for stopping by.

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