One of the best hotels in Nakuru - Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort

Why Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa is unique

Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa

Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa is one of the best hotels in Nakuru.

This serene 3-star hotel is tucked within earshot of Lake Nakuru National Park will give you an unparalleled and unprecedented experience.

This was the first time I was going to visit this gem of a hotel and I couldn’t wait to descry this facility built on a whopping 3-acre land.

The last time I had a road trip to Nakuru, things didn’t go so well but this time.

We departed Nairobi at 10:00 Am, the plan was to check in the evening.

One of the best advantages of taking out a weekend at Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa is that-

You will enjoy the journey as much as you will the facility. I found this gripping and riveting not for anyone to try.

Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa is 143 Kilometers, a 3hours drive from Nairobi depending on traffic and stopovers you will make.

Tip: Make use of time, make your journey from Nairobi engrossing and adventurous by having numerous scenic stopovers along the way. (I will be highlighting the touristic stopovers).

Without much ado, let`s delve in and see why you should visit Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa.

(One of the Best Hotels in Nakuru)

Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa Location.

Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa
Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa

This alluring resort is nestled between Kenya Pipeline depot and Lake Nakuru National Park Lanet gate.

Only 10 Minutes drive from Nakuru town making it ideal for nightlife at the same time a paragon for a game drive since the urban Lake Nakuru National Park is a spitting distance from the hotel.

How to get there.

The mode of transport, for now, is by road, however, Nakuru International Airport is underway and it will be no more than 45 minutes flight from JKIA to Nakuru.

Private: You can drive from Nairobi, a 143 Kilometers drive (Nairobi-Nakuru Highway) 3 hours drive.

It could be less or more depending.

Public Means: You can take a Matatu from Nairobi at Taveta Road near Tea Room (Prestige Travelers is termed as the most reliable).

You will alight at Junction, next to Total Petrol Station. Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa will be a walking distance.

Accommodation at Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa.

The Executive Room
The Executive Room

The hotel has 60 Spacious single and twin rooms furnished with voguish, newfangled modern amenities and the room ornamentation is simply phenomenal.

They have divided the rooms into three suits, Executive, Deluxe and Twin Suites.

Executive Suite.

This is the room I was booked in and to be honest I did not want to leave the room.

The views of Lake Nakuru and the surroundings were not only awe-inspiring and imposing stupendous but also gave a new definition of nature.

Back to the room, it has a cabled modern flat-screen television, Wi-Fi, mini-fridge, safe and free room service.

You don’t have to leave your room since attendance is only a call away.

Sleeps two, it has one King Size Bed.

Deluxe Suite.

The Executive and deluxe suites rooms are kindred only that the executive is more spacious than all the rooms including the deluxe.

Twin Suite.

This is simply a deluxe suite room with two beds ideal for a family.

The prices are still the same as the deluxe room suite.

Conference in Nakuru.

Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort Conference Hall
Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort Conference Hall

When it comes to conferences despite the pandemic interruption. Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels in Nakuru to host you.

They have Rhino Hall which can host up to 400 Pax at a go and Buffalo hall which can comfortably host up to 200 Pax.

Then a small but executive board room with leather seats hosting up to 24 Pax.

All the halls and board rooms have modern facilities like projectors both HDMI and VGA, access to Wi-Fi and cabled internet and presentation laptop.

Marker pens and writing pads.

What is unique about Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa?

So, why should you book this hotel? What is special about it? What is that I will get from this accommodation am not able to get somewhere else.

These are the questions I always ask myself whenever I want to book any accommodation.

These are my personal opinions on why I would choose Lake Nakuru Flamingo resort & Spa over the nearby hotels.

The Price:

This was a pull factor for me, I know I can get way cheaper but the facilities and the services you will get in this hotel are beyond what you pay for.

It is even more interesting how they never compromise their services despite their affordable prices. This practice is rare to find in most hotels.

As much as they are in business their drive is to, give you the best experience and they are content and happy to be at your service.


Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa is one of the hotels in Nakuru located near Lake Nakuru National Park (100 Meters away from Lanet Gate).

What I liked about this alluring hotel is that they can organize an adventurous game drive at LNNP for a small fee.

You will have an option of a tour Van or Land cruiser with an English-speaking experienced tour guide/driver.

Lake Nakuru National Park is known for the lesser and greater Flamingo not forgetting the Big four, Rhino, Buffalos, Leopard and Lions.

Disabled friendly Hotel:

It is one of the disabled-friendly hotels in Nakuru and this brought a whole new perception of the hotel.

Facilities in Lake Nakuru National Park.

This is one of the main reasons why this hotel is ranked highly by travellers and among the best hotels in Nakuru.

These are the facilities you will get to enjoy when you book this resort as your preferred destination accommodation.

Some are free while others attract a small fee.

Swimming Pool.

No matter what time I check in any hotel I always head up to the pool before a meal. We arrived at around 6:00 PM and before anything I was already in this bewitching pool.

The pool is welcoming especially if you`re in the rooms that face it.

You will not help it but the turquoise water will subconsciously pull you.

The swimming pool is free to all residents.

Fitness & Gym.

Lake Flamingo Resort & Spa Gym
Lake Flamingo Resort & Spa Gym

Am not a gym enthuasist pe say (I prefer Morning Run as I enjoy nature) but I visited the facility later on in the day.

What I saw is capped in one word, Incredible.

I regretted why I never visited the gym that early morning.

They have one of the best gyms in Nakuru in terms of equipment and modernization.

It is quite spacious for weight lifting and Cardio.

They also have qualified trainers who will assist you whenever the need arises especially to newbies. It is also free for residents. 

Spa and Sauna Experience.

Which one do you prefer? Or rather can you tell the difference between Sauna and Spa?

Well, here is the difference so that once in Lake Nakuru Resort & Spa you can choose whichever suits you.

They both use heat as a method to clean and reinvigorate your body.

So, what is the main difference? Saunas use heat to cleanse the body whereas the Spa will use water to do the same job.

So, I picked the Spa.

Apart from this, there is also a Massage Parlor, executive Saloon, and Barbershop.

Team Building at Nakuru.

This is the powerhouse of team building in Nakuru.

Their expansive lush green landscapes will make you want to craft acrobatic gymnastics in the sight of the exquisite landscape.

Same grounds you can have weddings or outdoor parties or Camping.

Curio Shop.

Are you in African artifacts? I am and I enjoyed shopping for souvenirs that will always remind me of Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa.

Kids PlayGround.

Playground for Kids
Playground for Kids

Your kids will love it here and request even for a repeat.

I reminded myself of having random swings there and there.

I could tell the kids present were enjoyable, some of the parents joined their kids and it looked like a fun plan for a family.

Nature Walks.

As I mentioned earlier, Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort and Spa is centred in a 3-acre land.

You can have a nature walk with your loved one.

As you enjoy the beauty of the hotel and nature at the same time. The nature walk is so healing and soothing.

Delectable Food.

The food is not only tasty and finger-licking but also, I was impressed by how there was variety and especially if you’re a vegetarian.

They made efforts to consider the vegetarians, I had a vegan friend and she didn’t complain of anything.

All the possible variety was at her disposal.

She lauded them for this, funny how I didn’t even notice since am a hungry carnivore. The meat was in plenty.

Destinations from Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa.

Menegai Crater Verdant Valley view
Menegai Crater Verdant Valley view Image Incredible Kenya Adventures

The hotel will organize the following trips from the hotel on request.

Please note this comes at a small fee.

  • Nakuru National Park.

A game drive to Lake Nakuru National Park with a 4WD Land cruiser (Jeep) or a Tour Van all come at different prices.

This we passed by before we could check-in, it had memorable and unprecedented verdant planetary views.

  • Lake Bogoria.

Most of the time both lesser and Greater Flamingoes migrate from Lake Nakuru to Lake Bogoria whereby lately is the hub and home of flamingoes.


From the management to the subordinate everyone is welcoming and warm. You rightly feel at home effortlessly.

Lake Nakuru Flamingo Resort & Spa is worth your time and every dime you spend. This is a genuine review of this unrivalled Resort.

If you’re looking for accommodation in Nakuru that will exceed your expectations and give you unparalleled value for your money- this is yours to go hotel.

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