Ultimate guide to Lake Elementaita

Lake Elementaita the ultimate guide 2022

I love Lakes and it was long overdue since I visited Lake Elementaita. They coined the name Elementaita from a Maasai word (Muteita) which means dust.

We wanted to do as many activities in and around Lake Elementaita as possible. There are vigorous but intriguing activities that I shall be unveiling shortly.

If you need the perfect timing and have ample time in the Soda ash lake you will have to depart Nairobi at, latest 7:30 AM.

It is even more ideal if you`re spending your night at Pelican Lodge, Lake Elementaita. However, if it is just a day trip you can plan with the same hotel for a buffet lunch if you’re a group.

Don’t forget to Pack right for Elementaita activities.

It is a 3 hours drive depending on the driver and make of the vehicle from Nairobi and 130 Kilometers. It is conveniently between Nakuru and Naivasha town.

Without much ado, let us delve in and see what Lake Elementaita has in store for us.

Activities in Lake Elementaita.

Several activities in Elementaita will keep you busy all day long. We are going to uncover each activity in details.

Bird Watching at Lake Elementaita.

Pelican Birds at Lake Elementaita
Pelican Birds at Lake Elementaita

This natural enchanting lake is fringed with Pelicans, Flamingoes both Lesser and greater.

Others are migratory the likes of, grey-headed gull, winged stilt, gull-billed tern, pied avocet, African spoonbill, black-necked grebe, yellow-billed stork just to mention a few.

The birds rotate in the 4 neighbouring lakes, Naivasha, Nakuru, Bogoria and Elementaita. They feed on the green algae, crustaceans, insect larvae and the tilapia fish which was introduced in the late 1950s from Lake Magadi.

The best time to go bird watching in Lake Elementaita is throughout the year but I would recommend visiting the Lake in the dry season, this is July through October, January to March.

Remember, the earliest bird catches the worm if you need to capture a good number of birds, wake up early while the birds are foraging about their breakfast and evening when they are trying to fill their stomach for the night.

Hiking at the sleeping warrior Hills.

Hiking Warrior Hills - Image Courtesy
The Mysterious Hiking Warrior Hills – Image Courtesy

How would you like to step on the chin of the sleeping warrior? Feel the chest, forehead and climb up and down on that neck.

The theory behind the sleeping warrior hills in Lake Elementaita, the locals believe it is one of their warriors sleeping and that he will wake up one day.

Well, the hill is distinctively a human being laying on the back as you can see in the image above. The Hill will take 3 up to 6 hours depending on your stamina.

Besides the Sleeping warrior hill is the other two hills namely Ugali and Saucer, the name was derived from the physical look of our staple food Maize flour mixed with water end product and saucer means is a smaller size of Ugali that one is added in hotels as a bonus.

Please remember you need Good Hiking shoes with meaningful grip to make your hiking easy.

Bush Dinner at Lake Elementaita.

You can arrange a stunning and breathtaking dinner by the Lake with all the harmonious melodious Flamingoes, Pelicans beside you as you enjoy your dinner.

This is a sensitive activity and you should only leave your footprints and even if possible, leave the place cleaner than you found it. Otherwise, enjoy your bush dinner.

Sundowner at Lake Elemantaita.

First off, what is Sundowner? This is a social event; it can be a couple or more than two pax. The event is usually at its peak when the sun is setting as you enjoy your drink and watch the sun slowly disappear as you sip your drink. It is an awes Inspiring experience you will not forget in a long time.

If you`re booked at Pelican Lodge, they have a nice setting Terrance at the edge of the Lake where it can fit well for a sundowner.

Camping at Lake Elementaita.

How about camping at the shores of this magnificent Soda lake?

Sounds like an incredible plan eeh? Yes, it is an experience any adventurer would like to experience.

This will come in handy if you don’t have enough budget to book a hotel in or around lake Elementaita or you just want to feel the Camping moment beside a Lake.

Camping here is silly affordable and you will have options as shown below.

Camping sites at Lake Elementaita.

  • Oasis Eco Camp – Camping if you have your own tents Kes500/- Per Person however, they have large tents with beds and they charge Kes1500/- Per Person.
  • Duara Flamingo – Camping is Kes1000, they will provide Camping gear and if you have your own the ground fee is Kes500/- Per Person.
  • Inka Grounds – The camping fee is Kes1000 and they will provide Camping Gear for you.
  • Lemon Valley – This one has a swimming pool and Camping is Kes2500/- Per Person and they will provide Camping gear.
  • Kikopey Beach Camp – This is one has a swimming pool and the prices are fairly good. Camping Fees is Kes1000 and they will provide Camping Gear.

Lake Elementaita Hot Springs.

It is generally shallow and unexplored, I felt like it is neglected to some extent but it is a good bucket list to tick from your list since it is nearby and easily accessible without any entry fees.

It is part of the lake. You will find the Hot Springs at the shores and unless you know where it is located you can get a guide in one of your hotels and request to be guided.

The Lake Elementaita is not only refreshing but also therapeutic and worth your time. Go and soak in for all the time you want.

Soysambu Conservancy.

Hippo at Soysambu Conservancy.
Hippo at Soysambu Conservancy.

Lake elementaita is inside Soysambu Conservancy but to get to the main gate, the main entrance is a few Kilometers from the Lake.

Soysambu is incredibly engrossing and riveting to say the list. It will give you a different experience compared to other parks.

The only challenge is to lack to spot animals as much but I found the experience with the few you will spot unparalleled.

According to Soysambu Conservancy, there are few Lions (Though I was not lucky to spot one), buffalo, leopard, hippo, hyena, jackal, eland, zebra, impala, Thompson’s and Grant’s Gazelle, waterbuck, reedbuck, warthog, steenbok, klipspringer, colobus monkey, vervet monkey and a lot of baboons.

Why is Soysambu Different?

  • You will have Camel rides to the Lake and guided Camel Tour
  • Both Day and night game drives
  • Horse Riding/Game riding with an expert rider, they will provide safety gear.

Soysambu Conservancy 2022 Entry Fee.

Citizen Adult Kes1200
Child Kes600


Non-Resident Adult $47
Child $28


Hotels near Lake Elementaita.

The Top five Hotels/Lodges you can book are incredibly comfortable, refreshing and affordable. Here is the list.

Pelican Lodge Elementaita.

I liked this lodge for the fact that they can organize a bush Dinner, even though this will depend on the weather.

They have 10 Delightful Cottages, 6 Double rooms, 4 Twin Beds, and an interconnecting door ideal for a family. They also have holiday homes whereby you will get to cook your favourite meal but, in any case, you need a chef who will be at your disposal at an affordable and meaningful cost.

Check Prices, Book Pelican Hotel Now!

Lake Elementaita Serena Camp.

This luxury Camp is tucked in the shores of the sapphire azure Flamingo fringed Lake Elementaita. It has an enchanting outdoor swimming pool.

The rooms have cable Televisions, private bathrooms, and a beautiful view of the lush greenery landscape that meadows Lake Elementaita.

It is a serene and tranquil Hotel to be booked in, they also provide bush breakfast or dinner by the lake depending on weather.

Check Prices, Book Lake Elementaita Serena Camp Now.

Epashikino Resort & Spa.

It is a few meters from Lake Elementaita and ideal if you want to do the Kariadusi Prehistoric Museum.

Epashikino Resort and Spa boast a stunning outdoor swimming pool that separates the kids’ section from adults ably.

The rooms have WIFI and the Televisions have satellite channels you can always catch your favourite program with ease.

The bathrooms are private and well maintained.

Check Prices, Book Epashikino Resort & Spa.

Sirville Lake Elementaita Lodge.

Talk of friendly staff, giving you personalized and unwavering attention. It will make you feel appreciated and welcomed.

The rooms have satellite channelled televisions and free Wi-Fi. The rooms also have private bathrooms with instant hot showers.

The bar and restaurant are available and they can organize a bush breakfast or dinner depending on the weather.

Check Prices, Book Sirville Lake Elementaita.

Lake Elementaita Mountain Lodge.

A bit distant from Lake Elementaita compared to the above list. However, it is only 6.5Kilometers from the lake and 18 Kilometers only from Nakuru National Park.

This is an ideal option if you need both Lake Elementaita and Nakuru rhino sanctuary.

Boasting of an outdoor Swimming pool. Free Wi-Fi, rooms with televisions with satellite channels and free toiletry.

Spacious free parking and a guaranteed serenity and tranquillity.

Check Prices, Book Mountain Lodge Now.


Lake Elementaita has brought all these activities and properties together.

The locals benefit from the Lake as well and it should be taken care of as a globally recognized natural treasure.

Visiting the lake any time of the month will always be awed inspiring and I would do it again and again without getting enough of it.

The sleeping warrior really thrilled me the first time I saw the hill, it is such an intriguing Attraction.

The best thing about Lake Elementaita is you have variety of accommodation levels from budget to Luxury.

The choice is yours but you have no reason not to visit this natural unexplored gem.

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