Nkasiri Adventure Park
Nkasiri Adventure Park

Longest night to Nkasiri Adventure Park.

So far this is one of my longest nights of travel to a destination this time being the Nkasiri Adventure park.

Long story alert! You can skip straight to know all about Nkasiri using the table of content above.

I had a prompt invite to join my friends at Nkasiri Park Adventures. We had earlier been to Pelican Lodge elementaita when the chance came up.

Impromptu adventures are the best, I like and will always utilize the chance whenever possible. The following day was to be on a Sunday so no big deal you know.

It is a weekend time to relax so, why not, let’s do this then the psyche, approbation and plaudits followed and it was, of course, a done deal. Nkasiri Adventure park here we come.

Even though at the time of stamping this we were more than 200 Kilometers away. Mind you the curfew is still on at 10:00 PM and we were leaving Pelican Lodge Elementaita at around 6:00 PM.

This is how it went down….

Arrival in Nairobi and the trip to Nkasiri Adventure Park.

We had several stopovers along the way, we came smoothly until Limuru where we found the mother of the Traffic Jam.

The rain started pounding as if it was raining on the last day on earth. They call it cats and dogs’ type of rain.

We were stuck and the hopes of going to Nkasiri Adventure park was dwindling before our eyes.

We couldn`t fathom missing our adventure. Luckily the traffic Jam started moving and before we knew it, we were in town (Nairobi CBD).

Only to look at the time, it was already past curfew time. So, what do we do? “Request uber to go home and forget about Nkasiri Adventure park?

No way, we are naturally born nomads and things have just started getting interesting. We like challenges and we were about to face one.

We requested several uber but our requests were being cancelled since the place is like 60 Kilometers from CBD.

So, unless we get someone who resides on those sides, in that they don’t have to be back in the CBD and after dropping us they just end their trip and go home since it was getting late.

We Finally got an Uber to Nkasiri Adventure park.

We were almost giving up when one of the uber drivers referred us to a colleague who resides in Kitengela who will just drop us then the driver proceeds home since it’s nearby.

Sounded like a win-win situation. The App stated Kes1800 but the driver charged us 2500/- fair enough. It was almost 11:30 PM, the driver (Juma) told us not to mind being flagged for curfew.

Even though we are law-abiding citizens, it was already late and even if we decided to abort our mission to Nkasiri Adventure park to go home. It would have made no difference.

We jump in our xl Uber and start our safari. The roads were empty and we were practically happy because we knew before no time, we will be joining our friends at Nkasiri Adventure park.

The Rain Started beating Us.

As we were chit-chatting, the driver suddenly stopped. Clearly, we were no near Nkasiri Adventure park but in a petrol station, which I came to find out later is known as Ola Petrol Station.

The driver told us that, our trip has ended and that we should add him more money to be able to continue with his trip.

First off, the agreed amount was Kes1800/- or $18 but we agreed to top up or rather tip you up to 2500/- or $25 and you`re telling us the trip has just ended.

Am not the one who requested the uber but once I checked it was less than 11 Kms to Nkasiri Adventure park.

An argument ensued and he even called Boda Boda Riders on us for backup, I guess they knew him. We calmly told him we were adding him no money and that he should finish his trip.

Once the Boda Boda (Motorcycle) guys joined him, he became louder and almost violent and started threatening us with how he was in his home ground and that we should pay him his money or else…

We again calmly told him we cannot pay him yet he hasn’t finished his trip to Nkasiri Adventure park.

Police Station.

When he noticed we were not moved by his threats and shouting even when he had his back up. He swiftly changed gears, “ Am taking you to the police”.

We calmly told him to proceed, he only needs to start the car and press the accelerator. He warned us that we were going to pay a lot of money and it was naïve of us not to add him money to take us to our destination.

We told him to proceed to a nearby police station. He told us he was taking us to the police station of his choice where we will pay dearly.

Okay, let us go then. It was 22 Kilometers from where we were (Ola Petrol Station) to Mlolongo Police Station. Damn, all that gas, you could have taken us to the 11 Kilometers!!

At some point, we thought he was kidnapping us but we stayed calm and true to his words. Mlolongo Police station was our next stop.

The dude, lied bluntly that we have refused to pay him and that we even threatened him that we were going to kidnap him.

Honestly, I let out a peal of loud laughter! So, the police listened to both parties

Police Station to Nkasiri Adventure park.

The police were actually surprised and ordered him to take us back to our destination. They also told us to pay him right away and if he doesn`t finish his trip to Nkasiri Adventure park to call them.

We exchanged numbers and proceeded to our destination. Am like dude! You have wasted 44 Kilometers because of pettiness and ballooned ego!

He thought that the police would throw us in the cell and come out with a huge bail bill! What for? We were all silent, he looked disappointed, moody and angry!

Before we knew it, we were at Ola Petrol Station again, we passed and proceeded to Nkasiri Adventure park.

He stops the car and refuses to Move an Inch.

After like 4 Kilometers he stops again, by now I knew we are dealing with a mental case. I asked why we were stopping?

He said, his car can`t pass through cotton soil. Remember it had rained heavily and by that time it was around 2:00 AM.

The distance from where he stopped to Nkasiri Adventure park is like 6 Kms away. We thought he was kidding or something.

He switched his car off and said that he was willing to go back to the police station if we didn`t get out of his car.

One of my friends couldn`t hold it anymore, he was literally shaking and told the driver with affirmation that he should proceed with the journey or before my friend could finish talking.

The driver had already jumped outside with a Maasai Club ready to attack and so was my friend.

You see the driver had already realized his blunders and the losses he had already made especially when he hit 44 Kilometers to take us to the police station.

Before anything I was already out to stop this impending catastrophe, I warned the driver to stop his nonsense after all we outnumbered him.

He seemed to come back to his senses, it is 2:00 AM in the middle of the wilderness. He apologized and continued driving but after a short distance. He stopped again.

Adventure at Night in the wilderness to Nkasiri.

I have no idea where i Got the energy to take a selfie
I have no idea where i Got the energy to take a selfie

When he stopped, this time it was genuine, the road was impassable! Cotton soil is known to be notorious when it rains.

We had the longest 5 Kilometers to walk to Nkasiri Adventure park. None had ever been there and we could only guess our way to the destination.

We unceremoniously parted ways with the loony driver and started walking in thick silent and fierce darkness.

Our phones were almost dead so, we relied on one for light. We folded our trousers and hit the road.

I have never trekked at night, not in the dead time of the night, it was already 2:30 AM. Our legs were heavy because of the mud sticking and pilling to make a thousand sole.

It was like military training, tired hungry and thirsty. We missed the way so many times we would find ourselves in dead-end and would go back to trace our way.

Trespassed at Someone property at 3:00 AM.

I couldn`t shoot the german shepherds with the Flash on
I couldn’t shoot the german shepherds with the Flash on

As expected, we trespassed and found ourselves on someone else`s property. If you were the owner what would you have done? It is at 3:00 AM and here are strangers.

He was a former police officer, now retired. He had heard us from a distance and that he was observing and from the look of things he could tell we were harmless and meant no harm.

He had his German shepherds ready to attack in case he got it wrong. We met him explained our predicament and he told us we were almost at Nkasiri Adventure park.

He escorted us and after like 100 meters he showed us the way to follow and bid us goodbye. However, he warned us not to be loud as some people may take advantage of us.

At last, we arrived at Nkasiri Adventure park.

After walking like a kilometre or so, we heard “Party Music” and could see a bonfire and we knew that was our destination.

Have you ever been in a situation whereby, yes, you can see your destination but you don’t know how to get there?

Luckily, we met someone, I have no idea what he was doing on the road at that time of the night but he looked calm and innocuous.

We introduced ourselves and he seemed honoured to show us the way. In no time we landed. Some of our friends were fast asleep while others were whooping in delight in seeing us.

Sorry words for our predicament overflowed for a minute or two and before long everything was back to normal. Enough with the welcoming anyway.

No food for us.

We were simply famished for lack of a better word. We had not taken supper and obviously the staff at Nkasiri Adventure park was long gone.

We only had water and that`s it. Some stayed on the bonfire since it was almost morning but I was not only tired but damn sleepy!

Since the pods were full, they had erected tents and I wanted nothing else but to sleep. Checking my tent, no Mattress and full of water.

As I was looking for options, I landed on one, jumped inside and before I could realize the mattress was wet. I was half asleep and couldn`t start over again.

The way I was tired surpassed the cold and I slept on a cold mattress!

Rewarded with heavy Breakfast at Nkasiri Adventure park.

I slept like 2 hours and was woke up by illuminating light that shone through my tent. The breakfast was not only heavy but also delectable.

Nyama Choma, (Goat) Ugali and Soup! Then suddenly got the energy to do the activities below.

That was a long Night I suppose! on the contrary, it was such an Adventure!

Nkasiri Adventure park Pods Prices.

Nkasiri Adventure Park Camping Pods
Nkasiri Adventure Park Camping Pods

Single Room

B& B Kes3500
Half Board Kes5000
Full Board Kes7000

Double Room

B&B Kes4000
Half Board Kes6000
Full Board Kes8000


Nkasiri Adventure park tents Prices.

Camping at Nkasiri Adventure Park
Camping at Nkasiri Adventure Park
Camping Ground only Kes1500 Per Tent
Camping Ground + Camping Gear Kes2000 Per Tent (Two Man Tent).


Nkasiri Adventure Park Activities.

high rope
High Rope Level one Kes1000
High Rope Level 2 Kes1500
High Rope Level 3 Kes2000
Ziplining (150 M) Kes500


Nkasiri Adventure Park Freebies.

  • Board Games
  • Bikes
  • Basket Ball
  • FootBall
  • Darts
  • Table Tennis

Where is Nkasiri Adventure Park Located?

They are located in Kitengela, once you reach kitengela Town proceed with the Namaga Road up to Ola Petrol Station.

From Ola is off-road of about 11 Kilometers, the road is passable but when it rains. It is cotton soil and known to be notorious even with a 4WD.

For swift booking Contact Incredible Kenya Adventures!

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