The Ultimate Tours and Safaris guide
The Ultimate Tours and Safaris guide

Tours and safaris in Kenya.

There are things you should know about tours and safaris in Kenya that will help you plan your trip with ease.

Kenya is one of the leading Safari destinations in Africa and for that matter one of the most visited countries.

This explains why you should make Kenya a priority in your bucket list and if you have been following this blog.

You have all the travel tips; you will travel more for less especially here in East Africa.

Tours and Safaris in Kenya is a lifetime experience a dream come true that you will always cherish and treasure.

Without much ado, here are 13 things you should note about tours and Safaris in Kenya.

1.) How much does a safari cost in Kenya?

Tours and Safaris in Kenya prices are determined by 3 things.

  • Level of Accommodation
  • Type of Tour Vehicle
  • Seasons

Level of Accommodation

Accommodation is divided into three levels which are-:

Luxury Accommodation – These are Camps and Lodges mostly inside the parks and in prime locations especially in Masai Mara. The Prices range from $200 up to $1200 sometimes it can be more.

Mid-Range Accommodation – They are the camps and Lodges; some are inside the parks while a few outsides. They are popular among locals and international Tourists. Prices range from $120 up to $390 depending on seasons.

Budget Accommodation – They are the best choice if you`re on a budget and that you don’t mind the luxury and service of 5 stars. They are an okay accommodation and will serve the purpose. They range from $45 to $120.

Tours and Safaris in Kenya Seasons.

Peak Season- Prices are generally high since it is the time for wildebeest migration and generally plenty of animals. This is from 1st July – 15th October.

High Season – Prices are a bit lower than the peak season. This is from October – 23rd December.

Low Season – This is the time for you to travel if you are on a budget. However, the downside is that you will view a small fraction of wildlife since grass is all grown and bushy. It is also a rainy season. This from 1st April – 30th June.

Type of Tour Vehicle.

There are two Tour Vehicles in Tours and Safaris in Kenya. The Toyota Landcruiser is popularly known as a Jeep and a Tour Van.

The jeep is a 4WD and is an all-weather vehicle, if you can afford it then this is the best option. Prices per day range from $180 – $300 depending on the season.

The tour Van is the best option if you`re on a budget, however, there are 4wd vans though they can never match the Land cruisers. Prices per day range from $120- $150 depending on the season.

So, how much is a Safari in Kenya? The prices will range from $93 to $300 Per Day Per Person depending on the factors above.

Request an accurate quote from Incredible Kenya Adventures.

2.) Which is the best time to go for tours and Safaris in Kenya?

Best time to travel in Kenya, Safari Seasons
Best time to travel in Kenya, Safari Seasons

This rotates around the seasons, the best months being the dryer months since animals linger around water holes.

There is no much vegetation that will hinder you from spotting a wide variety of animals.

This is also the moment for wildebeest migration if you need to witness this world phenomenal and spectacular wonder.

These are the ideal months of Tours and Safaris in Kenya, 1st July – 15th October.

3.) How long should you go on Safari?

I have always advised my clients to go on a minimum of 3 days up to 1 week then the rest of the days you can spend on the cultural visit, city tours or Beach Safaris.

4.) How to Take a Safari on a Budget?

Well, how much a safari cost in Kenya. You will notice if you need to achieve a budget safari you need to follow these 3 things.

Go for tours and Safaris in Kenya during the Low season, from 1st April to 30th June. You will get unbeatable prices.

Hire or choose your Tour vehicle to be a Tour Van, avoid Jeeps or Land Cruisers since the Prices are a bit high as we have seen.

Book budget lodges and Camps, they not only have lower prices but also likely to get huge discounts because the numbers are less and they need to fill in their hotels.

If you`re on a very tight budget, then go on Group Joining safaris. Join other tourists wishing to share a vehicle and the price will be way too low for anyone to afford.

5.) Is Safari to Kenya Worth?

A stounding YES is an answer however, if you`re flying in for just two days for safari then it is not, the more you spend time on Safari the better since every day is different and yields different results.

If you`re flying in make a week or so on Safari and it will be a lifetime experience you will forever cherish in your life.

6.) Where is the best place to go on safari in Kenya?

Tours and Safaris in Kenya is an unparalleled experience and every park in Kenya will always leave a mark to cherish!

However, now that you probably wouldn`t have the budget and time to do all the game drives in all parks in Kenya.

There are a few parks that you should never miss in your tours and Safaris in Kenya. They are namely but not limited to:

  • Masai Mara National Reserve – Widely known for the wildebeest Migration
  • Amboseli National Park – This is the home of the Elephants and has one of the best scenic views of Mt Kilimanjaro.
  • Nakuru National Park – It has a lake that is sometimes fringed with pink flamingoes
  • Samburu National Reserve – This is the home to the 5 Special Animals.
  • Tsavo – East or West, this is the gateway to Beach Safari, most of the tours and Safaris in Kenya end in this park as they exit to the coastal region for Beach safari.

Always make sure you have visited at least one or two of the parks, the better if you do all of them if time and budget allows.

7.) How do I plan a trip to Masai Mara?

It is Simple, you start your Safari from Nairobi to Masai Mara is a 5 to 6 hours drive. Upon arrival, you will check in for lunch.

Refresh then wait for an evening game drive since if you go immediately after lunch. You`re unlikely to spot any meaningful animals we shall see why in the next point.

So, in the Evening you go for a Game drive until the close time 6:00 PM. The following day you should carry a packed lunch from your Camp or Lodge and prepare for a full day game drive.

The following day, you will check out, do a game drive, and then slowly exit the park. Masai Mara recommended visit time is a minimum of 3 Days.

8.) Which time of the Day will I see a lot of animals on my tours and Safaris in Kenya?

The best time of the day to spot these animals is during the early morning and evening. This is the time most of the animals are awake and are foraging for food.

During midday, most animals hide and stay under shades to avoid the scorching sun. Most cats are long asleep this time. Making it had to be spotted.

9.) What can you not do on a safari?

When you`re on tours and safaris in Kenya, you should observe some guidelines to avoid issues with the authority. You should not-:

  • You should never alight from your tour vehicle while doing a game drive unless the tour guide/driver allows you to.
  • Don’t feed the animals no matter how tempted you could be.
  • Don`t dress in military clothing, you`re not an authority but a tourist.
  • Don’t shout at the animals or be loud to get their attention, you will be chasing them instead.

10.) Can I wear Denim Jeans on Safari?

Jeans may seem like the ultimatum clothing but it is not. Safari clothes the main factor is to dry fast as you will always be on the move and Jeans seems to take longer to dry and they may attract unwanted insects. Check how you should pack for your Tours and Safaris in Kenya.

11.) Are Safaris in Kenya Safe?

YES, Tours and Safaris in Kenya are more than safe. You will meet happy and hospitable people who will welcome you to their country.

Safaris are in the National Parks; this means in the bush and there are no safer places in Kenya than in National Parks.

Security is always tight due to Poachers and in this case, you will have 24/h armed security.

12.) What is there to do on A Safari?

On your tours and Safaris in Kenya, you will be able to do Game drives- this is going on an open roof tour vehicle ready with your Camera for some eye-watering views of wildlife. From the big 5 to the Small 5.

You can also do a Balloon Safari, in Masai Mara National Reserve or Amboseli National Park.

Village tour – Maasai Village tours are popular and an ideal place for cultural tours

13.) How Much is a Balloon Safari in Kenyan Safari?

Balloon Safaris varies with Season but they range from $420 – $500 depending on the season. It is such an incredible and exhilarating experience that ends with a champagne toast breakfast.


Tours and Safaris in Kenya are not expensive as many blogs today insinuate. It all depends on your preferences.

If you want it to be expensive it will be. However, if you want it Affordable and not break the bank that too shall happen.

It all depends on you. The ball is in your court, you have all the needed information now.


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