The Cottages at Pelican Lodge -Lake Elementaita

Why Pelican Lodge Lake Elementaita should be in your bucket list.


The perfect definition of a beautifully embellished gardens landscape with lush greenery is none other than Pelican Lodge Lake Elementaita.

It’s now being remodelled into a Golf Resort (The Pelican Golf Resort – Lake Elementaita). This lodge is not only exquisite but also a haven of serenity and tranquillity.

Overlooking the enchanting and globally known pink Flamingoes home, Lake Elementaita which is a few meters from the lodge.

You will have supreme superlative and breath-taking views from the comfort of your room and you will not want to leave this seraphic and rapturous gem of a hotel.

The name (Pelican) was coined from the pelican birds which inhabit the area. The hotel staff will give you personalized and undivided attention from check-in time to the minute you will check out.

You will feel appreciated and taken care of and that every dime spent is worth the experience.

Without much ado, let us now delve in deeper and disseminate Pelican Lodge Lake Elementaita and see what in store for you.

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Accommodation at Pelican Lodge- Lake Elementaita.

Double Room at Pelican Lodge - Lake Elementaita
Double Room at Pelican Lodge – Lake Elementaita

The lodge has 6 Double rooms, 4 Twin rooms, some with interconnecting door ideal for family and 10 exclusive delightful cottages.

The rooms have WIFI, private bathrooms come with bidet while others have an open large bathroom.

You can reach out to the reception at any given time through the telephones in the rooms.

One of the Cottages - They are 10+
One of the Cottages – They are 10+

What I liked most about the rooms is the study space, you can always do your work while in transit. The study area is comfortable and gives an ambience space.

They have solar-heated hot showers, meaning you can always access a hot shower at any given time of the day.

The rooms are caballed with satellite Channeled Televisions whenever you need a feel to watch your favourite program.

Holiday homes at Pelican Lodge – Lake Elementaita.

Part of the Holiday Homes Project at Pelican Lodge.
Part of the Holiday Homes Project at Pelican Lodge.

They have upcoming holiday homes and the three of them are already operational. The rooms of the homes are not only spacious but have an enchanting panoramic view at the top.

They also have cable television with modern kitchenette facilities and you will be able to cook your favourite food by yourself. The theme is to be home far from home.

You can also request for a chef to do the services at a reasonable price. These holiday homes are ideal for family and friends sometimes you can book them for a long-term stay.


Talk of Surround inbuilt sound system, writing materials, projector and of course sliding projector screens.

They will custom made your corporate conference package which comes with food and their in-house-made drinking mineral water.

If there is something that is in plenty in Pelican Lodge – Lake Elementaita is water. You will never go thirsty at any given time at no extra cost to you.

Food at Pelican Lodge – Lake Elmentaita.

I enjoyed their Lamp chops, which was served with white rice, fried potatoes, greens and delectable Chicken. I commend the resident chef.

Delicious is an understatement, the mushroom soup and fruits were also tasteful. We ate until everyone could not hold anymore.

Many hotels sell water in their restaurant but it is all free in a dispenser once you`re done serving or eating whichever comes first. The water is ready at your disposal.

Amenities/Activities at Pelican Golf Resort – Lake Elementaita.


The outdoor Pool
The outdoor Pool

They have an alluring and endearing outdoor swimming pool whereby you can soak in all day. They have a stocked bar by the pool so you can always have your drink by the pool.


This is why the name is changing/Changed to Pelican Golf Resort – Lake Elementaita. At the time I was there, the playground (Course) was already set and only waiting to be launched.

You will be playing golf by the Soda lake which is decorated with pink Flamingoes. Wouldn`t that be incredibly thrilling?

Jogging Track.

They are also launching a jogging track for people like us, who like hitting the road in the morning before starting our wonderful busy day.

So, next time you`re in Pelican Golf Resort, make sure you hit the road on that undulating lush greenery compound.

Kids Club.

Parents will love the kids club since they can leave their kids on the club as they engage in other activities.

They will have someone to look at and engage the kids. They will interact and play with their age mates and will actually have no much time for you. However, you can always watch them as they play.

Tourist Attractions Near Pelican Golf Resort.

The best thing about the attraction sites in Pelican you don’t have to pay anything to access the attractions.

This makes the Resort more attractive and preferred than most hotels in Naivasha. This is in regards if you like walking tours.

An evening walks or hiking in the nearby attractions as we shall see below.

Lake Elementaita.

The Pink Flamingo Lake Elementaita
The Pink Flamingos at Lake Elementaita

This is the main Tourist attraction in Pelican Lodge – Lake Elementaita. This actually carries some part of the lodge name.

The Soda Lake is such a deal it draws people from overseas to witness the Pink Flamingoes.

Lake Elementaita is nestled in deep links of rift valley northwest of Nairobi and, 120 Kilometers from Nairobi.

THE LAKE IS 18 Kilometers squared and globally known as a natural treasure that should be protected and treasured.

Lake Elementaita is part of Soysambu Conservancy a 48,000 Acre Ranch. As much as some birds have sought refuge at Lake Natron.

Lake Elementaita still records over 400 Bird species making it one of the ideal destinations for bird watching and the best part is that, it is a two-minute walk from Pelican Golf Resort.

Sleeping Warrior Hills.

The Sleeping Warrior Hills.
The Sleeping Warrior Hills.

The locals believe this is one of their warriors who is sleeping and will one day wake up. Okay, the first time I heard about this story it did not make sense until I saw the Hill myself.

Well, am not insinuating to believe their story but the shape of the sleeping warrior is distinctively a sleeping human.

Clearly, you can see the head, eyes, chin, neck and chest as shown in the image. This one is up to you to choose to believe their theory but the bottom line is, sleeping warrior Hill is simply incredible.

The Hill is easily accessible from Pelican Lodge Lake Elementaita. If you want to do a remarkable hike to Sleeping warrior and the nearby Ugali Hills. Pelican Golf Resort will be the ideal place of accommodation.

All these activities are not only thrilling but also free.

The Pelican Lodge – Direction from Nairobi.

This rustic but modern architectural designed Lodge (Resort) is nestled in the northwest side of Nairobi in Rift Valley, Kenya.

A 3 Hours Drive or less depending on which car and driver. Pelican Lodge is 130 Kilometers from Nairobi. 11 Kilometers from Gilgil town and equally 40 Kms from Nakuru and Naivasha Town.

Frequently asked questions at Pelican Golf Resort.

Does the Pelican Lodge have a pool? Yes, they have an enchanting Outdoor Pool.
Is the Pelican Lodge popular with families? Yes, since they have a kids club and popular with interconnecting door rooms.
Is Pelican Lodge pet-friendly? Pets are not allowed
How much is parking at Pelican Lodge? Parking at Pelican Golf Resort is free.
What time is check-in/out at Pelican Lodge? Check-in 12:00 Pm and check out at 10:00 AM
Does the Pelican Lodge have a restaurant on-site? Yes, they do have a Restaurant
How far is The Pelican Lodge from the centre of Gilgil? It is 11 Kilometers


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Pelican Lodge - Lake Elementaita
Pelican Lodge – Lake Elementaita

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You will enjoy your staycation just the way I did! Thanks for the read and share.


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