The reasons why you need a VPN when travelling.

Why you need a VPN When Travelling, 5 things you didn’t know

Probably you’re wondering, why you need a VPN when Travelling? Why the heck would I need or even spend on a VPN?

Well, keep calm I will be taking you through and you will be able to see the light at the end of this read!

You see most of the time we are busy trying not to forget the travel essentials and never think of a VPN.

This is an online security Armour, especially when travelling from those cyber crime-infested public free WIFI to Government surveillance. A good VPN will make your travel easier and safe for just a few bucks per month.

Probably you may feel VPN is perplexing and mystifying but worry not am here to take you through. You will learn, what is a VPN, why you need a VPN when travelling, types, and the best VPNs in the market.


If you only need to get the VPNs

What is a VPN? 

Virtual Private Network
Virtual Private Network

This is a Virtual Private Network, all your information is encrypted or hidden by creating an encrypted tunnel for your data, to protect your online identity by hiding your IP address, and allows you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely.

In the simplest terms, when you install a VPN in your machine, all your browsing will be private, calls, messages, etc. No one will be able to trace your browsing history.

Let me make it even simpler by giving an example; Take your mind on a trip, we are at the ocean (the ocean here is the internet) and everyone can see an approaching ship since it is visible right?

Okay now download a VPN and install it. The Ship changes into a Submarine. No one can see it approaching apart from the people inside which in this case, it is only you.

Probably you’re asking and saying you don`t need to hide anything from no one! Well, let us see about that in the Reasons why you need a VPN When travelling.

Why Travellers need VPN?

The reasons listed below why you need a VPN when travelling will make you understand why it is inevitable to have a VPN whether you’re an international traveller or a Local and anyone else who uses the internet of which I think everyone does.

Avoid Censorship.

Why you need a VPN When travelling.
Why you need a VPN When travelling.

Have you ever been to countries where some websites are censored? For example, while in China did you know you will not be able to access, Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, WhatsApp or Google? (They have the infamous Great Firewall of China).

What happens if you had an important email? What if you want to catch up with friends and family via social media?

Just the other day during elections our neighbours, Ugandans were not able to access social media. All this can be avoided by simply installing a simple and affordable VPN.

Somewhen you`re travelling to other countries, they may have censored some websites, china was just an example of many more.

They do this for their own reasons which are okay so long as the citizens are also fine but as a traveller, you may need to continue enjoying the privileges of online freedom just like in your home country.

VPN will save you money.

How will it save me money? Okay, this is how; you see when booking your flight in country A the same distance destination may not be the same price if you booked in country B. The Airfares fluctuate in different parts of the world.

The same thing with hotels and car hire, they use geolocation to determine the final cost and you can change your IP address to a different server that favours your pockets.

Banking Security.

Another reason Why you need a VPN When Travelling. This will come in handy, so you`re abroad and you want to book some hotel or purchase something and your credit card gets blocked because of malicious suspicion.

Then you start calling back home, you can imagine being held over the phone so that it can be connected to the manager or whoever deals with such cases in your bank? That would be n expensive call. Is it even worth it?

Solution: you have the chance to inform your bank before travelling but this can never be a 100% guarantee.

The best solution, simple. Use a VPN and do what you need to do with your card. After all, you don`t have to be broadcasting to your bank you’re travelling every other time.

Cyber Crime.

Reasons why you need a VPN When Travelling
Reasons why you need a VPN When Travelling

Not convinced Why you need a VPN When Travelling? Okay, I think cyber-crime needs no introduction. It is a booming business right now.

These guys are getting smarter every day, you know bills must be paid, and if you’re not careful. You’re the one paying their bills next. This is how you can pay their bills.

When travelling you will most likely rely on public Wi-Fi from coffee restaurants, hotels, and even during transit.

These guys can install spyware into your computer, obviously, they would have hacked the public WIFI trying to extract you off your personal information including your credit card to steal from you. To reduce these scams. Simply use a VPN, they will never get to see you!

What are the drawbacks of VPN?

VPNs do a good job but this doesn`t mean to go on a battlefield in slow motion simply because you have a Vest. They have become simpler and cheaper. Country Government repressive and some hungry media companies have started to pay attention to VPNs.

Some countries like Uganda have banned VPNs and in others, you must have a licensed VPNs to operate in their space. Check List of Countries trying or have already banned.

However, if you download and install you will be good to go, please note if caught using these VPNs you will land in trouble in some of the countries.

Which VPNs should I use when travelling?

It can be a daunting experience to choose which VPNs to purchase since they are now saturated in the market. Some are even free but take my free advice.

Don`t bother and waste your time on the free VPNs They are “transparent” and equal to almost no VPN. It is even better without.

Right now you have good reasons why you need a VPN when Travelling so investing a few bucks to get a good VPN should be worth every penny.

Furthermore, they are now quite affordable and start anywhere Kes200 or $2 Per Month and even cheaper if you choose a one-year plan.

However, if you need a better and assuring VPN you will need to cough more money to be able to get a good, reliable VPN.

According to my research, these are my top choices.


This is one of the best VPNs in the market especially for those who are travelling to China. It has been proven to work while their competitors were clearly struggling.

ExpressVPN has more than 3000 serves in around 100 countries around the world.

The speed is fast, unlike many VPNs whereby you will have to cope with the browsing speed.

They have a 24/7 support chat and emails. So, you will never have to worry in case you`re experiencing tech issues.

Check Prices, Get ExpressVPN Now


It is well-known budget-friendly but relatively a good VPN. It has 700 servers in more than 70 countries. You can connect in five simultaneous devices just like ExpressVPN.

It is another score if you`re travelling to China or other stricter countries. You have all the reasons why you need a VPN when Travelling. If you`re on Budget this is your to-go VPN.

Check Prices, Get VyprVPN Now.


This is widely known for maximum Security. They overwhelmingly have more than 5000 Servers in more than 60 Countries. This can only confirm one thing for sure. Security and speed.

NordVPN offers security no other VPN can come close to. It uses double VPNs, meaning it transfers data in two different VPN Servers.

Check Prices, Get NordVPN Now


Now that you have all the facts on Why you need a VPN When Travelling. The VPNs are a good security investment any serial traveller can ever make.

Access your daily life with your sites even when you`re in restricted countries. Secure your data and avoid being a cybercrime victim.

Be invisible, don`t be a ship in the ocean but a submarine, take no chances and grab your VPN today. Most of the VPNs have a money-back guarantee if for any reasons of which I don`t see any reasons you are unhappy with their services.

Stay Safe!

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