Malewa Ridge Resort and Holiday Homes

Malewa Ridge Resort and Holiday Homes

Malewa Ridge Resort Preview

This is how I came to know about Malewa Ridge Resort.

I was looking for a home away from home.

I got more, the Serenity and Tranquility embellished by the cascading flowing nearby Malewa River gave me the utmost glee.

The roads to this distinctive destination are all-weather and human traffic is quite minimal.

This will serve you nature therapy as you drive to your uttermost new home-to-be.

Malewa Ridge Resort is a place for the uncommon.

The Peppy and you’re most likely to fall with the locality especially if you’re an adventurous geezer.

Enjoy your Bonfire by the burbling Malewa River as you make merry with your friends or family.

Interesting how they value a healthy lifestyle by having an organic farm. Their food is ever fresh and straight from their nearby farm.

Currently, there are about 10 Executive tents adorned with hot showers, Electricity, and all the required toiletries.

Malewa Ridge Resort will be the first 5 5-star resort outside of Naivasha town.

It is already underway and it will be one of the best hotels in East and Central Africa. Given its location and the surrounding beauty.

Without much ado, let’s delve in and see what Malewa Ridge Resort has in store for you.

Malewa Ridge Resort Location.

This imminent five-star Malewa Ridge resort and holiday Homes which is currently an executive tented Camp is tucked off the Gilgil Nyahururu road.

7 km from Gilgil town, along the banks of the distinguished Malewa River.

A one and a half hours drive from Nairobi and 30 minutes flight from Wilson Airport. It is served by an all-weather access road from the tarmac.

The Executive Tented Camp.

Executive Tented Camps
Executive Tented Camp

There are currently 10 Executive Tents that can host up to 20 Pax comfortably but there’s a lush green landmass for camping that can host up to 300 Pax.

You can opt for self-catering or request a chef in advance and by the time you check in for either lunch or dinner.

The delectable organic meal of your choice will be ready.

We had requested for our meals to be hot to trot by the time we arrived and a well-prepared delectable meal with great presentation and an interesting flavor I`ve never experienced in a long time was all ready.

The appetizing dish was prepared with great care and attention to detail.

Inside the executive Tents.

Interior of the executive Tented Camps
Interior of the executive Tents
  • There’s all through Power Supply which is rare with many executive tented camps where you’re probably gonna have limited supply.
  • Hot showers with an unlimited supply of water
  • Spacious well-lit Modern toilets (Lavatories).
  • Ceramic tile flooring of the bathrooms was a highlight of these executive tents.
  • All the required Toiletries
  • 4,6 executive beds with pure white linen beddings commanding class and spruceness.
  • The executive Tents are well-lit not forgetting security lights in place just to make you feel at ease and home.

The Imminent Malewa Ridge Resort and Holiday Homes.

The Malewa Ridge Resort and Holiday Homes
The Malewa Ridge Resort and Holiday Homes

This will be the first 5 5-star hotel outside of Naivasha town, making it ideal for those escaping the hustle and bustle of the crowded Naivasha Town.

A home away from home, a resort that will have a delightful rooftop restaurant that will give you an enchanting lush greenery view of the surrounding landscape from the comfort of your seat.

According to the proprietors with whom we had a chat as we sauntered across this vast luxuriantly lush greenery in waiting to be the host of the 5-Star Resort.

One of them blew off the gaff and said that the five start resorts would, have 84 suites in total, distributed among 23 houses.

Each suite will have a separate entrance and separate balcony. Each compound has an entry driveway and ample parking.

The home features will have splendidly landscaped grounds and manicured lawns to enhance the outdoor beauty.

He continued to point out that they will be selling the 5 Star Suites to Investors on a guaranteed minimum return of 13.5% per annum.

Interested in Investing? This is how you can.

I honestly can’t wait for this imminent plan, a dream which has already leapt the first step to having the first 5-star hotel in Gilgil, Malewa.

Regards to the proposal it will be one of the best resort and holiday homes you will ever come across.

The Imminent Malewa Ridge amenities.

These are some of the spellbinding facilities that Malewa Ridge Resort and Holiday Homes will have in place upon completion.

Heated Swimming Pool.

As a five-star, it will not only have a swimming pool but also a heated one. This will be one of a kind to soak in all day as you sip your drink.

Currently, we only have one heated pool in Naivasha and Malewa Ridge Resort and holiday homes will be a game-changer.

The plan is to have the enchanting pool separate from the resort to have it as a destination on its own.


Being a high-end facility, the resort will have a helipad where prominence will be the norm of the day.

So, if you have a Heli, feel tagged and keep it here for the opening of this affluent resort.

This was impressive to hear since it will make access to the resort easy for anyone within East Africa and beyond.

Sports Activities.

  • At the time of writing this blog post, I left the making of a Beach Volleyball court underway.
  • Do you like fishing? Well, the Resort has a stretch of more than 500 Meters frontage of the Malewa River and fishing will be one of the main activities.
  • A basketball court.
  • Jogging and cycling tracks.

This is a Guarantee you will never get enough of this ravishing and entrancing place.

The Kids Club.

It will not be complete without the coveted kid`s club. A kid thrill club that will keep them busy throughout the day. As parents engage in other activities.

Health Club

There will be a fully equipped health club to regale the fitness enthusiasts within the facility, including a gym and spa.

The health club will also accommodate members on membership terms as well as freelance terms.

Conference Facility.

This is already operational at the time of writing; it can hold up to 50 – 100 Pax comfortably making it the only establishment within the area (Malewa).

Currently, this makes it ideal, for team building thanks to the well-mowed grounds where you can do all the team building activities and camp thereafter.

Why Malewa Ridge Resort and Holiday Homes?

Malewa Ridge Resort
Malewa Ridge Resort

Right now, the resort is a plan which will be completed soon but currently, there are 10 Plus executive tents as I pointed out earlier.

It’s better to get used to this imminent resort early enough by having an experience with the executive Tented Camp which retains the name of the Malewa Ridge Resort and Holiday Homes.

To be prompt with the question I posed, this is why you need to visit and get a taste and look at this innate gem.

Kaisuki Malewa Gorges.

The delightful hidden Gem Kaisuki Malewa Gorges
The delightful hidden Gem Kaisuki Malewa Gorges

This was the apotheosis of my safari, as much as I enjoyed the therapeutic ambience in the executive tents embellished by the nearby breeze of the eminent Malewa River.

Hiking or rather taking a nature walk (14 Kilometers to and from) to the most fascinating but unexplored tourist site in Rift Valley where domestic and international tourists should be flocking to see something new.

I guarantee this will be a thrill and a first.

This was the loftiest terra incognita I experienced. If I were a white settler, I would declare I discovered this gem but am at utmost glee since you will get to hear it here first.

Thanks to Malewa Ridge Resort and Holiday Homes, they will get to host you and provide a professional guide to this newest touristic attraction in Malewa Gilgil.

If you have been to Hell`s Gate National Park down in the Gorges, then just know you`re yet to see the most beautiful canyon in Malewa.

The Gorges are the source of the Kaisuki River.

Kaisuki Azure Pool at Malewa Gorges
Kaisuki Azure Pool at Malewa Gorges

Yes, you read that right. They are not only the most ravishing gorges in Rift Valley but also the source of the Kaisuki which feeds the revere Malewa River.

This was unbelievable until I made my way to this Kaisuki Malewa Gorges. Water oozes beneath the rocks.

I was told it never dries, the water was so clean and crystal clear that you could use it as a mirror.

Can one swim in the azure pool which is like 2 meters deep, just like the one at Ngare Ndare Forest?

Yes, they are similar, the only difference Kaisuki Malewa Gorges is the source while the other is a waterfall.

Hiking Kaisuki Table Hills.

Kaisuki Table Mountain Hiking
Kaisuki Table Mountain Hiking

How about hiking for about one and a half hours to the top of these hills? Sounds interesting. Am yet to go back for this though.

The best thing is that Malewa Ridge Resort will be able to organize this hike for you which you can combine with the Gorges.

Malewa River

The Malewa River
The Malewa River

Malewa River is a site attraction on its own. Being part and parcel of Kenya`s Happy Valley Set (Wanjohi Valley). This was a group of white settlers who settled around the area in the early 1930s.

This has made the river a landmark rising from the slopes of the Aberdare range and flowing southwest into Lake Naivasha.

Malewa Ridge Resort has the advantage of the river since it stretches a frontage of more than 500 Meters.

Exclusively the executive Tents are tucked on the fringe of this renowned River.

As if that is not enough, the river has photogenic ridges, cliffs, and stripped black smooth stones.

The deep end near the Resort is more than 3 Meters. Do you like swimming in the river? Say no more, this is the place.

Kigio Wildlife Conservancy.

Kigio Wildlife Conservancy Image Courtesy
Kigio Wildlife Conservancy Image Courtesy

This is the only conservancy between Naivasha and Nakuru where you can do night game drives.

A 6-minute drive from Malewa Ridge Resort and Holiday Homes.

This renowned conservancy was once owned by a white settler back in the colonial days but sold to the community.

They reared cattle but later converted to a profitable conservancy which today is home to more than 300 bird specials including the world’s celebrated Grey-Crested helmet shrikes.

Animals include the endangered Rothschild Giraffe. Leopard, African Buffalo, Zebra, Common Eland, Caracal, Spotted Hyena, and Hippopotamus.

Malewa Ridge Resort will organize a visit to Kigio Wildlife Conservancy. A night game drive upon request at affordable prices.

Please remember to follow the park rules.


Having a five Star Resort in Malewa is not only a beatific project. But also upon completion, it will boost the tourism industry and create employment for the local community and Kenyans at large.

Keep it here for updates.

As of now, the executive tented camp remains operational and you can make your bookings.

Explore all the activities I highlighted above and discover new gems in Malewa.

A quiet, peaceful but rich-in-nature destination.

Malewa Ridge Resort will host and provide the best local tour Guides to any destination of your choice especially the newly discovered Kaisuki Malewa Gorges.

Thanks for the read and share.

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