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Severin Sea Lodge, the best bet in North Coast

Severin Sea Lodge

I was unexpectedly bitten by the vacation bug and Severin Sea Lodge came to my rescue.

The only lodge in Mombasa a 4 star to be precise. Now taking a flight to Mombasa was out of the question. Since it was sudden and booking flights last minute is one of the 1000 ways to go broke, lol.

How to get to this luxury seafront lodge was now the elephant in the room. I know you’re like why don’t you just take the SGR?

Well, that was an option but the problem is, I had sworn never to step in or use the SGR ever again unless they facelifted those blue seats.

Then I remembered I had the option of first-class? I swiftly took to my phone to book online, shock on me. First-class was full and only a few blue seats were remaining.

To make it worse, it was the 10:00 PM Train, you see, the morning one is better even though you make stops in all 8 terminuses but at least you’re fresh and energetic this won’t lead to extreme fatigue.

In the afternoon one, at least you will have a taste of game drives seeing a few elephants, Giraffes and Zebras might destruct you a little.

The 10:00 PM one, even if you have great company which I had, at some point you will need to rest in no other than in the “friendly” blue seats.

I had to give in after all Severin Sea Lodge was going to make it up for the long Journey with their exquisite services and amenities not forgetting the cleansing Salty white sands.

Severin Sea Lodge was mindful enough to grant us early Check-in.

Without much ado, let us delve in and see what this lodge has in store for you.

Severin Sea Lodge Location.

Getting there
Getting there

This Intriguing Sea lodge is tucked in Bamburi Beach off Malindi road. Making it ideal for those who don’t want to cross over to the South coast.

It took us around 90 Minutes from Miritini (SGR Mombasa Terminus) to Severin Sea Lodge. We were welcomed with cold Tamarind juice. (One of the most popular soft drinks at the coast) and without much waiting time, we were escorted to our rooms.

How to get there.

There are three options, which are-:

Road: –

Though I have never used it in a long time it is an option which I found more luxurious than the blue seats. I will try it next time.

How to get to the Hotel, once in Mombasa Town, take a taxi or Tuk-tuk if on budget and you will be dropped to the hotel at an affordable price.

SGR: –

This is what I used and again hopefully they are taking notes those blue seats do need some touch, despite this. I find it safer, cheaper and more reliable than road transport.

So, how does one maneuver from the SGR Mombasa Terminus? Pull your seat closer I am about to let the cat out of the bag.

Getting a taxi from Miritini to Severin Sea Lodge can be a bit costly however if you don’t mind carpooling, you will reduce the cost up to 95%.

This is how you do it like a pro. Once out of the SGR, there’s the parking area.

Once there you will be met by taxi drivers with enticing prices but move to the far end. You will see Vans from 10 to 16seaters.

Which charges Kes300/- or USD3 up to Severin Sea Lodge or any other nearby hotel. As for the taxi for those who want privacy and don’t mind paying for it.

They charge anything between Kes1500 to Kes2500 depending on how you know to bargain.

Air: –

By all means, if you’re able to use this option, it is way more comfortable, reliable and luxurious than the above two.

The only challenge is the Airfares but sometimes they do have crazy offers where you can grab an opportunity. Hint: Subscribe to their newsletters to be on the know whenever they have something.

Once you touch down, you can use Apps to request a Taxi, this way is cheaper than going offline. Anything between (Kes900 – 1200).

Accommodation at Severin Sea Lodge.

Accommodation at Severin Sea Lodge
Accommodation at Severin Sea Lodge

Interestingly they have 5 types of rooms for you to choose from depending on your preferences, interest, and budget. Each room has a fan and A.C.

Here are the rooms starting with the most affordable.

Superior Rooms.

They have queen size beds or two sizeable beds (Twin Beds) and some are connecting rooms ideal for families.

They have free toiletries, 41-inch flat screens, safe where you can keep your precious personal items. Mini Bar, Lounge, and balcony.

Comfortable Bungalow

This is where I spend my nights in Severin Sea Lodge. I would have stayed here for the longest time. I didn’t get enough of this place and I will be back.

It has all the amenities in Superior rooms the only difference is they have a makeup table for the ladies, room service, and wake-up service. The rooms are located in bungalows and include a bathroom with a spacious walk-in shower.

Some of the rooms have a pool and sea view. They are more rustic and grass-thatched giving it that African touch and that was a pull to me.

Higher Category Rooms

Deluxe, Junior Suite, and Suite rooms are similarly the same but each has a special kind of comfort regard to preferences, interests, and Budget.

Severin Sea Lodge’s uniqueness.

Enchanting pool next to the Sea
The enchanting pool next to the Sea

Whenever I am booking any hotel for me or my clients, it’s always imperative for me to know what is so unique about that particular Hotel.

These are some of the mistakes you should avoid when booking any Hotel.

Why should you book Severin Sea Lodge and not the other array of hotels nearby? What will make you select a hotel?

As much as it depends on one’s preferences and interests, some needs are standard and basic when booking a hotel.

Budget: – When you compare the room prices of Severin Sea Lodge with the nearby hotels and the services rendered. You can bet on Severin Sea Lodge. It is more than worth your money.

Amenities: – Severin Sea Lodge has two enchanting pools whereby both overlook the Sea. This is the best spot to take your camera with you to take awe-inspiring pics.

Standing between the aqua blue pool and the Ocean.

Bush Safari: – They have a dedicated concierge who will curate a Safari out of the beach to the bush in their Tsavo West Camp known as Severin Safari Camp. No other nearby hotel with these services.

Book Severin Sea Lodge Now.

Have a good time at Severin Sea Lodge
Have a good time at Severin Sea Lodge

I negotiated special rates just for you after all this would be nothing if I didn’t. To book click here and the team at (Incredible Kenya Adventures Ltd) will respond promptly.

Disclaimer: This offer runs for 3 months from the date of publishing this article. (Book Now)

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I stayed at Severin Sea Lodge for 3 Days and 2 Nights but this was not enough. You will need more days for your stay since the tranquility and the ataraxy in this place is simply unparalleled.

The Beach is just a stone throw away, interestingly how the restaurant is purposely tucked near the beach for a great view as you take on their delectable fresh meals.

I vividly remember the Ocean breeze plus the dull light of the sun somehow managed to kindle my senses in a way I had never seen or felt before.

In the evenings when the sun was on the horizon. Waves would break gently into white foam on the white sandy beach.

It was even more engrossing when the small crystals in the sand glimmered and twinkled brilliantly against the beautiful sun rays.

Severin Sea Lodge is a jewel since 1978 a home away from home and I couldn’t recommend them any better.

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