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How to do 7 Days Vacation in Mombasa without breaking the bank

I have never been on a Vacation in Mombasa for more than 3 Days. Even the Mombasa Holiday Packages sell up to 2 nights with the exception of a few.

Now If you’re on a tight budget, read “How I Travelled To Mombasa, Diani Beach with $49 For 4 Days”.

I wanted to break this long-due iceberg and experience what it is like to be on a vacation for 7 Days. It was such an anticipation and I knew it was going to be a luminous vacation in Mombasa.

Before much ado, let us familiarize ourselves with coastal Kenya. It is divided into two. North and South Coast.

North Coast is basically in Mombasa Town, you don’t have to use the ferry to go to the other side which is now the south coast.

My friends and I had planned to do only North Coast so we could do the South Coast as Vacation in Mombasa part two.

Even though we had options for transport, we settled for the blue seats (SGR) as the means to get us down there.

You can Book the SGR here.

The day came even though it seemed like an eternity. You know how you look forward to the travel date.

Even a serial traveler like me from time to time has that moment of waiting for the day with bated breath.

Without much ado, let us delve in and see how the vacation in Mombasa for 7 Days went down.

Take note of the day-to-day Itinerary but more importantly tips on how to make your travel affordable.

Day 1: of the Vacation in Mombasa.

Mombasa Terminus at 0600H
Mombasa Terminus at 06:03 AM

This was the traveling Day. However, we had chosen Night Travel so that we could spend the first night on the train.

Why did we do that? Well, you should probably do the same despite the night train being humdrum.

We saved time and money at the same time, for instance, if we had booked the afternoon train. We could have arrived in Mombasa at 8:00 PM.

This means, accommodation and a wasted day but the night train made us arrive in Mombasa in the early morning.

Started the day as if we had our night before in Mombasa. This is how you save money and time.

Our first check-in on our Vacation in Mombasa was at Severin Sea Lodge.

Day 2 of Holiday in Mombasa.

The first day we spend in the hotel but from the afternoon since we had the Mombasa City excursion in the morning hours.

This is before we could head to the hotel to take a nap (thanks to the night travel) and embark on the beach in the afternoon.

So now the second day we would alternate from the pool which overlooks the sea and the beach.

Strictly barefoot. (Whenever you’re going for a vacation in Mombasa never mind so much on flip floss) unless you will use them when traveling and roaming the city.

We were on a Half-Board basis, now booking yourself a full board in my opinion is a waste. You don’t need all that.

Take a heavy breakfast and keep yourself busy on the beach or with the hotel facilities before you know it.

It’s 4:00 PM tea with snacks, and in two hours it is dinner time. We would have our light Dinner at 8:00 PM.

Half board is cheaper and this means saving more money while traveling.

Read 21 hacks on how to reduce costs while traveling.

Day 3 Check out at Severin Sea Lodge.

Vacation in Mombasa - Just after Check-in at Severin Sea Lodge
Vacation in Mombasa – Just after Check-in at Severin Sea Lodge

Severin Sea Lodge was our first home, they hosted and took care of us for two nights, thank you. Everything was exquisite from day one to the last.

I recommend this sea Lodge to anyone, the best bet on the North Coast.

We had a late checkout, however, we had checked out at 11:00 AM but kept our bags at the reception. We didn’t want to leave their beach.

If we were given a chance, we would have stayed here the whole 7 days but we had to move and stop with the Severin Sea Lodge Attachment. Anyway, I will be back.

Book Severin Sea Lodge, Check Prices.

Day 4 North Coast Beach Hotel.

View from my room at North Coast Beach Hotel (Vacation in Mombasa)
View from my room at North Coast Beach Hotel (Vacation in Mombasa)

Check-in on the 3rd Day at North Coast Beach Hotel formerly known as Le Soleil Beach Club. It is now run by Kenyatta University.

Since they acquired this gem, they rebranded, upgraded, and modernized the property to give it an overhaul as an enchanting holidaymaker destination.

The hotel is nestled off Malindi Highway in Kilifi (Kikambala Beach). Are you looking for tranquility and serenity?

This is your best bet, it is tucked inside where it’s only you, the hotel, the beach, and the sea. On your way to this gem, you will experience a cultural tour as you will pass through villages. It was a good experience altogether.

Book North Coast Hotel, Check Prices.

Day 5 of Vacation in Mombasa.

It was a full day in the North Coast Beach Hotel. We had a smooth check-in the previous day and we were given sea-view rooms.

I thought I had seen it all but the view was out of this world from the comfort of my verandah. You would barely need to walk to the beach since you could see everything from your room.

Kids below 5 years are free of charge, they have affordable rates favorable for everyone. Check How Much they charge for a night.

It is such a family-friendly hotel and I can’t recommend it any better.

Dinner and Overnight at North Coast Beach Hotel.

Day 6 Check Out at North Coast Beach Hotel

Again, we had a late checkout, their beach is addictive and you will hardly have enough of it so proceed with caution.

See how days move fast, we only have one night remaining and our Vacation in Mombasa will be kaput. We had already had the fan and we were starting to miss Nairobi, lol. (That is how you console yourself).

Transport from Severin Sea Lodge to North Coast Beach Hotel we used a taxi which charged us Kes2000 but to our next home for the night we used Tuk Tuk.

We wanted to experience the public means, after all, it is cheaper, and also it is good to be fair in promoting local tourism by using them.

Day 7 Mawenzi Hotel & Sovereign Convention Centre.

We checked in on the 6th Night at this enthralling facility located in Mtwapa.

Its central location makes it ideal for Lunches, parties, private dinners, business meetings, Seminars product launches, and basically what took us there, accommodation a bit away from the beach.

They have such a welcoming and dedicated team that gave us personalized services.

We were treated like VIPs who we are and we felt that.

We soaked ourselves in the pool since we arrived when it was almost getting dark and later called it a day.

Mombasa City Tour.

Mombasa City Tour - Tuk-tuk were overwhelming
Mombasa City Tour – Tuk-tuks were overwhelming

After checking out the following day at Mawenzi Resort, we headed to Mombasa town a distance of about 21 Kms. Whereby we were in town before the sun downed on us.

We visited the following places-:

  • Fort Jesus
  • Mombasa Old Town
  • Pembe za Ndovu
  • Mamba Village Centre Mombasa
  • Mombasa Go Kart
  • Wild Waters

Read all the main 13 Touristic places to visit in Mombasa town.

That was enough for the day, again we had the night train since we wanted to squeeze every second into our tour.

We departed Mombasa town for Miritini at around 7:00 PM.

That was enough time since the train departs at 10:00 PM to arrive in Nairobi at 3:00 AM.

We were super drained so this meant we would easily sleep on the “friendly SGR blue seats” with ease.

Before we knew it we were in Nairobi.

Used the town train, and you only pay Kes50, once in town you can opt for an Uber or if in budget hop in a Matatu to your place.


Doing a seven-day Vacation in Mombasa was one of the most satisfying holidays and I look forward to doing South Coast soon.

They say to travel is to live and a man cannot discover new Oceans unless he dares to lose sight of the shore.

Am simply trying to say, get out of your comfort zone, and explore the world at every opportunity you get. Money comes and goes but these new memories you make while traveling will stay for a lifetime.

Stop worrying about what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right. Let us all travel.

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