Reasons why you should Visit Kenya

20+ Reasons why you should visit Kenya.

Exactly why should you visit Kenya over any other place in Africa? Why is Kenya a popular tourist destination? What is so special about this country?

Well, we shall be looking at all that in details but before that, Kenya is not only a beautiful country but also has the most hospitable, friendly and have the most beautiful people on this continent.

Studies have also shown Kenya has brilliant minds and everywhere they go, they make impactful positive change.

We also gave America one of their best president whose roots are netted right here in Kenya. The beautiful greenery contoured landscapes beauty is unapparelled.

There are a million reasons why you should visit Kenya straight away and once you do; you will always come back for more.

The country is love infectious, you will love the people and they will love you right back. Kenya is like that nice and kind Boyfriend who will never hurt but only love you.

Without much ado, let us delve in and disseminate the reasons why you should visit Kenya today. Even though I may not exhaust all of them, we shall look at the main ones according to me.

20) Queen Elizabeth II.

It was on 6th February 1952 when she became Queen of the United Kingdom and dominions of the British commonwealth.

This was after the immediate death of her father King George IV. She transformed from being a princess to Queen while right here in Kenya.

So, how is this related to why you should visit Kenya? Well, you can trace and catch up with your queen’s roots.

She was in Treetops Hotel in Aberdares, Kenya when she received the news, she was going to be Queen. The hotel still stands and operational and very popular with Britons.

19.) Barrack Obama

This is the former president of the United States of America. His late father hailed from Kenya, Kogelo Kisumu City.

In any case, he`s technically Kenyan who ruled the USA for two incomparable terms. Just like the United Kingdom can relate Kenya with their Queen`s roots when she became Queen. Americans can too, they can visit their former president native country.

You can read more from his book, Dreams from my father.

 18.) Where did Prince William and Kate Middleton get Engaged?

Yep, right here in Kenya, in Lewa Safari Camp in Lewa Conservancy, based in Laikipia Kenya on 20th October 2010.

You can do the same, or decide to visit the conservancy and see where the prince proposed and why Prince William holds the place and Kenya dearly.

He could have chosen any other place, after all, they have all the resources and connections but he chose Kenya.

Definitely, there is something about this alluring, enthralling and bewitching country nestled in East Africa. Jet in and find out why you should visit Kenya at least once in your lifetime.

17.) Only Place to Share Breakfast with Giraffes.

Imagine waking up cheery merry on a Monday morning because you know you`re about to feast your delectable breakfast with the tallest land mammals at your disposal?

Yes, this is only in Kenya whereby you will have a moment to cherish for the rest of your days. Take hot pictures and video and stun the world.

This happens at Giraffe Manor Hotel. One of the reasons why you should visit Kenya.

This experience is ecstatic, euphoric and bewitching to say the least.

16.) The Only Park within the City in the world.

Probably you have heard this, Nairobi National Park prides itself as the only National Park in The World within a City and for this Matter, Nairobi one of the greatest cities in Africa.

Nairobi National Park is about 7 Kilometers from the City and this is advantageous to the tourists visiting Nairobi for a short period.

It is ideal after a business or conference to have a game drive in the park. It has one of the most successful rhinoceros sanctuaries.

More so, NNP is one of the most affordable parks in Kenya as I have explained the park in details in this post “Nairobi National Park Tour” check it out to know all about this incredible Park.

15.) Good Weather.

As much as the whole of Africa is blessed with good weather. Kenya seems to take the game a little bit higher.

Every season in Kenya has something different but interesting for you. For Example, during the rainy seasons.

National parks are most affordable since we term that as low season, during this period the wildlife becomes a bit challenging to spot though in most cases this is not the case.

This is the moment especially for the tourist on budget visit Kenya because this is the season where prices are almost 50% down.

This has enabled many tourists to visit Kenya and experience the exhilaration in this bucket list number one of the most tourists all over the world.

14.) Entry is Easy.

All you need to do is apply for an online Visa at the comfort of your Sofa which will be ready in 8 Days. However, make sure you use the right WEBSITE to apply to avoid being scammed.

You still have an option of having your Visa upon arrival at the port, just like that, you will have a Visa.

I would prefer or advise you to apply online before arrival for your check out to be swift and smoother.

13.) Incredible Lakes.

There are several lakes in Kenya but two stand out in the world with their unbeatable facts as explained below.

Lake Turkana – It holds two world titles- This is the world’s largest permanent desert lake, shimmering blue-green Jade sea and the worlds largest alkaline lake in the world.

Lake Victoria – This lake is shared in three countries. It is the largest freshwater lake in Africa and 2nd largest in the world after Lake Superior.

Once in Kenya if you can make a safari to either of the Lakes, your bucket list will have a marvellous world tick.

12.) Mountaineering.

One of the reasons why you should visit Kenya is hiking Mount Kenya. The reason being it is the highest mountain in Kenya and second in Africa after neighbouring Tanzania`s Mount Kilimanjaro.

Hikers tend to combine the two but Mount Kenya is easier to climb than Mount Kilimanjaro.

This is why beginners prefer Mount Kenya over Mount Kilimanjaro.

They warm up with Mount Kenya then finish up with Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The two Mountains Make a great itinerary.

11.) Kilimanjaro Scenic Site.

Mount Kilimanjaro might be in Tanzania but it has the best sceneries right in Amboseli National Park.

This majestic park is blessed with the Jumbos or rather the Elephants that manoeuvre freely around the park.

All the best shots of the Mountain are shot in this park. The mountain acts as a backdrop and capturing that Elephant or a Cheetah perched on a termite mound with a clear Backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro is a world-class Shot.

This is why you should visit Kenya especially if you`re into photography. This will be like a gold mine of photography.

10.) Culture.

Kenya is one of the few African Countries that have maintained its culture and especially the Maasai People.

Tourists flock from all sides of the world to come and witness this never-ending culture of the Maasai PEOPLE.

Even after modernization, this community has kept its culture intact despite all the influence from the western world.

When you visit National Parks in Kenya there will always be an extra option like the Maasai Village Visit at a small fee.

Tourist like posing and taking great pictures with the Maasai People. They are shown the way of life precisely their daily routine and commemorate the visit with high Jumps from the Moran and dancing and singing by the women.

9.) Kenya home of world Champions.

A quick question, what do you know Kenyans for? Your guess is right, Marathon runners.

No other country in the world has more marathon runners like Kenya.

The last phenomenal event being when Eliud Kipchoge became the first human being to run a marathon in just under two hours!

He actually has a book No Human is limited. An Autobiography of Eliud, the first man to run under 2hours.

You can also buy his Tshirt Here

So, what does this have to do with the mounting question, why you should visit Kenya? Most Tourist flock to the country to go and train in Iten Eldoret.

A place where scientist believes is the best place to train since it has a high altitude which is good for training.

Besides, the running and training with the champs in Iten, there are other reasons why you should visit Iten, Kenya.

8.) Iten Eldoret- Rimoi Game Reserve.

Besides training with the champions, you can head for a game drive to the little known but impactful Rimoi Game Reserve.

It is untouched and unexplored and has one of the highest numbers of Elephants and Buffalos alongside other wildlife.

You can also do hiking, camping and have natural hot showers from the Kureswo hot Springs.

7.) Cradle of Human Kind.

Kenya is one of the countries to visit in the world if you want to learn more about human origin dating way back up to 1.6 million years ago.

Multiple Museums in Kenya including the Prehistoric Olorgesailie.

Africa’s oldest human remains were found in Tugen Hills in Kenya which date back up to 7 million years ago.

Also, the complete skeletons of a young man dating back to 1.6 Million Years ago give a better understanding of human physiology.

6.) Friendly People.

This is not just any other reason why you should visit Kenya but how does it feel when you go to a new place, you hardly know no one and nobody seems to notice you?

It feels bad and alone, to say the least, one thing you can take to the bank is that you will never experience or even have a dull moment in Kenya.

Especially if you learn a few Swahili words. The people of Kenya are friendly and Multifaceted. You will be welcomed with beautiful, merry and cheery smiles.

Who wouldn`t such love and attention? This is why you should visit Kenya at some point in your life and experience these warm people from the Airport to the Safari Lodges and the community at large.

5.) The Big Five Animals.

Many people live a lifetime without seeing the Big 5. Do you fancy these animals? Then visit Kenya National Parks and Reserves.

The Big five includes the Lions, Buffaloes, Elephants, Leopards and Rhinos. No other place you can be assured of the Big five like in Kenya.

4.) Out of Africa.

Probably Karen put Kenya in the early lead with her book over other African Nations. She praises and talks good about Kenya in Her Book Out of Africa.

Furthermore, there is a movie Out of Africa which premiered way back in 1985 which put Kenya up there and everyone wanted to visit Kenya up to date.

The house which Karen used to live is now a reserved museum, known as Karen Blixen Museum which showcases her life in Kenya.

3.) Elsa the Lioness (Born free).

Another story of Joy Adamson and her husband, how they met in Kenya Married and adopted Lionesses who were orphaned days after birth namely lustica, Big one and Elsa.

The two sisters were taken to a zoo in the Netherlands and only Elsa was left who was later released to the wild. (Read more of this in Meru National Park.)

They have a fascinating story which you can read in her books and a Movie shot in 1966. This makes a tourist want to visit Kenya.

The grave of Elsa the lioness is still there and hundreds of thousands of tourist flock to Meru National Park.

Joy Adamson was also cremated and the ashes buried in the grave of Elsa the Lioness.

2.) Best Beaches in Africa.

Diani beach has been voted the best beach in Africa in a row for a long time. It is no secrete Kenya has one of the best beaches in Africa.

After the game drives or Safari, you have the recommended option of having a beach safari where you get to relax and chill out before flying back home.

Read all the best Beaches in Kenya and the places to stay.

1.) Phenomenal Wildebeest Migration in Kenya.

Probably the main reasons why you should visit Kenya is the wildebeest migration. This fascinating world wonder happens right here in Kenya.

In July through 15th October. This is the moment you expect to experience this world natural spectacle of almost 2 million wildebeest accompanied by Zebras, gazelles.

They move from the drier parts of Tanzania to the Green Pastures of Masai Mara. It is never smooth but a dramatic event whereby.

The long Nile Crocodiles of Mara are on high alert as they wait to feast on this never-ending event at the same time the wildebeest are always warry and trend carefully not to be caught in the vent of this catastrophe.

If the wildebeest manage to cross River Mara where the inevitable happens. They will be lucky to escape the Prowling angry and hungry Predators like Lions, Hyenas, Cheetahs amongst others.


I could write a whole book about why you should visit Kenya. Amongst the African countries, you should prioritize travelling to Kenya.

These are not mere praises but the moment you step into this Country you will have more reasons why you should visit Kenya more regularly.

A peaceful country that will treat you with equity whether black or white because we believe we are all one and the main goal is to give you an unapparelled experience like no other.

Grab that Flight ticket now, don`t be spoiled for choices anymore the destination of choice is Africa`s finest, Kenya.

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