Fun free things to do with Kids

29 Fun free creative things to do with Kids.

Fun-free things to do with Kids.

There are many fun free things to do with your kids. You don’t have to have all the money to have fun with your child.

The best and most expensive gift you can ever give your child is TIME! Your child will remember the time you had together more than that costly toy.

You can buy your child an expensive watch but do you have the time to spend with them?

Am not saying buying gifts for your child is bad, they like gifts everybody does but my point is fun times with them are priceless.

Once you`re gone it is the time that you had together that will linger around their memories. I know as parents we are busy chasing the paper but ever noticed this money never gets enough?

Let paper chasing not destruct you from having fun time with your kids.

These fun free things to do with kids will make your kids switch off from the television addiction and start embracing the outdoor world more just like our time when we hardly could keep still on that sofa watching Tv.

Without much ado, let’s delve in and disseminate these Fun free things to do with kids.

1.) Take a Walk.

Every Sunday evening, my kids know we must take a walk. They know we must take a stroll unless something comes up of which I always prioritize the walk more than anything.

During the walk, we talk and even share how they plan their week and this is the time we talk about the struggles and challenges they might be encountering.

I let them free and they are free to talk to me about just anything, we run play games as we walk like competing who will run faster of which I let them win, the joy and happiness is always unparalleled.

2.) Sundowner.

Since our walk is usually in the evening, after all the play we go and sit somewhere and enjoy the sunset as I narrate engrossing stories to them.

I also give them a chance to narrate their stories, it is always a fulfilling moment. It not only helps the kids but also you.

3.) Playing football

This may sound like a cliché but there is nothing more interesting than playing what you like with your kids. I like playing football even without the kids but when they join in it becomes more interesting. Maybe football is not your thing, find what you like playing and make it your hobby with kids.

4.) Dance with your Kids.

There is even a song, dance with my father by Luther Vandross. He says in his songs he wishes he could get one final chance to dance with his father.

You have the chance now for free, dance with your kids whenever you get the chance to. This is priceless, smile and dance with your kids.

It will go a long way more than you can imagine.

5.) Teach them how to Swimming

How about something like, “I was told how to swim by my Dad or Mum? This is deep, you took the time out of your busy schedule and taught your child how to swim.

They will never forget this noble act to teach them and the time spent teaching them is unparalleled to any expensive Toy.

I taught them how to swim on our Beach Beach Vacation North Coast at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort.

6.) Go Farming

They love those hands dirty when you go to the countryside take that shovel and show them how to plow.

This is better than staying in the city watching Television all day. Spend time together weeding on the farm.

7.) Wash the Car together.

You don’t take the car to Car wash every other day, sometimes take some time off and wash the car by yourself.

Let your kids help you wash the car to sparkless clean and pay them for the good work. You will not only be spending free time together but also show them that after working you can get something in return rather than just receiving free things.

Generally, let them help you do your chores and reward them afterward. Before you know it, they will be asking you to do things since they know if they work, they get something.

8.) Hide and Seek

I understand not many parents can take this game as it is perceived for children but now that is the point.

This is one of the surest fun free things to do with kids, they love this game and as a parent, if you join it will not only be an unparalleled moment but also it will give your kids unfathomable Joy.

9.) Volunteer for a cleanup

Get your gloves on with your kids and get ready for litter clean-up within your community. You will not only be showing them how to be responsible but also make the place look good.

Also remind them that, Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have a heart.

10.) Make Music Instruments and play a song.

This is one of the fun things to do I used to enjoy when I was a kid, I would take a Paw Paw branch since it is hollow to make a flute.

I would patch holes then close one of the ends with nylon paper and I would play music so well. I don’t know why I never become a Musician.

I tried this with my kids and they enjoyed the ordeal since they are used to the modern flutes.

11.) Donate their overgrown Toys and Clothes.

This is not only a fun activity to do for free but also teaches your kids the whole concept of giving and helping the needy.

They will grow with such kind, giving heart to charity. Remember such people are rare in our days and this will go a long way into making the world a better place in the near future.

12.) Have a “Library Moment”

Jojen, once said, A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. If you want to renew your mind then read.

Reading will train your kids to think big. So here is the deal. Always if not every day take at least 30 minutes of your time for the whole family to read.

All silently together and just concentrated in your books with your kids. He who loves reading has everything within Reach.

13.) Read Loud.

While at it and especially if your kids just started schooling. Let them read a book`s chapter or paragraph loud and make sure to congratulate them.

Give them the time to listen to them as they read aloud. It will not only sharpen them but also give them unprecedented confidence.

14.) Teach them Mother Tongue

Our mother tongue is not English but I see many parents telling their kids to only Speak in English. Pause and pull back to your culture selector!

Lest we forget where we are coming from, yes modernizing is good but don’t forget your roots. I always enjoy the moment where I teach my kids. Am glad they know a bit of it already.

15.) Tongue Twisters.

It is fun when someone shrubs but even more fun when you the parent or guardian is the one facing “difficulties” pronouncing tongue twisters.

They will feel good if you make them think you are unable, Since I was young this was my favorite tongue twister you can try it.

“If Kantai can tie a tie why can’t I tie a Tie as Kantai can tie a Tie?” Sounds fun already.

16.) Cycling.

This is one of the Fun things to do with kids even though this will depend on the age. Strap that helmet and cycle within the estate or even drive and go cycling in a place like a hell`s gate or anything of the like. For precaution measures, It is advisable to avoid the city.

17.) Fly a kite.

Time for a windy day and go in an open space to fly the kite high. The kids will get to enjoy this more than anything especially if you let them control the kite by themselves.

18.) Mould Clay.

When I was a kid there were free fun things to do even to date. I have shown my kids how to mould a “moving car” using clay.

They have always enjoyed this activity especially when in the countryside and the clay is from the clay soil mixed with water.

When in the city, we get it from the shops.

19.) Treasure Hunt.

This needs little to no introduction, we play in turns and the winner is always awarded something for their efforts.

Playing Treasure hunts is one of the most fun things to do with kids in the house.

20.) Go fishing.

One of the oldest fun-free things to do with kids. Even though you might be limited especially if you live in the city but whenever you get a chance to go fishing always utilize this activity.

It is so fascinating and engaging at the same time relates so well with kids. They can also learn a lot out of fishing which they can, later on, apply in life.

For instance, never give up on anything you may be successful at the last minute – when you catch fish the last hour.

Or to contend with what you get, today you may catch no fish but tomorrow ends up filling your buckets.

21.) Fun free things to do with kids – Paint.

Kids love painting and it is even more adventurous if you take the painting outside if the weather allows. I have always done this and it is never the same whenever they have permission to get a little dirty with the colors.

I once engaged them to paint my countryside house and funnily they were more than perfect for 3 & 5 years old.

22.) Make Toys.

Another fun free thing to do with kids is to make and show them how to make toys. Back in the day, we would use sisal to make “vehicles”.

We would use the same sisal to make a thread to help us make a ball using nylon papers even though right now they are banned in Kenya but you can be creative with this.

There are so many toys including paper ships you can teach your kids to make.

23.) Visit a Museum.

Most of the museums in different countries are free and even if there is an entrance fee, then is quite affordable.

Take your kids to a museum, I took mine to Nairobi Railway Museum and they couldn’t get enough of the Chuchu Train.

24.) Beach Time.

I know the beach is not free but if you ever get a chance to take your kids for a vacation make share you utilize those white sands to the maximum.

Build castles, chariots, animal shapes, and all types of sand moulds you can think of. The kids do enjoy the sands more than anything.

Check my Beach Vacation with kids in North Coast Kenya.

25.) Balloon Ping-Pong.

Probably you`re wondering what that is? Well, this is simply homemade table tennis using Balloons as the tennis ball.

You don’t need the real bats but just plastic plates and use the handle as brushes or wooden spoons. Use sellotape to wrap around.

You can clear your home table to use to play on your balloon Ping-Pong.

26.) Laser Grid.

This is one of the most engaging free fun things to do with kids. All you will need is a red thread and tie to make a grid where one has to pass through without touching the thread and if they happen to touch, they will have to go back to start afresh.

27.) Hula Hoop Challenge.

Get your girls a hula or even make one for them and let them compete who maintains it on the waist for long.

Repeatedly do thins challenge it is not just a game but also a good exercise

28.) Morning Run.

Every Sunday we hit the road with my daughter but at a slow pace and of course, rest whenever she gets tired.

It is now a routine and every Sunday morning I usually find her ready to hit the road together. It is such a refreshing and rewarding fun activity.


Notice how I avoided Television and anything digital like playing games on phones and tablets? This is one world I try and avoid addiction with my kids.

I don’t mean you ban them from this completely but try and balance because they still need to be tech-savvy.

You don’t have to master all this long list since we are all different and bring up our kids differently but I believe you can pick 3 or 5 fun things to do with your kids for free that will suit you perfectly.

Bonus: Teach your kids to eat healthy from a young age and they will thank you later.

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