The Kenya Safari Itinerary of all time

The Best Kenya Safari Itinerary of all time

Kenya Safari Itinerary Preview.

This is the right place if looking for a Kenya Safari itinerary. I have done many customized Safari itineraries, you can have a sample of my work at (Incredible Kenya Adventures).

However, I just had a European couple who customized a 9 Days Kenya Safari Itinerary magically.

I don’t know where they got the expertise in this but this Kenya Safari Itinerary was simply phenomenal.

Keep calm, I will be sharing with you the day-to-day activities and it will not only impress you but also galvanize you to catch your next flight to Kenya.

To start us off, why did the Safari stand out from the rest, and why everyone should have such an itinerary when visiting Kenya?

Well, it is a mix of budget and luxury, how about having a taste of both? One day you`re camping in the wild.

The other you`re in a luxury lodge or Camp in the same wildness. Talk of living to experience both simultaneously in a quintessential way.

As if that is not enough, how about sleeping in a Maasai Manyatta hut? Ever thought of that? Ever imagined how that feels?

What an incredibly exhilarating experience that is? Simply priceless.

One thing you will descry with this quirky Kenya Safari Itinerary is that –

The movements are quite minimal unlike most of the Kenya Safari itineraries where you spend half of the time-travelling from Park to Park.

On top of the 9 Days Kenya Safari, they added 4 more nights for beach Vacation. Kenya has the best beaches in Africa.

Precisely Diani Beach has been voted countless times as the best beach in Africa by World Travel Awards.

They didn’t just choose one beach resort but two (Eish). The notably fine Chale Island and Papillon Lagoon Reef.

I can spend all day talking about this Kenya Safari Itinerary, let`s cut the chase and delve into a day in activities.

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Day 1: Arrival at the JKIA.

We shall receive you at JKIA
We shall receive you at JKIA

This is the day you will touch down to this Incredibly alluring and aesthetic East Africa Country. Regardless of your arrival time, you will be given complimentary Airport transfers.

I will be there to welcome you and introduce you to your designated adept seasoned driver/tour guide.

According to our culture, you don’t receive guests barehanded. So, expect gifts that will remind you of Kenya.

We shall transfer you to your city hotel, you can opt to book through Booking. com or ask for assistance and it will be included in the total package.

Day1 Tip:

You can opt to land at night or quite early in the morning and proceed to Aberdares if you don’t mind Jet Lag. You will save money you would have used for city accommodation.

Day 2: Nairobi – Aberdares.

Early morning 6:30 AM your guide will pick you from your city hotel to start this Kenya Safari Itinerary from Nairobi to Aberdares.

Do you like hiking? You have two options between Elephant Hill (This is for ardent hikers) and then the Karuru Water Falls, this is moderate but quite adventurous.

Accommodation: You will Camp in either of the two.

Distance duration: from Nairobi to Elephant Hill is 3½ Hours while to Karuru Falls is 2½ Hours.

Meals: Dinner & Breakfast.

Day2 Tip: They choose Karuru Falls. Please carry enough snacks to keep you going through the trekking trail

Day 3: Aberdares – Samburu National Reserve.

Kenya Safari Itinerary at Karuru Falls in Aberdares
Kenya Safari Itinerary at Karuru Falls in Aberdares

This is the only distant destination you will cover in this entire Kenya Safari Itinerary.

However, I have good news for you. The awe-inspiring verdant rift valley views you will have on your way are unparalleled to none.

You may wish the journey to be a little bit longer.

You will have a stopover at the Equator, okay there is nothing much to see here but you will have the opportunity to take photos and learn a few things.

“Layover” at Nanyuki

Afterward, you will proceed to Nanyuki town. By now it will be around lunchtime, have lunch (own account).

Then proceed to Samburu National Park, home of the special five animals.

You will arrive in time to do an evening game drive and pitch your tents inside the park. On this day our power couple guests wanted to make dinner for themselves.

Our able guide Mr. John showed them how to make Ugali in the wild and Mbuzi Fry (Fried Goat). They had an authentic Kenyan Sumptuous Meal.

Accommodation: You will Camp inside the National Reserve.

Distance duration: Around 5.5 Hours adventurous drive

Meals: Dinner.

Day3 Tip: Depart Karuru Falls or Elephant Hills Early Enough to be in Samburu in Time for afternoon/evening game drive.

Day 4: Samburu National Reserve.

This is the day to unearth this reserve wealth in Animals of all types. They were able to spot several animals including most of the big five and the special five.

The special five include: –

  • Reticulated Giraffe
  • Somali Ostrich
  • Grevy`s Zebra
  • Beisa Oryx
  • Gerenuk

After the early morning game drive, you will proceed to check in the luxury Ashnil Samburu Camp.

You will have lunch and then in the afternoon, you can decide to go for an afternoon game drive or decide to be lazy in the camp`s pool.

Accommodation: The Luxury Ashnil Samburu Camp.

Meals: Lunch, Dinner, and breakfast the following day.

Day4 Tip: Relax in the Camp`s pool or room the whole afternoon but make sure to have an evening game drive from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM (This is the time to spot most of the animals).

Day 5: Buffalo Springs Reserve.

Masai Village Visit
Masai Village Visit

The 5th Day of the Kenya Safari Itinerary will remain my Favorite as I will explain below.

When the couple requested that, they want to experience the Maasai culture. I thought it was the normal Kijiji visit where you visit Masai Village.

They dance for you, take pictures, show you around and their way of life. I was wrong, they wanted more.

Sleeping in that Mud built and grass-thatched hat! I had never thought of such an experience, this was a showstopper. The most unique request of all time.

Huh! It was an impressive request which made me personalize the whole Kenya Safari Itinerary.

I expeditiously planned with the Kijiji elders and they accepted this quirky exhilarating request.

During the day they made the normal visit but then the moment came, they were welcomed and had one of the best nights.

Accommodation: You will sleep in a memorable Manyatta hut.

Meals: Nyama Choma and Ugali for Lunch, Light Dinner.

Day5 Tip: Keep calm, you`re about to have one of the best cultural experiences. Don’t miss Buffalo Springs Reserve.

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Day 6 Samburu – Lake Nakuru National Park.

From Left Javier, John the Guide and Beatriz
From Left Javier, John the Guide, and Beatriz

Early Morning breakfast and game drives as you check out of the reserve and start driving towards Lake Nakuru National Park.

This is particularly a small park that has an enchanting lake that used to be graced by Pink Flamingoes but migrated to other nearby lakes after the water rose.

However, there are still some and pelicans. The highlight of the park is white rhinos, lions, leopards, buffaloes, and other small animals.

Given its size, it is easy to spot most of the animals.

In this Kenya Safari Itinerary Lake, Nakuru National Park is more of an engrossing stopover to the most famous park in Africa.

The Masai Mara National Reserve.

Accommodation: Lake Nakuru Lodge.

Distance duration: Around 6 Hours adventurous drive

Meals: Lunch, Dinner, and Breakfast the following day before departure.

Day6 Tip: Depart Samburu early enough, to check-in for lunch and have an evening game drive. (Spend the afternoon in the Lodge Pool)

Day 7 Nakuru National Park – Masai Mara Reserve.

Kenya Safari Itineray at Masai Mara National Reserve
Kenya Safari Itinerary at Masai Mara National Reserve

Early Morning Breakfast followed by a short game drive as you check out of the park. Then start another interesting journey to the most visited park in Africa.

The anticipation won’t let you feel the distance however, to make it more interesting you will have a stopover in Narok (town for the Maasai`s).

You will have delectable Nyama Choma & Ugali or any meal of your choice (own account).

Then proceed to Masai Mara, in no time you will be in Mara arriving in time for the Afternoon/Evening game drive.

You will proceed with game drives up to Mara Triangle campsites (This is where the herds of the great migration enter and exit the Masai Mara from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

The campsite here is private and we had to book in time otherwise they are always fully booked.

There are public and private Campsites. You don’t need prior booking for the public but for the private which has a non-refundable booking fee of $100.

They had chosen the private, the private campsites include: –

  • Dirisha Campsite
  • Maji ya Ndenge
  • Olarro
  • Kiboko
  • Ndovu

They are all the same but Kiboko seems to be more popular followed by Olarro.

It is mandatory to have two guards ($40)  for the night due to the nature of the place.

Accommodation: You will Camp in Mara Triangle Private Camp with two armed guards.

Distance duration: Around 5.5 Hours adventurous drive

Meals: Dinner.

Day7 Tip: Even though all the camps are the same, I find Kiboko and Olarro more rewarding.

Day 8 Mara Triangle – Ashnil Mara Camp.

Kenya Safari Itinerary - Ashnil Mara
Kenya Safari Itinerary – Ashnil Mara

After the rewarding experience at the Mara Triangle and especially if it is the time of the year for the wildebeest migration.

You will now end your camping and have your game drive in hunt of the Big five until around Lunchtime.

Then proceed to Ashnil Mara Camp (Luxury). Check-in refresh and have lunch. Enjoy the camp facilities until around 4:00 PM.

Later on, hit the evening game drive in hunt of the animals which by now it will be unlikely not to have spotted all the big five.

Accommodation: Ashnil Mara.

Meals: Lunch and Dinner.

Day8 Tip: Enjoy the evening game drives (Afternoon game drives you will rarely see much).

Day 9 Masai Mara National Reserve Full Day.

This is the day you will have an adrenaline walking Safari termed as a Nature walk with armed guards in the park.

You will leave your Tour Van and do a game drive on foot! A phenomenal moment on this Kenya Safari Itinerary.

It can be in the morning or the evening but Ashnil will advise on the timing the very day.

Depending on which time will be communicated by the hotel for the walking Safari. If need be you will do a game drive as you wait for the moment or just choose to wait in the hotel.

Meals: All meals in Ashnil Mara.

Tip: Just chill in the hotel as you wait for this prodigious moment in this Kenya Safari Itinerary

Day 10 Masai Mara – Nairobi.

Early morning game drive, then come back for breakfast. Clean out and check out.

You will do a short game drive and slowly and unwillingly exit the park for Nairobi.

Stopover at Narok for Lunch (Own Account) then proceed to Nairobi arriving in the evening.

According to your interest, you will be transferred to your city hotel. (Optional to have dinner at the carnivore restaurant or any other hotel of choice).

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Beach Vacation

This is the time to explore the best Beaches in Africa with a four Day of Beach exploration with the Best Resorts.

Day 11, 12, 13 Nairobi – Diani. (Chale Island)

Chale Island
Chale Island

You have the option of a flight (1 Hour) or SGR Train (5hrs).

Check in to The Sands at  Chale Island for two Nights

Meal Plan: Half Board (Break Fast & Dinner)

Tip: You don’t need lunch here since the 4:00 PM tea plus snacks will keep you full until dinner. Take heavy breakfast. However, you can always order your lunch (own account) Ala carte

Day 13, 14, 15 Chale Island – Papillon Lagoon Hotel

Papillon Lagoon Hotel
Papillon Lagoon Hotel

Here you will have an all-inclusive package, time to enjoy and relax.

If you take alcohol, drink till you drop on selected beers, wines, and spirits. (Drink responsibly though).

Day 15 Diani – Homebound flight.

You will check out and depending on your flight, you will be transferred to Moi International Airport for a homebound flight.

What a Kenya Safari Itinerary!

What is Included in the Kenya Safari Package?


  • Accommodation and meals as specified in the itinerary
  • Game drives as indicated in the itinerary
  • Park entry fees to all parks and reserves are included in the itinerary for 24hrs each
  • Transportation in 7-seater custom Minivan with services of experienced English-speaking safari driver guide (with a pop-up Roof).
  • Mineral water every day during game drives.
  • 24/7 Concierge Service
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance Cover in any vehicle you will use.
  • Camping Equipment
  • walking safari in Masai Mara
  • Drinks like selected wines & spirits, beers, and soft drinks in Papillon Lagoon Reef Hotel.
  • Complimentary Airport Transfer to your city (Nairobi) hotel upon Arrival at JKIA.


  • Accommodation in Nairobi (Booking .com) Kindly use our affiliate link to Book.
  • Local Flights
  • Transfers (can be organized upon request)
  • All tips and porterage.
  • Laundry, massages, and other personal expenses e.g. mini-bar & telephone unless otherwise stated in an all-inclusive package
  • Any other services not mentioned above and other optional/additional activities.
  • Activities like Masai Village price per person 30 USD, Balloon Safari price per person 410 USD


I have done many Kenya Safari Itinerary but this particular one stood out from the rest. If you want to experience both Kenya Safari and Beach vacation in Kenya.

This is undeniably the best Kenya Safari Itinerary, all thanks to Javier & Beatriz for coming up with such an incredible and stunningly impressive Kenya Safari Itinerary.

Interested in this Itinerary? You can book the Safari alone or the beach part but more advisable to do both beach and Safari.

All this at an affordable price. Request for a free quotation and you will get a Promptly response from the Incredible Kenya Adventures team.

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